1 miles per second = 3,128.3144708 knots 

Miles per second to Knots Conversion

Mile per second to knot conversion allow you make a conversion between mile per second and knot easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Speed Conversion


= 3,128.31447084
= 31.2831 × 102
= 31.2831E2
= 31.2831e2
= 6,256.62894168
= 62.5663 × 102
= 62.5663E2
= 62.5663e2
= 9,384.94341253
= 93.8494 × 102
= 93.8494E2
= 93.8494e2
= 12,513.25788337
= 125.133 × 102
= 125.133E2
= 125.133e2
= 15,641.57235421
= 156.416 × 102
= 156.416E2
= 156.416e2

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knot3,128.3144708 kn6,256.6289417 kn9,384.9434125 kn12,513.2578834 kn15,641.5723542 kn18,769.8868251 kn21,898.2012959 kn25,026.5157667 kn28,154.8302376 kn31,283.1447084 kn34,411.4591793 kn37,539.7736501 kn40,668.0881210 kn43,796.4025918 kn46,924.7170626 kn50,053.0315335 kn53,181.3460043 kn56,309.6604752 kn59,437.9749460 kn62,566.2894168 kn65,694.6038877 kn68,822.9183585 kn71,951.2328294 kn75,079.5473002 kn78,207.8617711 kn81,336.1762419 kn84,464.4907127 kn87,592.8051836 kn90,721.1196544 kn93,849.4341253 kn96,977.7485961 kn100,106.0630670 kn103,234.3775378 kn106,362.6920086 kn109,491.0064795 kn112,619.3209503 kn115,747.6354212 kn118,875.9498920 kn122,004.2643629 kn125,132.5788337 kn128,260.8933045 kn131,389.2077754 kn134,517.5222462 kn137,645.8367171 kn140,774.1511879 kn143,902.4656588 kn147,030.7801296 kn150,159.0946004 kn153,287.4090713 kn156,415.7235421 kn159,544.0380130 kn162,672.3524838 kn165,800.6669546 kn168,928.9814255 kn172,057.2958963 kn175,185.6103672 kn178,313.9248380 kn181,442.2393089 kn184,570.5537797 kn187,698.8682505 kn190,827.1827214 kn193,955.4971922 kn197,083.8116631 kn200,212.1261339 kn203,340.4406048 kn206,468.7550756 kn209,597.0695464 kn212,725.3840173 kn215,853.6984881 kn218,982.0129590 kn222,110.3274298 kn225,238.6419007 kn228,366.9563715 kn231,495.2708423 kn234,623.5853132 kn237,751.8997840 kn240,880.2142549 kn244,008.5287257 kn247,136.8431965 kn250,265.1576674 kn253,393.4721382 kn256,521.7866091 kn259,650.1010799 kn262,778.4155508 kn265,906.7300216 kn269,035.0444924 kn272,163.3589633 kn275,291.6734341 kn278,419.9879050 kn281,548.3023758 kn284,676.6168467 kn287,804.9313175 kn290,933.2457883 kn294,061.5602592 kn297,189.8747300 kn300,318.1892009 kn303,446.5036717 kn306,574.8181426 kn309,703.1326134 kn312,831.4470842 kn

Miles per second (abbreviated mph, MPS or mi/s) is an imperial and United States customary unit of speed expressing the number of statute miles covered in one second.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
mile per secondmps

≡ 1 mi/s

= 1609.344 m/s


conversion table

miles per secondknotsmiles per secondknots
1= 3128.31447084236= 18769.886825054
2= 6256.62894168477= 21898.201295896
3= 9384.9434125278= 25026.515766739
4= 12513.2578833699= 28154.830237581
5= 15641.57235421210= 31283.144708423

The knot (/nɒt/) is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile (1.852 km) per hour, approximately 1.15078 mph. The ISO Standard symbol for the knot is kn. The same symbol is preferred by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); kt is also common.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1 nmi/h = 1.852 km/h = 1852m/3600s

= 0.514444444 m/s

Other Speed

conversion table

knotsmiles per secondknotsmiles per second
1= 0.000319660957784326= 0.0019179657467059
2= 0.000639321915568637= 0.0022376267044902
3= 0.000958982873352958= 0.0025572876622745
4= 0.00127864383113739= 0.0028769486200589
5= 0.001598304788921610= 0.0031966095778432

Conversion table

miles per secondknots
1= 3,128.3144708
0.0003197= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)