1 centiares = 1.1959900 square yards 

Centiares to Square yards Conversion

Centiare to square yard conversion allow you make a conversion between centiare and square yard easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 1.19599005
= 0.0119599 × 102
= 0.0119599E2
= 0.0119599e2
= 2.39198009
= 0.0239198 × 102
= 0.0239198E2
= 0.0239198e2
= 3.58797014
= 0.0358797 × 102
= 0.0358797E2
= 0.0358797e2
= 4.78396019
= 0.0478396 × 102
= 0.0478396E2
= 0.0478396e2
= 5.97995023
= 0.0597995 × 102
= 0.0597995E2
= 0.0597995e2

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square yard1.1959900 sq yd2.3919801 sq yd3.5879701 sq yd4.7839602 sq yd5.9799502 sq yd7.1759403 sq yd8.3719303 sq yd9.5679204 sq yd10.7639104 sq yd11.9599005 sq yd13.1558905 sq yd14.3518806 sq yd15.5478706 sq yd16.7438606 sq yd17.9398507 sq yd19.1358407 sq yd20.3318308 sq yd21.5278208 sq yd22.7238109 sq yd23.9198009 sq yd25.1157910 sq yd26.3117810 sq yd27.5077711 sq yd28.7037611 sq yd29.8997512 sq yd31.0957412 sq yd32.2917313 sq yd33.4877213 sq yd34.6837113 sq yd35.8797014 sq yd37.0756914 sq yd38.2716815 sq yd39.4676715 sq yd40.6636616 sq yd41.8596516 sq yd43.0556417 sq yd44.2516317 sq yd45.4476218 sq yd46.6436118 sq yd47.8396019 sq yd49.0355919 sq yd50.2315819 sq yd51.4275720 sq yd52.6235620 sq yd53.8195521 sq yd55.0155421 sq yd56.2115322 sq yd57.4075222 sq yd58.6035123 sq yd59.7995023 sq yd60.9954924 sq yd62.1914824 sq yd63.3874725 sq yd64.5834625 sq yd65.7794525 sq yd66.9754426 sq yd68.1714326 sq yd69.3674227 sq yd70.5634127 sq yd71.7594028 sq yd72.9553928 sq yd74.1513829 sq yd75.3473729 sq yd76.5433630 sq yd77.7393530 sq yd78.9353431 sq yd80.1313331 sq yd81.3273231 sq yd82.5233132 sq yd83.7193032 sq yd84.9152933 sq yd86.1112833 sq yd87.3072734 sq yd88.5032634 sq yd89.6992535 sq yd90.8952435 sq yd92.0912336 sq yd93.2872236 sq yd94.4832137 sq yd95.6792037 sq yd96.8751938 sq yd98.0711838 sq yd99.2671738 sq yd100.4631639 sq yd101.6591539 sq yd102.8551440 sq yd104.0511340 sq yd105.2471241 sq yd106.4431141 sq yd107.6391042 sq yd108.8350942 sq yd110.0310843 sq yd111.2270743 sq yd112.4230644 sq yd113.6190544 sq yd114.8150444 sq yd116.0110345 sq yd117.2070245 sq yd118.4030146 sq yd119.5990046 sq yd

The centiare is one square metre.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

= 1 m2

= 1 m2

Metric system SI

conversion table

centiaressquare yardscentiaressquare yards
1= 1.19599004630116= 7.1759402778065
2= 2.39198009260227= 8.3719303241076
3= 3.58797013890328= 9.5679203704086
4= 4.78396018520439= 10.76391041671
5= 5.979950231505410= 11.959900463011

The square yard (Northern India: gaj) is an imperial unit of area, formerly used in most of the English-speaking world but now generally replaced by the square metre, however it is still in widespread use in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. It is defined as the area of a square with sides of one yard (three feet, thirty-six inches, 0.9144 metres) in length.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
square yardsq yd

≡ 1 yd × 1 yd

0.83612736 m2


conversion table

square yardscentiaressquare yardscentiares
1= 0.836127366= 5.01676416
2= 1.672254727= 5.85289152
3= 2.508382088= 6.68901888
4= 3.344509449= 7.52514624
5= 4.180636810= 8.3612736

Conversion table

centiaressquare yards
1= 1.1959900
0.8361274= 1


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