1 circular inches = 0.0125210 square links 

Circular inches to Square links Conversion

Circular inch to square link conversion allow you make a conversion between circular inch and square link easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.01252102
= 12521 × 10-6
= 12521E-6
= 12521e-6
= 0.02504203
= 25042 × 10-6
= 25042E-6
= 25042e-6
= 0.03756305
= 37563 × 10-6
= 37563E-6
= 37563e-6
= 0.05008406
= 500841 × 10-7
= 500841E-7
= 500841e-7
= 0.06260508
= 626051 × 10-7
= 626051E-7
= 626051e-7

Quick Look: circular inches to square links

circular inch1 circ in2 circ in3 circ in4 circ in5 circ in6 circ in7 circ in8 circ in9 circ in10 circ in11 circ in12 circ in13 circ in14 circ in15 circ in16 circ in17 circ in18 circ in19 circ in20 circ in21 circ in22 circ in23 circ in24 circ in25 circ in26 circ in27 circ in28 circ in29 circ in30 circ in31 circ in32 circ in33 circ in34 circ in35 circ in36 circ in37 circ in38 circ in39 circ in40 circ in41 circ in42 circ in43 circ in44 circ in45 circ in46 circ in47 circ in48 circ in49 circ in50 circ in51 circ in52 circ in53 circ in54 circ in55 circ in56 circ in57 circ in58 circ in59 circ in60 circ in61 circ in62 circ in63 circ in64 circ in65 circ in66 circ in67 circ in68 circ in69 circ in70 circ in71 circ in72 circ in73 circ in74 circ in75 circ in76 circ in77 circ in78 circ in79 circ in80 circ in81 circ in82 circ in83 circ in84 circ in85 circ in86 circ in87 circ in88 circ in89 circ in90 circ in91 circ in92 circ in93 circ in94 circ in95 circ in96 circ in97 circ in98 circ in99 circ in100 circ in
square link0.0125210 sq lnk0.0250420 sq lnk0.0375630 sq lnk0.0500841 sq lnk0.0626051 sq lnk0.0751261 sq lnk0.0876471 sq lnk0.1001681 sq lnk0.1126891 sq lnk0.1252102 sq lnk0.1377312 sq lnk0.1502522 sq lnk0.1627732 sq lnk0.1752942 sq lnk0.1878152 sq lnk0.2003362 sq lnk0.2128573 sq lnk0.2253783 sq lnk0.2378993 sq lnk0.2504203 sq lnk0.2629413 sq lnk0.2754623 sq lnk0.2879833 sq lnk0.3005044 sq lnk0.3130254 sq lnk0.3255464 sq lnk0.3380674 sq lnk0.3505884 sq lnk0.3631094 sq lnk0.3756305 sq lnk0.3881515 sq lnk0.4006725 sq lnk0.4131935 sq lnk0.4257145 sq lnk0.4382355 sq lnk0.4507565 sq lnk0.4632776 sq lnk0.4757986 sq lnk0.4883196 sq lnk0.5008406 sq lnk0.5133616 sq lnk0.5258826 sq lnk0.5384036 sq lnk0.5509247 sq lnk0.5634457 sq lnk0.5759667 sq lnk0.5884877 sq lnk0.6010087 sq lnk0.6135297 sq lnk0.6260508 sq lnk0.6385718 sq lnk0.6510928 sq lnk0.6636138 sq lnk0.6761348 sq lnk0.6886558 sq lnk0.7011768 sq lnk0.7136979 sq lnk0.7262189 sq lnk0.7387399 sq lnk0.7512609 sq lnk0.7637819 sq lnk0.7763029 sq lnk0.7888239 sq lnk0.8013450 sq lnk0.8138660 sq lnk0.8263870 sq lnk0.8389080 sq lnk0.8514290 sq lnk0.8639500 sq lnk0.8764711 sq lnk0.8889921 sq lnk0.9015131 sq lnk0.9140341 sq lnk0.9265551 sq lnk0.9390761 sq lnk0.9515971 sq lnk0.9641182 sq lnk0.9766392 sq lnk0.9891602 sq lnk1.0016812 sq lnk1.0142022 sq lnk1.0267232 sq lnk1.0392442 sq lnk1.0517653 sq lnk1.0642863 sq lnk1.0768073 sq lnk1.0893283 sq lnk1.1018493 sq lnk1.1143703 sq lnk1.1268914 sq lnk1.1394124 sq lnk1.1519334 sq lnk1.1644544 sq lnk1.1769754 sq lnk1.1894964 sq lnk1.2020174 sq lnk1.2145385 sq lnk1.2270595 sq lnk1.2395805 sq lnk1.2521015 sq lnk

circular inch is a unit of area. it uses in Imperial/US system. it exactly equal  π4 sq in and approximately ≈ 5.067075 × 10−4 m2

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
circular inchcirc in

π4 sq in

5.067075×10−4 m2


conversion table

circular inchessquare linkscircular inchessquare links
1= 0.0125210150079776= 0.075126090047864
2= 0.0250420300159557= 0.087647105055842
3= 0.0375630450239328= 0.10016812006382
4= 0.0500840600319099= 0.1126891350718
5= 0.06260507503988710= 0.12521015007977

Conversion table

circular inchessquare links
1= 0.0125210
79.8657297= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)