1 centiares = 0.0024710 square chains (US Survey) 

Centiares to Square chains (US Survey) Conversion

Centiare to square chain (US Survey) conversion allow you make a conversion between centiare and square chain (US Survey) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.00247104
= 247104 × 10-8
= 247104E-8
= 247104e-8
= 0.00494209
= 494209 × 10-8
= 494209E-8
= 494209e-8
= 0.00741313
= 741313 × 10-8
= 741313E-8
= 741313e-8
= 0.00988417
= 988417 × 10-8
= 988417E-8
= 988417e-8
= 0.01235522
= 123552 × 10-7
= 123552E-7
= 123552e-7

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centiare1 ca2 ca3 ca4 ca5 ca6 ca7 ca8 ca9 ca10 ca11 ca12 ca13 ca14 ca15 ca16 ca17 ca18 ca19 ca20 ca21 ca22 ca23 ca24 ca25 ca26 ca27 ca28 ca29 ca30 ca31 ca32 ca33 ca34 ca35 ca36 ca37 ca38 ca39 ca40 ca41 ca42 ca43 ca44 ca45 ca46 ca47 ca48 ca49 ca50 ca51 ca52 ca53 ca54 ca55 ca56 ca57 ca58 ca59 ca60 ca61 ca62 ca63 ca64 ca65 ca66 ca67 ca68 ca69 ca70 ca71 ca72 ca73 ca74 ca75 ca76 ca77 ca78 ca79 ca80 ca81 ca82 ca83 ca84 ca85 ca86 ca87 ca88 ca89 ca90 ca91 ca92 ca93 ca94 ca95 ca96 ca97 ca98 ca99 ca100 ca
square chain (US Survey)0.0024710 sq ch0.0049421 sq ch0.0074131 sq ch0.0098842 sq ch0.0123552 sq ch0.0148263 sq ch0.0172973 sq ch0.0197683 sq ch0.0222394 sq ch0.0247104 sq ch0.0271815 sq ch0.0296525 sq ch0.0321236 sq ch0.0345946 sq ch0.0370657 sq ch0.0395367 sq ch0.0420077 sq ch0.0444788 sq ch0.0469498 sq ch0.0494209 sq ch0.0518919 sq ch0.0543630 sq ch0.0568340 sq ch0.0593050 sq ch0.0617761 sq ch0.0642471 sq ch0.0667182 sq ch0.0691892 sq ch0.0716603 sq ch0.0741313 sq ch0.0766024 sq ch0.0790734 sq ch0.0815444 sq ch0.0840155 sq ch0.0864865 sq ch0.0889576 sq ch0.0914286 sq ch0.0938997 sq ch0.0963707 sq ch0.0988417 sq ch0.1013128 sq ch0.1037838 sq ch0.1062549 sq ch0.1087259 sq ch0.1111970 sq ch0.1136680 sq ch0.1161391 sq ch0.1186101 sq ch0.1210811 sq ch0.1235522 sq ch0.1260232 sq ch0.1284943 sq ch0.1309653 sq ch0.1334364 sq ch0.1359074 sq ch0.1383784 sq ch0.1408495 sq ch0.1433205 sq ch0.1457916 sq ch0.1482626 sq ch0.1507337 sq ch0.1532047 sq ch0.1556758 sq ch0.1581468 sq ch0.1606178 sq ch0.1630889 sq ch0.1655599 sq ch0.1680310 sq ch0.1705020 sq ch0.1729731 sq ch0.1754441 sq ch0.1779151 sq ch0.1803862 sq ch0.1828572 sq ch0.1853283 sq ch0.1877993 sq ch0.1902704 sq ch0.1927414 sq ch0.1952125 sq ch0.1976835 sq ch0.2001545 sq ch0.2026256 sq ch0.2050966 sq ch0.2075677 sq ch0.2100387 sq ch0.2125098 sq ch0.2149808 sq ch0.2174518 sq ch0.2199229 sq ch0.2223939 sq ch0.2248650 sq ch0.2273360 sq ch0.2298071 sq ch0.2322781 sq ch0.2347492 sq ch0.2372202 sq ch0.2396912 sq ch0.2421623 sq ch0.2446333 sq ch0.2471044 sq ch

The centiare is one square metre.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

= 1 m2

= 1 m2

Metric system SI

conversion table

centiaressquare chains (US Survey)centiaressquare chains (US Survey)
1= 0.00247104369225336= 0.01482626215352
2= 0.00494208738450657= 0.017297305845773
3= 0.00741313107675988= 0.019768349538026
4= 0.0098841747690139= 0.022239393230279
5= 0.01235521846126610= 0.024710436922533

square chain (US Survey) is a unit of area.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
square chain (US Survey)sq ch

66 ft (US) × 66 ft (US) = 110 US survey acre

404.6873 m2


conversion table

square chains (US Survey)centiaressquare chains (US Survey)centiares
1= 404.68736= 2428.1238
2= 809.37467= 2832.8111
3= 1214.06198= 3237.4984
4= 1618.74929= 3642.1857
5= 2023.436510= 4046.873

Conversion table

centiaressquare chains (US Survey)
1= 0.0024710
404.6873= 1


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