1 earth radius = 3,958.7558657 metric miles 

Earth radius to Metric miles Conversion

Earth radius to metric mile conversion allow you make a conversion between earth radius and metric mile easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 3,958.75586574
= 39.5876 × 102
= 39.5876E2
= 39.5876e2
= 5,938.13379862
= 59.3813 × 102
= 59.3813E2
= 59.3813e2
= 7,917.51173149
= 79.1751 × 102
= 79.1751E2
= 79.1751e2
= 9,896.88966436
= 98.9689 × 102
= 98.9689E2
= 98.9689e2
= 11,876.26759723
= 118.763 × 102
= 118.763E2
= 118.763e2

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metric mile3,958.7558657 metric mile7,917.5117315 metric mile11,876.2675972 metric mile15,835.0234630 metric mile19,793.7793287 metric mile23,752.5351945 metric mile27,711.2910602 metric mile31,670.0469260 metric mile35,628.8027917 metric mile39,587.5586574 metric mile43,546.3145232 metric mile47,505.0703889 metric mile51,463.8262547 metric mile55,422.5821204 metric mile59,381.3379862 metric mile63,340.0938519 metric mile67,298.8497176 metric mile71,257.6055834 metric mile75,216.3614491 metric mile79,175.1173149 metric mile83,133.8731806 metric mile87,092.6290464 metric mile91,051.3849121 metric mile95,010.1407779 metric mile98,968.8966436 metric mile102,927.6525094 metric mile106,886.4083751 metric mile110,845.1642408 metric mile114,803.9201066 metric mile118,762.6759723 metric mile122,721.4318381 metric mile126,680.1877038 metric mile130,638.9435696 metric mile134,597.6994353 metric mile138,556.4553010 metric mile142,515.2111668 metric mile146,473.9670325 metric mile150,432.7228983 metric mile154,391.4787640 metric mile158,350.2346298 metric mile162,308.9904955 metric mile166,267.7463613 metric mile170,226.5022270 metric mile174,185.2580927 metric mile178,144.0139585 metric mile182,102.7698242 metric mile186,061.5256900 metric mile190,020.2815557 metric mile193,979.0374215 metric mile197,937.7932872 metric mile201,896.5491530 metric mile205,855.3050187 metric mile209,814.0608844 metric mile213,772.8167502 metric mile217,731.5726159 metric mile221,690.3284817 metric mile225,649.0843474 metric mile229,607.8402132 metric mile233,566.5960789 metric mile237,525.3519446 metric mile241,484.1078104 metric mile245,442.8636761 metric mile249,401.6195419 metric mile253,360.3754076 metric mile257,319.1312734 metric mile261,277.8871391 metric mile265,236.6430049 metric mile269,195.3988706 metric mile273,154.1547363 metric mile277,112.9106021 metric mile281,071.6664678 metric mile285,030.4223336 metric mile288,989.1781993 metric mile292,947.9340651 metric mile296,906.6899308 metric mile300,865.4457966 metric mile304,824.2016623 metric mile308,782.9575280 metric mile312,741.7133938 metric mile316,700.4692595 metric mile320,659.2251253 metric mile324,617.9809910 metric mile328,576.7368568 metric mile332,535.4927225 metric mile336,494.2485882 metric mile340,453.0044540 metric mile344,411.7603197 metric mile348,370.5161855 metric mile352,329.2720512 metric mile356,288.0279170 metric mile360,246.7837827 metric mile364,205.5396485 metric mile368,164.2955142 metric mile372,123.0513799 metric mile376,081.8072457 metric mile380,040.5631114 metric mile383,999.3189772 metric mile387,958.0748429 metric mile391,916.8307087 metric mile395,875.5865744 metric mile

Earth radius is the distance from Earth's center to its surface, about 6,371 km (3,959 mi). This length is also used as a unit of distance, especially in astronomy and geology, where it is usually denoted by R.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
earth radiusR

≈ 6,371 km

≈ 6,371 km

Science - Astronomy (Length)

conversion table

earth radiusmetric milesearth radiusmetric miles
1≈ 3958.75586574414≈ 15835.023462976
1.5≈ 5938.13379861614.5≈ 17814.401395848
2≈ 7917.51173148815≈ 19793.77932872
2.5≈ 9896.88966436015.5≈ 21773.157261592
3≈ 11876.2675972326≈ 23752.535194464

metric mile is a distance which approximates one statute mile (1609.344 m) at a round figure of metres (the SI or metric unit of length). The term is most commonly used in track running and swimming.

In track running, the 1500 m race became the standard middle distance race in Europe in the late 19th century, and has been the standard distance in the Olympic Games since 1896. The distance of the race is sometimes referred to as a metric mile.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
metric mile

≈ 1609.344 m

Metric system Non-SI

conversion table

metric milesearth radiusmetric milesearth radius
1≈ 0.000252604614660184≈ 0.0010104184586407
1.5≈ 0.000378906921990274.5≈ 0.0011367207659708
2≈ 0.000505209229320365≈ 0.0012630230733009
2.5≈ 0.000631511536650455.5≈ 0.001389325380631
3≈ 0.000757813843980546≈ 0.0015156276879611

Conversion table

earth radiusmetric miles
1≈ 3,958.7558657
0.0002526≈ 1


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