1 boards = 15,278,873.906544 circular mils 

Boards to Circular mils Conversion

Board to circular mil conversion allow you make a conversion between board and circular mil easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 15,278,873.90654371
= 1.52789 × 107
= 1.52789E+7
= 1.52789e+7
= 30,557,747.81308743
= 3.05577 × 107
= 3.05577E+7
= 3.05577e+7
= 45,836,621.71963115
= 4.58366 × 107
= 4.58366E+7
= 4.58366e+7
= 61,115,495.62617486
= 6.11155 × 107
= 6.11155E+7
= 6.11155e+7
= 76,394,369.53271858
= 7.63944 × 107
= 7.63944E+7
= 7.63944e+7

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circular mil15,278,873.906544 circ mil30,557,747.813087 circ mil45,836,621.719631 circ mil61,115,495.626175 circ mil76,394,369.532719 circ mil91,673,243.439262 circ mil106,952,117.34581 circ mil122,230,991.25235 circ mil137,509,865.15889 circ mil152,788,739.06544 circ mil168,067,612.97198 circ mil183,346,486.87852 circ mil198,625,360.78507 circ mil213,904,234.69161 circ mil229,183,108.59816 circ mil244,461,982.5047 circ mil259,740,856.41124 circ mil275,019,730.31779 circ mil290,298,604.22433 circ mil305,577,478.13087 circ mil320,856,352.03742 circ mil336,135,225.94396 circ mil351,414,099.85051 circ mil366,692,973.75705 circ mil381,971,847.66359 circ mil397,250,721.57014 circ mil412,529,595.47668 circ mil427,808,469.38322 circ mil443,087,343.28977 circ mil458,366,217.19631 circ mil473,645,091.10286 circ mil488,923,965.0094 circ mil504,202,838.91594 circ mil519,481,712.82249 circ mil534,760,586.72903 circ mil550,039,460.63557 circ mil565,318,334.54212 circ mil580,597,208.44866 circ mil595,876,082.3552 circ mil611,154,956.26175 circ mil626,433,830.16829 circ mil641,712,704.07484 circ mil656,991,577.98138 circ mil672,270,451.88792 circ mil687,549,325.79447 circ mil702,828,199.70101 circ mil718,107,073.60755 circ mil733,385,947.5141 circ mil748,664,821.42064 circ mil763,943,695.32719 circ mil779,222,569.23373 circ mil794,501,443.14027 circ mil809,780,317.04682 circ mil825,059,190.95336 circ mil840,338,064.8599 circ mil855,616,938.76645 circ mil870,895,812.67299 circ mil886,174,686.57954 circ mil901,453,560.48608 circ mil916,732,434.39262 circ mil932,011,308.29917 circ mil947,290,182.20571 circ mil962,569,056.11225 circ mil977,847,930.0188 circ mil993,126,803.92534 circ mil1,008,405,677.8319 circ mil1,023,684,551.7384 circ mil1,038,963,425.645 circ mil1,054,242,299.5515 circ mil1,069,521,173.4581 circ mil1,084,800,047.3646 circ mil1,100,078,921.2711 circ mil1,115,357,795.1777 circ mil1,130,636,669.0842 circ mil1,145,915,542.9908 circ mil1,161,194,416.8973 circ mil1,176,473,290.8039 circ mil1,191,752,164.7104 circ mil1,207,031,038.617 circ mil1,222,309,912.5235 circ mil1,237,588,786.43 circ mil1,252,867,660.3366 circ mil1,268,146,534.2431 circ mil1,283,425,408.1497 circ mil1,298,704,282.0562 circ mil1,313,983,155.9628 circ mil1,329,262,029.8693 circ mil1,344,540,903.7758 circ mil1,359,819,777.6824 circ mil1,375,098,651.5889 circ mil1,390,377,525.4955 circ mil1,405,656,399.402 circ mil1,420,935,273.3086 circ mil1,436,214,147.2151 circ mil1,451,493,021.1217 circ mil1,466,771,895.0282 circ mil1,482,050,768.9347 circ mil1,497,329,642.8413 circ mil1,512,608,516.7478 circ mil1,527,887,390.6544 circ mil

Board is a unit of area.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

1 in × 1 ft

7.74192×10−3 m2


conversion table

boardscircular milsboardscircular mils
1= 15278873.9065446= 91673243.439262
2= 30557747.8130877= 106952117.34581
3= 45836621.7196318= 122230991.25235
4= 61115495.6261759= 137509865.15889
5= 76394369.53271910= 152788739.06544

A circular mil is a unit of area, equal to the area of a circle with a diameter of one mil (one thousandth of an inch). It corresponds to 5.067×10−4 mm². It is a unit intended for referring to the area of a wire with a circular cross section. As the area in circular mils can be calculated without reference to π, the unit makes conversion between cross section and diameter of a wire considerably easier.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
circular milcirc mil

π4 mil2

5.067075×10−10 m2


conversion table

circular milsboardscircular milsboards
1= 6.5449849649699E-86= 3.926990978982E-7
2= 1.308996992994E-77= 4.581489475479E-7
3= 1.963495489491E-78= 5.2359879719759E-7
4= 2.617993985988E-79= 5.8904864684729E-7
5= 3.272492482485E-710= 6.5449849649699E-7

Conversion table

boardscircular mils
1= 15,278,873.906544
6.5449849649699 × 10-8= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)