1 acre-feet = 2,240,207.7361632 US pints (dry) 

Acre-feet to US pints (dry) Conversion

Acre-foot to US pint (dry) conversion allow you make a conversion between acre-foot and US pint (dry) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 2,240,207.73616317
= 2.24021 × 106
= 2.24021E+6
= 2.24021e+6
= 4,480,415.47232634
= 4.48042 × 106
= 4.48042E+6
= 4.48042e+6
= 6,720,623.20848951
= 6.72062 × 106
= 6.72062E+6
= 6.72062e+6
= 8,960,830.94465267
= 8.96083 × 106
= 8.96083E+6
= 8.96083e+6
= 11,201,038.68081584
= 1.1201 × 107
= 1.1201E+7
= 1.1201e+7

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acre-foot1 ac ft2 ac ft3 ac ft4 ac ft5 ac ft6 ac ft7 ac ft8 ac ft9 ac ft10 ac ft11 ac ft12 ac ft13 ac ft14 ac ft15 ac ft16 ac ft17 ac ft18 ac ft19 ac ft20 ac ft21 ac ft22 ac ft23 ac ft24 ac ft25 ac ft26 ac ft27 ac ft28 ac ft29 ac ft30 ac ft31 ac ft32 ac ft33 ac ft34 ac ft35 ac ft36 ac ft37 ac ft38 ac ft39 ac ft40 ac ft41 ac ft42 ac ft43 ac ft44 ac ft45 ac ft46 ac ft47 ac ft48 ac ft49 ac ft50 ac ft51 ac ft52 ac ft53 ac ft54 ac ft55 ac ft56 ac ft57 ac ft58 ac ft59 ac ft60 ac ft61 ac ft62 ac ft63 ac ft64 ac ft65 ac ft66 ac ft67 ac ft68 ac ft69 ac ft70 ac ft71 ac ft72 ac ft73 ac ft74 ac ft75 ac ft76 ac ft77 ac ft78 ac ft79 ac ft80 ac ft81 ac ft82 ac ft83 ac ft84 ac ft85 ac ft86 ac ft87 ac ft88 ac ft89 ac ft90 ac ft91 ac ft92 ac ft93 ac ft94 ac ft95 ac ft96 ac ft97 ac ft98 ac ft99 ac ft100 ac ft
US pint (dry)2,240,207.7361632 pt (US dry)4,480,415.4723263 pt (US dry)6,720,623.2084895 pt (US dry)8,960,830.9446527 pt (US dry)11,201,038.680816 pt (US dry)13,441,246.416979 pt (US dry)15,681,454.153142 pt (US dry)17,921,661.889305 pt (US dry)20,161,869.625469 pt (US dry)22,402,077.361632 pt (US dry)24,642,285.097795 pt (US dry)26,882,492.833958 pt (US dry)29,122,700.570121 pt (US dry)31,362,908.306284 pt (US dry)33,603,116.042448 pt (US dry)35,843,323.778611 pt (US dry)38,083,531.514774 pt (US dry)40,323,739.250937 pt (US dry)42,563,946.9871 pt (US dry)44,804,154.723263 pt (US dry)47,044,362.459427 pt (US dry)49,284,570.19559 pt (US dry)51,524,777.931753 pt (US dry)53,764,985.667916 pt (US dry)56,005,193.404079 pt (US dry)58,245,401.140242 pt (US dry)60,485,608.876406 pt (US dry)62,725,816.612569 pt (US dry)64,966,024.348732 pt (US dry)67,206,232.084895 pt (US dry)69,446,439.821058 pt (US dry)71,686,647.557221 pt (US dry)73,926,855.293385 pt (US dry)76,167,063.029548 pt (US dry)78,407,270.765711 pt (US dry)80,647,478.501874 pt (US dry)82,887,686.238037 pt (US dry)85,127,893.9742 pt (US dry)87,368,101.710364 pt (US dry)89,608,309.446527 pt (US dry)91,848,517.18269 pt (US dry)94,088,724.918853 pt (US dry)96,328,932.655016 pt (US dry)98,569,140.391179 pt (US dry)100,809,348.12734 pt (US dry)103,049,555.86351 pt (US dry)105,289,763.59967 pt (US dry)107,529,971.33583 pt (US dry)109,770,179.072 pt (US dry)112,010,386.80816 pt (US dry)114,250,594.54432 pt (US dry)116,490,802.28048 pt (US dry)118,731,010.01665 pt (US dry)120,971,217.75281 pt (US dry)123,211,425.48897 pt (US dry)125,451,633.22514 pt (US dry)127,691,840.9613 pt (US dry)129,932,048.69746 pt (US dry)132,172,256.43363 pt (US dry)134,412,464.16979 pt (US dry)136,652,671.90595 pt (US dry)138,892,879.64212 pt (US dry)141,133,087.37828 pt (US dry)143,373,295.11444 pt (US dry)145,613,502.85061 pt (US dry)147,853,710.58677 pt (US dry)150,093,918.32293 pt (US dry)152,334,126.0591 pt (US dry)154,574,333.79526 pt (US dry)156,814,541.53142 pt (US dry)159,054,749.26758 pt (US dry)161,294,957.00375 pt (US dry)163,535,164.73991 pt (US dry)165,775,372.47607 pt (US dry)168,015,580.21224 pt (US dry)170,255,787.9484 pt (US dry)172,495,995.68456 pt (US dry)174,736,203.42073 pt (US dry)176,976,411.15689 pt (US dry)179,216,618.89305 pt (US dry)181,456,826.62922 pt (US dry)183,697,034.36538 pt (US dry)185,937,242.10154 pt (US dry)188,177,449.83771 pt (US dry)190,417,657.57387 pt (US dry)192,657,865.31003 pt (US dry)194,898,073.0462 pt (US dry)197,138,280.78236 pt (US dry)199,378,488.51852 pt (US dry)201,618,696.25469 pt (US dry)203,858,903.99085 pt (US dry)206,099,111.72701 pt (US dry)208,339,319.46317 pt (US dry)210,579,527.19934 pt (US dry)212,819,734.9355 pt (US dry)215,059,942.67166 pt (US dry)217,300,150.40783 pt (US dry)219,540,358.14399 pt (US dry)221,780,565.88015 pt (US dry)224,020,773.61632 pt (US dry)

The acre-foot is a unit of volume commonly used in the United States in reference to large-scale water resources, such as reservoirs, aqueducts, canals, sewer flow capacity, irrigation water, and river flows.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
acre-footac ft

≡ 1 ac x 1 ft = 43560 cu ft

= 1233.48183754752 m3


conversion table

acre-feetUS pints (dry)acre-feetUS pints (dry)
1= 2240207.73616326= 13441246.416979
2= 4480415.47232637= 15681454.153142
3= 6720623.20848958= 17921661.889305
4= 8960830.94465279= 20161869.625469
5= 11201038.68081610= 22402077.361632

The pint (/ˈpaɪnt/); symbol pt, sometimes abbreviated as "p") is a unit of volume or capacity in both the imperial and United States customary measurement systems.

In the United States, the dry pint is one-eighth of a dry gallon.

1 US dry pint 18US dry gallons
 12US dry quarts
 33.6003125cubic inches (exactly)
 550.6104713575millilitres (exactly) ≈ 551 ml
 ≈ 0.96893897192imperial pints
 ≈ 1.1636471861US liquid pints
Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
US pint (dry)pt (US dry)

≡  164 bu (US lvl) ≡  18 gal (US dry)

= 550.6104713575×10−6 m3


conversion table

US pints (dry)acre-feetUS pints (dry)acre-feet
1= 4.4638717376841E-76= 2.6783230426104E-6
2= 8.9277434753682E-77= 3.1247102163789E-6
3= 1.3391615213052E-68= 3.5710973901473E-6
4= 1.7855486950736E-69= 4.0174845639157E-6
5= 2.231935868842E-610= 4.4638717376841E-6

Conversion table

acre-feetUS pints (dry)
1= 2,240,207.7361632
4.4638717376841 × 10-7= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)