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Area conversion calculator convert between metric and imperial units of area measurement. There are 60 units to convert, and you can easily find them with the following calculator tool.

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Conversion table

millibarnboardsectionattobarnhidezeptobarnsquare chain (international)barn
1 1.2916692500052E-29 3.8610215854245E-38 1.0E+15 2.0E-37 1.0E+18 2.4710538146717E-34 0.001
7.74192E+28 1 2.9891720232629E-9 7.74192E+43 1.548384E-8 7.74192E+46 1.9130700948883E-5 7.74192E+25
2.589988110336E+37 334540800 1 2.589988110336E+52 5.179976220672 2.589988110336E+55 6400 2.589988110336E+34
1.0E-15 1.2916692500052E-44 3.8610215854245E-53 1 2.0E-52 1000 2.4710538146717E-49 1.0E-18
5.0E+36 64583462.500258 0.19305107927122 5.0E+51 1 5.0E+54 1235.5269073358 5.0E+33
1.0E-18 1.2916692500052E-47 3.8610215854245E-56 0.001 2.0E-55 1 2.4710538146717E-52 1.0E-21
4.0468564224E+33 52272 0.00015625 4.0468564224E+48 0.00080937128448 4.0468564224E+51 1 4.0468564224E+30
1000 1.2916692500052E-26 3.8610215854245E-35 1.0E+18 2.0E-34 1.0E+21 2.4710538146717E-31 1

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