1 baronies = 134.8952141 yardlands 

Baronies to Yardlands Conversion

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Area Conversion


= 134.89521408
= 1.34895 × 102
= 1.34895E2
= 1.34895e2
= 269.79042816
= 2.6979 × 102
= 2.6979E2
= 2.6979e2
= 404.68564224
= 4.04686 × 102
= 4.04686E2
= 4.04686e2
= 539.58085632
= 5.39581 × 102
= 5.39581E2
= 5.39581e2
= 674.47607040
= 6.74476 × 102
= 6.74476E2
= 6.74476e2

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yardland134.8952141 yardland269.7904282 yardland404.6856422 yardland539.5808563 yardland674.4760704 yardland809.3712845 yardland944.2664986 yardland1,079.1617126 yardland1,214.0569267 yardland1,348.9521408 yardland1,483.8473549 yardland1,618.7425690 yardland1,753.6377830 yardland1,888.5329971 yardland2,023.4282112 yardland2,158.3234253 yardland2,293.2186394 yardland2,428.1138534 yardland2,563.0090675 yardland2,697.9042816 yardland2,832.7994957 yardland2,967.6947098 yardland3,102.5899238 yardland3,237.4851379 yardland3,372.380352 yardland3,507.2755661 yardland3,642.1707802 yardland3,777.0659942 yardland3,911.9612083 yardland4,046.8564224 yardland4,181.7516365 yardland4,316.6468506 yardland4,451.5420646 yardland4,586.4372787 yardland4,721.3324928 yardland4,856.2277069 yardland4,991.1229210 yardland5,126.0181350 yardland5,260.9133491 yardland5,395.8085632 yardland5,530.7037773 yardland5,665.5989914 yardland5,800.4942054 yardland5,935.3894195 yardland6,070.2846336 yardland6,205.1798477 yardland6,340.0750618 yardland6,474.9702758 yardland6,609.8654899 yardland6,744.760704 yardland6,879.6559181 yardland7,014.5511322 yardland7,149.4463462 yardland7,284.3415603 yardland7,419.2367744 yardland7,554.1319885 yardland7,689.0272026 yardland7,823.9224166 yardland7,958.8176307 yardland8,093.7128448 yardland8,228.6080589 yardland8,363.5032730 yardland8,498.3984870 yardland8,633.2937011 yardland8,768.1889152 yardland8,903.0841293 yardland9,037.9793434 yardland9,172.8745574 yardland9,307.7697715 yardland9,442.6649856 yardland9,577.5601997 yardland9,712.4554138 yardland9,847.3506278 yardland9,982.2458419 yardland10,117.141056 yardland10,252.0362701 yardland10,386.9314842 yardland10,521.8266982 yardland10,656.7219123 yardland10,791.6171264 yardland10,926.5123405 yardland11,061.4075546 yardland11,196.3027686 yardland11,331.1979827 yardland11,466.0931968 yardland11,600.9884109 yardland11,735.8836250 yardland11,870.7788390 yardland12,005.6740531 yardland12,140.5692672 yardland12,275.4644813 yardland12,410.3596954 yardland12,545.2549094 yardland12,680.1501235 yardland12,815.0453376 yardland12,949.9405517 yardland13,084.8357658 yardland13,219.7309798 yardland13,354.6261939 yardland13,489.521408 yardland

A geographic barony is a remnant from mediaeval times of the area of land held under the form of feudal land tenure termed feudal barony, or barony by tenure, either an English feudal barony, a Scottish feudal barony or an Irish feudal barony, which all operated under different legal and social systems. Just as modern counties are no longer under the administrative control of a noble count or earl, geographic baronies are generally no longer connected with feudal barons, certainly not in England where such tenure was abolished with the whole feudal system by the Tenures Abolition Act 1660. The position in Scotland is more complex, although the legal force of the Scottish feudal baron was abolished early in the 21st century.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

4000 ac

1.61874256896×107 m2


conversion table

1= 134.895214086= 809.37128448
2= 269.790428167= 944.26649856
3= 404.685642248= 1079.16171264
4= 539.580856329= 1214.05692672
5= 674.476070410= 1348.9521408

The virgate, yardland, or yard of land (Latin: virgāta [terrae]) was an English unit of land. Primarily a measure of tax assessment rather than area, the virgate was usually (but not always) reckoned as  1⁄4 hide and notionally (but seldom exactly) equal to 30 acres. It was equivalent to two of the Danelaw's oxgangs.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≈ 30 ac

1.2×105 m2


conversion table

1= 0.0074131614440156= 0.04447896866409
2= 0.014826322888037= 0.051892130108105
3= 0.0222394843320458= 0.05930529155212
4= 0.029652645776069= 0.066718452996135
5= 0.03706580722007510= 0.07413161444015

Conversion table

1= 134.8952141
0.0074132= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)