1 meters per (second squared) = 2.2369363 (miles per hour) per second 

Meters per (second squared) to (miles per hour) per second Conversion

Meter per (second squared) to (mile per hour) per second conversion allow you make a conversion between meter per (second squared) and (mile per hour) per second easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Acceleration Conversion


= 2.23693629
= 0.0223694 × 102
= 0.0223694E2
= 0.0223694e2
= 4.47387258
= 0.0447387 × 102
= 0.0447387E2
= 0.0447387e2
= 6.71080888
= 0.0671081 × 102
= 0.0671081E2
= 0.0671081e2
= 8.94774517
= 0.0894775 × 102
= 0.0894775E2
= 0.0894775e2
= 11.18468146
= 0.111847 × 102
= 0.111847E2
= 0.111847e2

Quick Look: meters per (second squared) to (miles per hour) per second

meter per (second squared)1 m/s22 m/s23 m/s24 m/s25 m/s26 m/s27 m/s28 m/s29 m/s210 m/s211 m/s212 m/s213 m/s214 m/s215 m/s216 m/s217 m/s218 m/s219 m/s220 m/s221 m/s222 m/s223 m/s224 m/s225 m/s226 m/s227 m/s228 m/s229 m/s230 m/s231 m/s232 m/s233 m/s234 m/s235 m/s236 m/s237 m/s238 m/s239 m/s240 m/s241 m/s242 m/s243 m/s244 m/s245 m/s246 m/s247 m/s248 m/s249 m/s250 m/s251 m/s252 m/s253 m/s254 m/s255 m/s256 m/s257 m/s258 m/s259 m/s260 m/s261 m/s262 m/s263 m/s264 m/s265 m/s266 m/s267 m/s268 m/s269 m/s270 m/s271 m/s272 m/s273 m/s274 m/s275 m/s276 m/s277 m/s278 m/s279 m/s280 m/s281 m/s282 m/s283 m/s284 m/s285 m/s286 m/s287 m/s288 m/s289 m/s290 m/s291 m/s292 m/s293 m/s294 m/s295 m/s296 m/s297 m/s298 m/s299 m/s2100 m/s2
(mile per hour) per second2.2369363 mph/s4.4738726 mph/s6.7108089 mph/s8.9477452 mph/s11.1846815 mph/s13.4216178 mph/s15.6585540 mph/s17.8954903 mph/s20.1324266 mph/s22.3693629 mph/s24.6062992 mph/s26.8432355 mph/s29.0801718 mph/s31.3171081 mph/s33.5540444 mph/s35.7909807 mph/s38.0279170 mph/s40.2648533 mph/s42.5017895 mph/s44.7387258 mph/s46.9756621 mph/s49.2125984 mph/s51.4495347 mph/s53.6864710 mph/s55.9234073 mph/s58.1603436 mph/s60.3972799 mph/s62.6342162 mph/s64.8711525 mph/s67.1080888 mph/s69.3450251 mph/s71.5819613 mph/s73.8188976 mph/s76.0558339 mph/s78.2927702 mph/s80.5297065 mph/s82.7666428 mph/s85.0035791 mph/s87.2405154 mph/s89.4774517 mph/s91.7143880 mph/s93.9513243 mph/s96.1882606 mph/s98.4251969 mph/s100.6621331 mph/s102.8990694 mph/s105.1360057 mph/s107.3729420 mph/s109.6098783 mph/s111.8468146 mph/s114.0837509 mph/s116.3206872 mph/s118.5576235 mph/s120.7945598 mph/s123.0314961 mph/s125.2684324 mph/s127.5053686 mph/s129.7423049 mph/s131.9792412 mph/s134.2161775 mph/s136.4531138 mph/s138.6900501 mph/s140.9269864 mph/s143.1639227 mph/s145.4008590 mph/s147.6377953 mph/s149.8747316 mph/s152.1116679 mph/s154.3486042 mph/s156.5855404 mph/s158.8224767 mph/s161.0594130 mph/s163.2963493 mph/s165.5332856 mph/s167.7702219 mph/s170.0071582 mph/s172.2440945 mph/s174.4810308 mph/s176.7179671 mph/s178.9549034 mph/s181.1918397 mph/s183.4287759 mph/s185.6657122 mph/s187.9026485 mph/s190.1395848 mph/s192.3765211 mph/s194.6134574 mph/s196.8503937 mph/s199.0873300 mph/s201.3242663 mph/s203.5612026 mph/s205.7981389 mph/s208.0350752 mph/s210.2720115 mph/s212.5089477 mph/s214.7458840 mph/s216.9828203 mph/s219.2197566 mph/s221.4566929 mph/s223.6936292 mph/s

The metre per second squared is the unit of acceleration in the International System of Units (SI). As a derived unit it is composed from the SI base units of length, the metre, and time, the second. Its symbol is written in several forms as m/s2, m·s−2 or m s−2, or less commonly, as m/s/s.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
meter per (second squared)m/s2

≡ 1 m/s2

≡ 1 m/s2

Metric system SI

conversion table

meters per (second squared)(miles per hour) per secondmeters per (second squared)(miles per hour) per second
1= 2.23693629205446= 13.421617752326
2= 4.47387258410887= 15.658554044381
3= 6.71080887616328= 17.895490336435
4= 8.94774516821769= 20.13242662849
5= 11.18468146027210= 22.369362920544

(Mile per hour) per second is a unit of acceleration. It is equal to 0.44704 meters per second squared. Plural name is Miles per hour per second.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
(mile per hour) per secondmph/s

≡ 1 mi/(h·s)

= 4.4704×10−1 m/s2


conversion table

(miles per hour) per secondmeters per (second squared)(miles per hour) per secondmeters per (second squared)
1= 0.447046= 2.68224
2= 0.894087= 3.12928
3= 1.341128= 3.57632
4= 1.788169= 4.02336
5= 2.235210= 4.4704

Conversion table

meters per (second squared)(miles per hour) per second
1= 2.2369363
0.44704= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)