1 decares = 0.2544273 cuerdas 

Decares to Cuerdas Conversion

Decare to cuerda conversion allow you make a conversion between decare and cuerda easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.25442731
= 254427 × 10-6
= 254427E-6
= 254427e-6
= 0.50885463
= 508855 × 10-6
= 508855E-6
= 508855e-6
= 0.76328194
= 763282 × 10-6
= 763282E-6
= 763282e-6
= 1.01770925
= 0.0101771 × 102
= 0.0101771E2
= 0.0101771e2
= 1.27213657
= 0.0127214 × 102
= 0.0127214E2
= 0.0127214e2

Quick Look: decares to cuerdas

decare1 Da2 Da3 Da4 Da5 Da6 Da7 Da8 Da9 Da10 Da11 Da12 Da13 Da14 Da15 Da16 Da17 Da18 Da19 Da20 Da21 Da22 Da23 Da24 Da25 Da26 Da27 Da28 Da29 Da30 Da31 Da32 Da33 Da34 Da35 Da36 Da37 Da38 Da39 Da40 Da41 Da42 Da43 Da44 Da45 Da46 Da47 Da48 Da49 Da50 Da51 Da52 Da53 Da54 Da55 Da56 Da57 Da58 Da59 Da60 Da61 Da62 Da63 Da64 Da65 Da66 Da67 Da68 Da69 Da70 Da71 Da72 Da73 Da74 Da75 Da76 Da77 Da78 Da79 Da80 Da81 Da82 Da83 Da84 Da85 Da86 Da87 Da88 Da89 Da90 Da91 Da92 Da93 Da94 Da95 Da96 Da97 Da98 Da99 Da100 Da
cuerda0.2544273 cda0.5088546 cda0.7632819 cda1.0177093 cda1.2721366 cda1.5265639 cda1.7809912 cda2.0354185 cda2.2898458 cda2.5442731 cda2.7987004 cda3.0531278 cda3.3075551 cda3.5619824 cda3.8164097 cda4.0708370 cda4.3252643 cda4.5796916 cda4.8341190 cda5.0885463 cda5.3429736 cda5.5974009 cda5.8518282 cda6.1062555 cda6.3606828 cda6.6151102 cda6.8695375 cda7.1239648 cda7.3783921 cda7.6328194 cda7.8872467 cda8.1416740 cda8.3961013 cda8.6505287 cda8.9049560 cda9.1593833 cda9.4138106 cda9.6682379 cda9.9226652 cda10.1770925 cda10.4315199 cda10.6859472 cda10.9403745 cda11.1948018 cda11.4492291 cda11.7036564 cda11.9580837 cda12.2125110 cda12.4669384 cda12.7213657 cda12.9757930 cda13.2302203 cda13.4846476 cda13.7390749 cda13.9935022 cda14.2479296 cda14.5023569 cda14.7567842 cda15.0112115 cda15.2656388 cda15.5200661 cda15.7744934 cda16.0289208 cda16.2833481 cda16.5377754 cda16.7922027 cda17.0466300 cda17.3010573 cda17.5554846 cda17.8099119 cda18.0643393 cda18.3187666 cda18.5731939 cda18.8276212 cda19.0820485 cda19.3364758 cda19.5909031 cda19.8453305 cda20.0997578 cda20.3541851 cda20.6086124 cda20.8630397 cda21.1174670 cda21.3718943 cda21.6263217 cda21.8807490 cda22.1351763 cda22.3896036 cda22.6440309 cda22.8984582 cda23.1528855 cda23.4073128 cda23.6617402 cda23.9161675 cda24.1705948 cda24.4250221 cda24.6794494 cda24.9338767 cda25.1883040 cda25.4427314 cda

The decare (/ˈdɛkɑːr/ or /ˈdɛkɛər/) is derived from deca and are, and is equal to 10 ares or 1000 square metres. It is used in Norway and in the former Ottoman areas of the Middle East and the Balkans (Bulgaria) as a measure of land area. Instead of the name "decare", the names of traditional land measures are usually used, redefined as one decare:

  • Stremma in Greece
  • Dunam, dunum, donum, or dönüm in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey
  • Mål is sometimes used for decare in Norway, from the old measure of about the same area.
Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1000 m2

≡ 1000 m2

Metric system SI

conversion table

1≡ 0.254427313535396≡ 1.5265638812123
2≡ 0.508854627070787≡ 1.7809911947477
3≡ 0.763281940606178≡ 2.0354185082831
4≡ 1.01770925414169≡ 2.2898458218185
5≡ 1.272136567676910≡ 2.5442731353539

The term "cuerda" (and "Spanish acre") refers to various units of measurement in some Spanish-speaking regions, including Spain,Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Cuba, and Paraguay.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1 cda x 1 cda = 0.971222 acre

3930.395625 m2


conversion table

1≡ 3.9303956256≡ 23.58237375
2≡ 7.860791257≡ 27.512769375
3≡ 11.7911868758≡ 31.443165
4≡ 15.72158259≡ 35.373560625
5≡ 19.65197812510≡ 39.30395625

Conversion table

1≡ 0.2544273
3.9303956≡ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)