1 decares = 302.4803388 pings 

Decares to Pings Conversion

Decare to ping conversion allow you make a conversion between decare and ping easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 302.48033878
= 3.0248 × 102
= 3.0248E2
= 3.0248e2
= 604.96067756
= 6.04961 × 102
= 6.04961E2
= 6.04961e2
= 907.44101633
= 9.07441 × 102
= 9.07441E2
= 9.07441e2
= 1,209.92135511
= 12.0992 × 102
= 12.0992E2
= 12.0992e2
= 1,512.40169389
= 15.124 × 102
= 15.124E2
= 15.124e2

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decare1 Da2 Da3 Da4 Da5 Da6 Da7 Da8 Da9 Da10 Da11 Da12 Da13 Da14 Da15 Da16 Da17 Da18 Da19 Da20 Da21 Da22 Da23 Da24 Da25 Da26 Da27 Da28 Da29 Da30 Da31 Da32 Da33 Da34 Da35 Da36 Da37 Da38 Da39 Da40 Da41 Da42 Da43 Da44 Da45 Da46 Da47 Da48 Da49 Da50 Da51 Da52 Da53 Da54 Da55 Da56 Da57 Da58 Da59 Da60 Da61 Da62 Da63 Da64 Da65 Da66 Da67 Da68 Da69 Da70 Da71 Da72 Da73 Da74 Da75 Da76 Da77 Da78 Da79 Da80 Da81 Da82 Da83 Da84 Da85 Da86 Da87 Da88 Da89 Da90 Da91 Da92 Da93 Da94 Da95 Da96 Da97 Da98 Da99 Da100 Da
ping302.4803388 ping604.9606776 ping907.4410163 ping1,209.9213551 ping1,512.4016939 ping1,814.8820327 ping2,117.3623714 ping2,419.8427102 ping2,722.3230490 ping3,024.8033878 ping3,327.2837266 ping3,629.7640653 ping3,932.2444041 ping4,234.7247429 ping4,537.2050817 ping4,839.6854204 ping5,142.1657592 ping5,444.6460980 ping5,747.1264368 ping6,049.6067756 ping6,352.0871143 ping6,654.5674531 ping6,957.0477919 ping7,259.5281307 ping7,562.0084694 ping7,864.4888082 ping8,166.9691470 ping8,469.4494858 ping8,771.9298246 ping9,074.4101633 ping9,376.8905021 ping9,679.3708409 ping9,981.8511797 ping10,284.3315185 ping10,586.8118572 ping10,889.2921960 ping11,191.7725348 ping11,494.2528736 ping11,796.7332123 ping12,099.2135511 ping12,401.6938899 ping12,704.1742287 ping13,006.6545675 ping13,309.1349062 ping13,611.6152450 ping13,914.0955838 ping14,216.5759226 ping14,519.0562613 ping14,821.5366001 ping15,124.0169389 ping15,426.4972777 ping15,728.9776165 ping16,031.4579552 ping16,333.9382940 ping16,636.4186328 ping16,938.8989716 ping17,241.3793103 ping17,543.8596491 ping17,846.3399879 ping18,148.8203267 ping18,451.3006655 ping18,753.7810042 ping19,056.2613430 ping19,358.7416818 ping19,661.2220206 ping19,963.7023593 ping20,266.1826981 ping20,568.6630369 ping20,871.1433757 ping21,173.6237145 ping21,476.1040532 ping21,778.5843920 ping22,081.0647308 ping22,383.5450696 ping22,686.0254083 ping22,988.5057471 ping23,290.9860859 ping23,593.4664247 ping23,895.9467635 ping24,198.4271022 ping24,500.9074410 ping24,803.3877798 ping25,105.8681186 ping25,408.3484574 ping25,710.8287961 ping26,013.3091349 ping26,315.7894737 ping26,618.2698125 ping26,920.7501512 ping27,223.2304900 ping27,525.7108288 ping27,828.1911676 ping28,130.6715064 ping28,433.1518451 ping28,735.6321839 ping29,038.1125227 ping29,340.5928615 ping29,643.0732002 ping29,945.5535390 ping30,248.0338778 ping

The decare (/ˈdɛkɑːr/ or /ˈdɛkɛər/) is derived from deca and are, and is equal to 10 ares or 1000 square metres. It is used in Norway and in the former Ottoman areas of the Middle East and the Balkans (Bulgaria) as a measure of land area. Instead of the name "decare", the names of traditional land measures are usually used, redefined as one decare:

  • Stremma in Greece
  • Dunam, dunum, donum, or dönüm in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey
  • Mål is sometimes used for decare in Norway, from the old measure of about the same area.
Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1000 m2

≡ 1000 m2

Metric system SI

conversion table

1= 302.480338777986= 1814.8820326679
2= 604.960677555967= 2117.3623714459
3= 907.441016333948= 2419.8427102238
4= 1209.92135511199= 2722.3230490018
5= 1512.401693889910= 3024.8033877798

ping is unit of area of Taiwanese units of measurement.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

2011 m × 2011 m

3.306 m2


conversion table

1= 0.0033066= 0.019836
2= 0.0066127= 0.023142
3= 0.0099188= 0.026448
4= 0.0132249= 0.029754
5= 0.0165310= 0.03306

Conversion table

1= 302.4803388
0.003306= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)