1 kilometers per hour = 0.3037815 yards per second 

Kilometers per hour to Yards per second Conversion

Kilometers per hour to yard per second conversion allow you make a conversion between kilometers per hour and yard per second easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Speed Conversion


= 0.30378147
= 303781 × 10-6
= 303781E-6
= 303781e-6
= 0.60756294
= 607563 × 10-6
= 607563E-6
= 607563e-6
= 0.91134442
= 911344 × 10-6
= 911344E-6
= 911344e-6
= 1.21512589
= 0.0121513 × 102
= 0.0121513E2
= 0.0121513e2
= 1.51890736
= 0.0151891 × 102
= 0.0151891E2
= 0.0151891e2

Quick Look: kilometers per hour to yards per second

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yard per second0.3037815 ydps0.6075629 ydps0.9113444 ydps1.2151259 ydps1.5189074 ydps1.8226888 ydps2.1264703 ydps2.4302518 ydps2.7340332 ydps3.0378147 ydps3.3415962 ydps3.6453777 ydps3.9491591 ydps4.2529406 ydps4.5567221 ydps4.8605035 ydps5.1642850 ydps5.4680665 ydps5.7718480 ydps6.0756294 ydps6.3794109 ydps6.6831924 ydps6.9869739 ydps7.2907553 ydps7.5945368 ydps7.8983183 ydps8.2020997 ydps8.5058812 ydps8.8096627 ydps9.1134442 ydps9.4172256 ydps9.7210071 ydps10.0247886 ydps10.3285700 ydps10.6323515 ydps10.9361330 ydps11.2399145 ydps11.5436959 ydps11.8474774 ydps12.1512589 ydps12.4550403 ydps12.7588218 ydps13.0626033 ydps13.3663848 ydps13.6701662 ydps13.9739477 ydps14.2777292 ydps14.5815106 ydps14.8852921 ydps15.1890736 ydps15.4928551 ydps15.7966365 ydps16.1004180 ydps16.4041995 ydps16.7079809 ydps17.0117624 ydps17.3155439 ydps17.6193254 ydps17.9231068 ydps18.2268883 ydps18.5306698 ydps18.8344512 ydps19.1382327 ydps19.4420142 ydps19.7457957 ydps20.0495771 ydps20.3533586 ydps20.6571401 ydps20.9609216 ydps21.2647030 ydps21.5684845 ydps21.8722660 ydps22.1760474 ydps22.4798289 ydps22.7836104 ydps23.0873919 ydps23.3911733 ydps23.6949548 ydps23.9987363 ydps24.3025177 ydps24.6062992 ydps24.9100807 ydps25.2138622 ydps25.5176436 ydps25.8214251 ydps26.1252066 ydps26.4289880 ydps26.7327695 ydps27.0365510 ydps27.3403325 ydps27.6441139 ydps27.9478954 ydps28.2516769 ydps28.5554583 ydps28.8592398 ydps29.1630213 ydps29.4668028 ydps29.7705842 ydps30.0743657 ydps30.3781472 ydps

The kilometre per hour (American English: kilometer per hour) is a unit of speed, expressing the number of kilometres travelled in one hour.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilometers per hourkm/h

≡ 1000m / 3600s

≡ 0.277777778 m/s

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilometers per houryards per secondkilometers per houryards per second
1= 0.303781471760476= 1.8226888305628
2= 0.607562943520957= 2.1264703023233
3= 0.911344415281428= 2.4302517740838
4= 1.21512588704199= 2.7340332458443
5= 1.518907358802410= 3.0378147176047

Yards per second (abbreviated mph, YDPS or yard/s) is an imperial and United States customary unit of speed expressing the number of statute yard covered in one second.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
yard per secondydps

≡ 1 yd/s

= 0.9144 m/s


conversion table

yards per secondkilometers per houryards per secondkilometers per hour
1= 3.291846= 19.75104
2= 6.583687= 23.04288
3= 9.875528= 26.33472
4= 13.167369= 29.62656
5= 16.459210= 32.9184

Conversion table

kilometers per houryards per second
1= 0.3037815
3.29184= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)