1 cords = 0.0001486 hectares 

Cords to Hectares Conversion

Cord to hectare conversion allow you make a conversion between cord and hectare easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.00014864
= 148645 × 10-9
= 148645E-9
= 148645e-9
= 0.00029729
= 29729 × 10-8
= 29729E-8
= 29729e-8
= 0.00044593
= 445935 × 10-9
= 445935E-9
= 445935e-9
= 0.00059458
= 594579 × 10-9
= 594579E-9
= 594579e-9
= 0.00074322
= 743224 × 10-9
= 743224E-9
= 743224e-9

Quick Look: cords to hectares

cord1 cord2 cord3 cord4 cord5 cord6 cord7 cord8 cord9 cord10 cord11 cord12 cord13 cord14 cord15 cord16 cord17 cord18 cord19 cord20 cord21 cord22 cord23 cord24 cord25 cord26 cord27 cord28 cord29 cord30 cord31 cord32 cord33 cord34 cord35 cord36 cord37 cord38 cord39 cord40 cord41 cord42 cord43 cord44 cord45 cord46 cord47 cord48 cord49 cord50 cord51 cord52 cord53 cord54 cord55 cord56 cord57 cord58 cord59 cord60 cord61 cord62 cord63 cord64 cord65 cord66 cord67 cord68 cord69 cord70 cord71 cord72 cord73 cord74 cord75 cord76 cord77 cord78 cord79 cord80 cord81 cord82 cord83 cord84 cord85 cord86 cord87 cord88 cord89 cord90 cord91 cord92 cord93 cord94 cord95 cord96 cord97 cord98 cord99 cord100 cord
hectare0.0001486 ha0.0002973 ha0.0004459 ha0.0005946 ha0.0007432 ha0.0008919 ha0.0010405 ha0.0011892 ha0.0013378 ha0.0014864 ha0.0016351 ha0.0017837 ha0.0019324 ha0.0020810 ha0.0022297 ha0.0023783 ha0.0025270 ha0.0026756 ha0.0028243 ha0.0029729 ha0.0031215 ha0.0032702 ha0.0034188 ha0.0035675 ha0.0037161 ha0.0038648 ha0.0040134 ha0.0041621 ha0.0043107 ha0.0044593 ha0.0046080 ha0.0047566 ha0.0049053 ha0.0050539 ha0.0052026 ha0.0053512 ha0.0054999 ha0.0056485 ha0.0057971 ha0.0059458 ha0.0060944 ha0.0062431 ha0.0063917 ha0.0065404 ha0.0066890 ha0.0068377 ha0.0069863 ha0.0071350 ha0.0072836 ha0.0074322 ha0.0075809 ha0.0077295 ha0.0078782 ha0.0080268 ha0.0081755 ha0.0083241 ha0.0084728 ha0.0086214 ha0.0087700 ha0.0089187 ha0.0090673 ha0.0092160 ha0.0093646 ha0.0095133 ha0.0096619 ha0.0098106 ha0.0099592 ha0.0101079 ha0.0102565 ha0.0104051 ha0.0105538 ha0.0107024 ha0.0108511 ha0.0109997 ha0.0111484 ha0.0112970 ha0.0114457 ha0.0115943 ha0.0117429 ha0.0118916 ha0.0120402 ha0.0121889 ha0.0123375 ha0.0124862 ha0.0126348 ha0.0127835 ha0.0129321 ha0.0130807 ha0.0132294 ha0.0133780 ha0.0135267 ha0.0136753 ha0.0138240 ha0.0139726 ha0.0141213 ha0.0142699 ha0.0144186 ha0.0145672 ha0.0147158 ha0.0148645 ha

cord is a unit of area it equal ≡ 1.48644864 m2 ≡ 192 bd.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 192 bd

1.48644864 m2


conversion table

1≡ 0.0001486448646≡ 0.000891869184
2≡ 0.0002972897287≡ 0.001040514048
3≡ 0.0004459345928≡ 0.001189158912
4≡ 0.0005945794569≡ 0.001337803776
5≡ 0.0007432243210≡ 0.00148644864

The hectare (/ˈhɛktɛər/ or /ˈhɛktɑːr/), although not a unit of SI, is the only named unit of area that is accepted for use within the SI. In practice the hectare is fully derived from the SI, being equivalent to a square hectometre. It is widely used throughout the world for the measurement of large areas of land, and it is the legal unit of measure in domains concerned with land ownership, planning, and management, including law (land deeds), agriculture, forestry, and town planning throughout the European Union. The United Kingdom, United States, Burma, and to some extent Canada instead use the acre.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 10000 m2

≡ 10000 m2

Metric system SI

conversion table

1≡ 6727.44401044366≡ 40364.664062661
2≡ 13454.8880208877≡ 47092.108073105
3≡ 20182.3320313318≡ 53819.552083549
4≡ 26909.7760417749≡ 60546.996093992
5≡ 33637.22005221810≡ 67274.440104436

Conversion table

1≡ 0.0001486
6,727.4440104≡ 1


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approximately equal to
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