1 boards = 0.1913070 square links 

Boards to Square links Conversion

Board to square link conversion allow you make a conversion between board and square link easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.19130701
= 191307 × 10-6
= 191307E-6
= 191307e-6
= 0.38261402
= 382614 × 10-6
= 382614E-6
= 382614e-6
= 0.57392103
= 573921 × 10-6
= 573921E-6
= 573921e-6
= 0.76522804
= 765228 × 10-6
= 765228E-6
= 765228e-6
= 0.95653505
= 956535 × 10-6
= 956535E-6
= 956535e-6

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square link0.1913070 sq lnk0.3826140 sq lnk0.5739210 sq lnk0.7652280 sq lnk0.9565350 sq lnk1.1478421 sq lnk1.3391491 sq lnk1.5304561 sq lnk1.7217631 sq lnk1.9130701 sq lnk2.1043771 sq lnk2.2956841 sq lnk2.4869911 sq lnk2.6782981 sq lnk2.8696051 sq lnk3.0609122 sq lnk3.2522192 sq lnk3.4435262 sq lnk3.6348332 sq lnk3.8261402 sq lnk4.0174472 sq lnk4.2087542 sq lnk4.4000612 sq lnk4.5913682 sq lnk4.7826752 sq lnk4.9739822 sq lnk5.1652893 sq lnk5.3565963 sq lnk5.5479033 sq lnk5.7392103 sq lnk5.9305173 sq lnk6.1218243 sq lnk6.3131313 sq lnk6.5044383 sq lnk6.6957453 sq lnk6.8870523 sq lnk7.0783594 sq lnk7.2696664 sq lnk7.4609734 sq lnk7.6522804 sq lnk7.8435874 sq lnk8.0348944 sq lnk8.2262014 sq lnk8.4175084 sq lnk8.6088154 sq lnk8.8001224 sq lnk8.9914294 sq lnk9.1827365 sq lnk9.3740435 sq lnk9.5653505 sq lnk9.7566575 sq lnk9.9479645 sq lnk10.1392715 sq lnk10.3305785 sq lnk10.5218855 sq lnk10.7131925 sq lnk10.9044995 sq lnk11.0958066 sq lnk11.2871136 sq lnk11.4784206 sq lnk11.6697276 sq lnk11.8610346 sq lnk12.0523416 sq lnk12.2436486 sq lnk12.4349556 sq lnk12.6262626 sq lnk12.8175696 sq lnk13.0088766 sq lnk13.2001837 sq lnk13.3914907 sq lnk13.5827977 sq lnk13.7741047 sq lnk13.9654117 sq lnk14.1567187 sq lnk14.3480257 sq lnk14.5393327 sq lnk14.7306397 sq lnk14.9219467 sq lnk15.1132537 sq lnk15.3045608 sq lnk15.4958678 sq lnk15.6871748 sq lnk15.8784818 sq lnk16.0697888 sq lnk16.2610958 sq lnk16.4524028 sq lnk16.6437098 sq lnk16.8350168 sq lnk17.0263238 sq lnk17.2176309 sq lnk17.4089379 sq lnk17.6002449 sq lnk17.7915519 sq lnk17.9828589 sq lnk18.1741659 sq lnk18.3654729 sq lnk18.5567799 sq lnk18.7480869 sq lnk18.9393939 sq lnk19.1307009 sq lnk

Board is a unit of area.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

1 in × 1 ft

7.74192×10−3 m2


conversion table

boardssquare linksboardssquare links
1= 0.191307009488836= 1.147842056933
2= 0.382614018977667= 1.3391490664218
3= 0.573921028466488= 1.5304560759106
4= 0.765228037955319= 1.7217630853994
5= 0.9565350474441410= 1.9130700948883

Conversion table

boardssquare links
1= 0.1913070
5.2272= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)