1 circular thous = 0.7853982 square mils 

Circular thous to Square mils Conversion

Circular thou to square mil conversion allow you make a conversion between circular thou and square mil easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.78539820
= 785398 × 10-6
= 785398E-6
= 785398e-6
= 1.57079639
= 0.015708 × 102
= 0.015708E2
= 0.015708e2
= 2.35619459
= 0.0235619 × 102
= 0.0235619E2
= 0.0235619e2
= 3.14159278
= 0.0314159 × 102
= 0.0314159E2
= 0.0314159e2
= 3.92699098
= 0.0392699 × 102
= 0.0392699E2
= 0.0392699e2

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square mil0.7853982 sq mil1.5707964 sq mil2.3561946 sq mil3.1415928 sq mil3.9269910 sq mil4.7123892 sq mil5.4977874 sq mil6.2831856 sq mil7.0685838 sq mil7.8539820 sq mil8.6393802 sq mil9.4247783 sq mil10.2101765 sq mil10.9955747 sq mil11.7809729 sq mil12.5663711 sq mil13.3517693 sq mil14.1371675 sq mil14.9225657 sq mil15.7079639 sq mil16.4933621 sq mil17.2787603 sq mil18.0641585 sq mil18.8495567 sq mil19.6349549 sq mil20.4203531 sq mil21.2057513 sq mil21.9911495 sq mil22.7765477 sq mil23.5619459 sq mil24.3473441 sq mil25.1327423 sq mil25.9181405 sq mil26.7035387 sq mil27.4889369 sq mil28.2743350 sq mil29.0597332 sq mil29.8451314 sq mil30.6305296 sq mil31.4159278 sq mil32.2013260 sq mil32.9867242 sq mil33.7721224 sq mil34.5575206 sq mil35.3429188 sq mil36.1283170 sq mil36.9137152 sq mil37.6991134 sq mil38.4845116 sq mil39.2699098 sq mil40.0553080 sq mil40.8407062 sq mil41.6261044 sq mil42.4115026 sq mil43.1969008 sq mil43.9822990 sq mil44.7676972 sq mil45.5530954 sq mil46.3384936 sq mil47.1238917 sq mil47.9092899 sq mil48.6946881 sq mil49.4800863 sq mil50.2654845 sq mil51.0508827 sq mil51.8362809 sq mil52.6216791 sq mil53.4070773 sq mil54.1924755 sq mil54.9778737 sq mil55.7632719 sq mil56.5486701 sq mil57.3340683 sq mil58.1194665 sq mil58.9048647 sq mil59.6902629 sq mil60.4756611 sq mil61.2610593 sq mil62.0464575 sq mil62.8318557 sq mil63.6172539 sq mil64.4026521 sq mil65.1880503 sq mil65.9734484 sq mil66.7588466 sq mil67.5442448 sq mil68.3296430 sq mil69.1150412 sq mil69.9004394 sq mil70.6858376 sq mil71.4712358 sq mil72.2566340 sq mil73.0420322 sq mil73.8274304 sq mil74.6128286 sq mil75.3982268 sq mil76.1836250 sq mil76.9690232 sq mil77.7544214 sq mil78.5398196 sq mil

A circular thou is a unit of area, equal to the area of a circle with a diameter of one thou.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
circular thoucirc th

π4 mil2

5.067075×10−10 m2


conversion table

circular thoussquare milscircular thoussquare mils
1= 0.785398195796396= 4.7123891747783
2= 1.57079639159287= 5.4977873705747
3= 2.35619458738928= 6.2831855663711
4= 3.14159278318569= 7.0685837621675
5= 3.92699097898210= 7.8539819579639

A square mil is a unit of area, equal to the area of a square with sides of length one mil. A mil is one thousandth of an international inch. This unit of area is usually used in specifying the area of the cross section of a wire or cable.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
square milsq mil

≡ 1 mil × 1 mil

= 6.4516×10−10 m2


conversion table

square milscircular thoussquare milscircular thous
1= 1.2732394922126= 7.6394369532719
2= 2.5464789844247= 8.9126764454838
3= 3.81971847663598= 10.185915937696
4= 5.09295796884799= 11.459155429908
5= 6.366197461059910= 12.73239492212

Conversion table

circular thoussquare mils
1= 0.7853982
1.2732395= 1


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approximately equal to
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