1 buckets (imperial) = 0.0237842 cubic yards 

Buckets (imperial) to Cubic yards Conversion

Bucket (imperial) to cubic yard conversion allow you make a conversion between bucket (imperial) and cubic yard easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Volume Conversion


= 0.02378424
= 237842 × 10-7
= 237842E-7
= 237842e-7
= 0.04756849
= 475685 × 10-7
= 475685E-7
= 475685e-7
= 0.07135273
= 713527 × 10-7
= 713527E-7
= 713527e-7
= 0.09513698
= 95137 × 10-6
= 95137E-6
= 95137e-6
= 0.11892122
= 118921 × 10-6
= 118921E-6
= 118921e-6

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cubic yard0.0237842 cu yd0.0475685 cu yd0.0713527 cu yd0.0951370 cu yd0.1189212 cu yd0.1427055 cu yd0.1664897 cu yd0.1902740 cu yd0.2140582 cu yd0.2378424 cu yd0.2616267 cu yd0.2854109 cu yd0.3091952 cu yd0.3329794 cu yd0.3567637 cu yd0.3805479 cu yd0.4043322 cu yd0.4281164 cu yd0.4519007 cu yd0.4756849 cu yd0.4994691 cu yd0.5232534 cu yd0.5470376 cu yd0.5708219 cu yd0.5946061 cu yd0.6183904 cu yd0.6421746 cu yd0.6659589 cu yd0.6897431 cu yd0.7135273 cu yd0.7373116 cu yd0.7610958 cu yd0.7848801 cu yd0.8086643 cu yd0.8324486 cu yd0.8562328 cu yd0.8800171 cu yd0.9038013 cu yd0.9275856 cu yd0.9513698 cu yd0.9751540 cu yd0.9989383 cu yd1.0227225 cu yd1.0465068 cu yd1.0702910 cu yd1.0940753 cu yd1.1178595 cu yd1.1416438 cu yd1.1654280 cu yd1.1892122 cu yd1.2129965 cu yd1.2367807 cu yd1.2605650 cu yd1.2843492 cu yd1.3081335 cu yd1.3319177 cu yd1.3557020 cu yd1.3794862 cu yd1.4032705 cu yd1.4270547 cu yd1.4508389 cu yd1.4746232 cu yd1.4984074 cu yd1.5221917 cu yd1.5459759 cu yd1.5697602 cu yd1.5935444 cu yd1.6173287 cu yd1.6411129 cu yd1.6648971 cu yd1.6886814 cu yd1.7124656 cu yd1.7362499 cu yd1.7600341 cu yd1.7838184 cu yd1.8076026 cu yd1.8313869 cu yd1.8551711 cu yd1.8789553 cu yd1.9027396 cu yd1.9265238 cu yd1.9503081 cu yd1.9740923 cu yd1.9978766 cu yd2.0216608 cu yd2.0454451 cu yd2.0692293 cu yd2.0930136 cu yd2.1167978 cu yd2.1405820 cu yd2.1643663 cu yd2.1881505 cu yd2.2119348 cu yd2.2357190 cu yd2.2595033 cu yd2.2832875 cu yd2.3070718 cu yd2.3308560 cu yd2.3546402 cu yd2.3784245 cu yd

The bucket (imperial) is a nunit of volumen using in impoerial system.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
bucket (imperial)bkt

≡ 4 gal (imp)

= 0.01818436 m3


conversion table

buckets (imperial)cubic yardsbuckets (imperial)cubic yards
1= 0.0237842449238366= 0.14270546954302
2= 0.0475684898476727= 0.16648971446685
3= 0.0713527347715088= 0.19027395939069
4= 0.0951369796953439= 0.21405820431452
5= 0.1189212246191810= 0.23784244923836

cubic yard is an Imperial / U.S. customary (non-SI non-metric) unit of volume, used in the United States, Canada, and the UK. It is defined as the volume of a cube with sides of 1 yard (3 feet, 36 inches, 0.9144 meters) in length.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
cubic yardcu yd

≡ 27 cu ft

≡ 0.764554857984 m3


conversion table

cubic yardsbuckets (imperial)cubic yardsbuckets (imperial)
1= 42.0446393485396= 252.26783609123
2= 84.0892786970787= 294.31247543977
3= 126.133918045628= 336.35711478831
4= 168.178557394169= 378.40175413685
5= 210.223196742710= 420.44639348539

Conversion table

buckets (imperial)cubic yards
1= 0.0237842
42.0446393= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
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