1 ares = 0.2471044 square chains (US Survey) 

Ares to Square chains (US Survey) Conversion

Are to square chain (US Survey) conversion allow you make a conversion between are and square chain (US Survey) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.24710437
= 247104 × 10-6
= 247104E-6
= 247104e-6
= 0.49420874
= 494209 × 10-6
= 494209E-6
= 494209e-6
= 0.74131311
= 741313 × 10-6
= 741313E-6
= 741313e-6
= 0.98841748
= 988417 × 10-6
= 988417E-6
= 988417e-6
= 1.23552185
= 0.0123552 × 102
= 0.0123552E2
= 0.0123552e2

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square chain (US Survey)0.2471044 sq ch0.4942087 sq ch0.7413131 sq ch0.9884175 sq ch1.2355218 sq ch1.4826262 sq ch1.7297306 sq ch1.9768350 sq ch2.2239393 sq ch2.4710437 sq ch2.7181481 sq ch2.9652524 sq ch3.2123568 sq ch3.4594612 sq ch3.7065655 sq ch3.9536699 sq ch4.2007743 sq ch4.4478786 sq ch4.6949830 sq ch4.9420874 sq ch5.1891918 sq ch5.4362961 sq ch5.6834005 sq ch5.9305049 sq ch6.1776092 sq ch6.4247136 sq ch6.6718180 sq ch6.9189223 sq ch7.1660267 sq ch7.4131311 sq ch7.6602354 sq ch7.9073398 sq ch8.1544442 sq ch8.4015486 sq ch8.6486529 sq ch8.8957573 sq ch9.1428617 sq ch9.3899660 sq ch9.6370704 sq ch9.8841748 sq ch10.1312791 sq ch10.3783835 sq ch10.6254879 sq ch10.8725922 sq ch11.1196966 sq ch11.3668010 sq ch11.6139054 sq ch11.8610097 sq ch12.1081141 sq ch12.3552185 sq ch12.6023228 sq ch12.8494272 sq ch13.0965316 sq ch13.3436359 sq ch13.5907403 sq ch13.8378447 sq ch14.0849490 sq ch14.3320534 sq ch14.5791578 sq ch14.8262622 sq ch15.0733665 sq ch15.3204709 sq ch15.5675753 sq ch15.8146796 sq ch16.0617840 sq ch16.3088884 sq ch16.5559927 sq ch16.8030971 sq ch17.0502015 sq ch17.2973058 sq ch17.5444102 sq ch17.7915146 sq ch18.0386190 sq ch18.2857233 sq ch18.5328277 sq ch18.7799321 sq ch19.0270364 sq ch19.2741408 sq ch19.5212452 sq ch19.7683495 sq ch20.0154539 sq ch20.2625583 sq ch20.5096626 sq ch20.7567670 sq ch21.0038714 sq ch21.2509758 sq ch21.4980801 sq ch21.7451845 sq ch21.9922889 sq ch22.2393932 sq ch22.4864976 sq ch22.7336020 sq ch22.9807063 sq ch23.2278107 sq ch23.4749151 sq ch23.7220194 sq ch23.9691238 sq ch24.2162282 sq ch24.4633326 sq ch24.7104369 sq ch

The are (/ˈɑːr/ or /ˈɛər/) is a unit of area, equal to 100 square metres (10 m × 10 m), used for measuring land area. It was defined by older forms of the metric system, but is now outside of the modern International System of Units (SI).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 100 m2

≡ 100 m2

Metric system SI

conversion table

aressquare chains (US Survey)aressquare chains (US Survey)
1= 0.247104369225336= 1.482626215352
2= 0.494208738450657= 1.7297305845773
3= 0.741313107675988= 1.9768349538026
4= 0.98841747690139= 2.2239393230279
5= 1.235521846126610= 2.4710436922533

square chain (US Survey) is a unit of area.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
square chain (US Survey)sq ch

66 ft (US) × 66 ft (US) = 110 US survey acre

404.6873 m2


conversion table

square chains (US Survey)aressquare chains (US Survey)ares
1= 4.0468736= 24.281238
2= 8.0937467= 28.328111
3= 12.1406198= 32.374984
4= 16.1874929= 36.421857
5= 20.23436510= 40.46873

Conversion table

aressquare chains (US Survey)
1= 0.2471044
4.046873= 1


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approximately equal to
=equal to
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