1 revolutions = 407,436.6612654 angular mils 

Revolutions to Angular mils Conversion

Revolution to angular mil conversion allow you make a conversion between revolution and angular mil easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Angle Conversion


= 407,436.66126537
= 4074.37 × 102
= 4074.37E2
= 4074.37e2
= 814,873.32253074
= 8148.73 × 102
= 8148.73E2
= 8148.73e2
= 1,222,309.98379612
= 1.22231 × 106
= 1.22231E+6
= 1.22231e+6
= 1,629,746.64506149
= 1.62975 × 106
= 1.62975E+6
= 1.62975e+6
= 2,037,183.30632686
= 2.03718 × 106
= 2.03718E+6
= 2.03718e+6

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angular mil407,436.6612654 µ814,873.3225307 µ1,222,309.9837961 µ1,629,746.6450615 µ2,037,183.3063269 µ2,444,619.9675922 µ2,852,056.6288576 µ3,259,493.290123 µ3,666,929.9513883 µ4,074,366.6126537 µ4,481,803.2739191 µ4,889,239.9351845 µ5,296,676.5964498 µ5,704,113.2577152 µ6,111,549.9189806 µ6,518,986.580246 µ6,926,423.2415113 µ7,333,859.9027767 µ7,741,296.5640421 µ8,148,733.2253074 µ8,556,169.8865728 µ8,963,606.5478382 µ9,371,043.2091036 µ9,778,479.8703689 µ10,185,916.531634 µ10,593,353.1929 µ11,000,789.854165 µ11,408,226.51543 µ11,815,663.176696 µ12,223,099.837961 µ12,630,536.499227 µ13,037,973.160492 µ13,445,409.821757 µ13,852,846.483023 µ14,260,283.144288 µ14,667,719.805553 µ15,075,156.466819 µ15,482,593.128084 µ15,890,029.78935 µ16,297,466.450615 µ16,704,903.11188 µ17,112,339.773146 µ17,519,776.434411 µ17,927,213.095676 µ18,334,649.756942 µ18,742,086.418207 µ19,149,523.079472 µ19,556,959.740738 µ19,964,396.402003 µ20,371,833.063269 µ20,779,269.724534 µ21,186,706.385799 µ21,594,143.047065 µ22,001,579.70833 µ22,409,016.369595 µ22,816,453.030861 µ23,223,889.692126 µ23,631,326.353392 µ24,038,763.014657 µ24,446,199.675922 µ24,853,636.337188 µ25,261,072.998453 µ25,668,509.659718 µ26,075,946.320984 µ26,483,382.982249 µ26,890,819.643515 µ27,298,256.30478 µ27,705,692.966045 µ28,113,129.627311 µ28,520,566.288576 µ28,928,002.949841 µ29,335,439.611107 µ29,742,876.272372 µ30,150,312.933638 µ30,557,749.594903 µ30,965,186.256168 µ31,372,622.917434 µ31,780,059.578699 µ32,187,496.239964 µ32,594,932.90123 µ33,002,369.562495 µ33,409,806.223761 µ33,817,242.885026 µ34,224,679.546291 µ34,632,116.207557 µ35,039,552.868822 µ35,446,989.530087 µ35,854,426.191353 µ36,261,862.852618 µ36,669,299.513883 µ37,076,736.175149 µ37,484,172.836414 µ37,891,609.49768 µ38,299,046.158945 µ38,706,482.82021 µ39,113,919.481476 µ39,521,356.142741 µ39,928,792.804006 µ40,336,229.465272 µ40,743,666.126537 µ

A revolution is a unit of angle equal to 360°, defined as a complete turn around a circle. Plural name is revolutions.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 360 °

= 6.2831852 rad

Metric system SI

conversion table

revolutionsangular milsrevolutionsangular mils
1≈ 407436.661265376≈ 2444619.9675922
2≈ 814873.322530747≈ 2852056.6288576
3≈ 1222309.98379618≈ 3259493.290123
4≈ 1629746.64506159≈ 3666929.9513883
5≈ 2037183.306326910≈ 4074366.6126537

A angular mil is the unit of angular measurement equal to 1/6400 of a complete circle. At 1000 metres one mil subtends about one metre (~0,98 m). Also 1/6000 and 1/6300 are used in other countries.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
angular milµ

≡  6400 rad

≈ 0.981748×10−3 rad

Metric system SI

conversion table

angular milsrevolutionsangular milsrevolutions
1≈ 2.45436921875E-66≈ 1.47262153125E-5
2≈ 4.9087384375E-67≈ 1.718058453125E-5
3≈ 7.36310765625E-68≈ 1.963495375E-5
4≈ 9.817476875E-69≈ 2.208932296875E-5
5≈ 1.227184609375E-510≈ 2.45436921875E-5

Conversion table

revolutionsangular mils
1≈ 407,436.6612654
2.45436921875 × 10-6≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)