1 cords = 0.0036731 square chains (US Survey) 

Cords to Square chains (US Survey) Conversion

Cord to square chain (US Survey) conversion allow you make a conversion between cord and square chain (US Survey) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.00367308
= 367308 × 10-8
= 367308E-8
= 367308e-8
= 0.00734616
= 734616 × 10-8
= 734616E-8
= 734616e-8
= 0.01101924
= 110192 × 10-7
= 110192E-7
= 110192e-7
= 0.01469232
= 146923 × 10-7
= 146923E-7
= 146923e-7
= 0.01836540
= 183654 × 10-7
= 183654E-7
= 183654e-7

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cord1 cord2 cord3 cord4 cord5 cord6 cord7 cord8 cord9 cord10 cord11 cord12 cord13 cord14 cord15 cord16 cord17 cord18 cord19 cord20 cord21 cord22 cord23 cord24 cord25 cord26 cord27 cord28 cord29 cord30 cord31 cord32 cord33 cord34 cord35 cord36 cord37 cord38 cord39 cord40 cord41 cord42 cord43 cord44 cord45 cord46 cord47 cord48 cord49 cord50 cord51 cord52 cord53 cord54 cord55 cord56 cord57 cord58 cord59 cord60 cord61 cord62 cord63 cord64 cord65 cord66 cord67 cord68 cord69 cord70 cord71 cord72 cord73 cord74 cord75 cord76 cord77 cord78 cord79 cord80 cord81 cord82 cord83 cord84 cord85 cord86 cord87 cord88 cord89 cord90 cord91 cord92 cord93 cord94 cord95 cord96 cord97 cord98 cord99 cord100 cord
square chain (US Survey)0.0036731 sq ch0.0073462 sq ch0.0110192 sq ch0.0146923 sq ch0.0183654 sq ch0.0220385 sq ch0.0257116 sq ch0.0293846 sq ch0.0330577 sq ch0.0367308 sq ch0.0404039 sq ch0.0440770 sq ch0.0477500 sq ch0.0514231 sq ch0.0550962 sq ch0.0587693 sq ch0.0624424 sq ch0.0661154 sq ch0.0697885 sq ch0.0734616 sq ch0.0771347 sq ch0.0808077 sq ch0.0844808 sq ch0.0881539 sq ch0.0918270 sq ch0.0955001 sq ch0.0991731 sq ch0.1028462 sq ch0.1065193 sq ch0.1101924 sq ch0.1138655 sq ch0.1175385 sq ch0.1212116 sq ch0.1248847 sq ch0.1285578 sq ch0.1322309 sq ch0.1359039 sq ch0.1395770 sq ch0.1432501 sq ch0.1469232 sq ch0.1505963 sq ch0.1542693 sq ch0.1579424 sq ch0.1616155 sq ch0.1652886 sq ch0.1689617 sq ch0.1726347 sq ch0.1763078 sq ch0.1799809 sq ch0.1836540 sq ch0.1873271 sq ch0.1910001 sq ch0.1946732 sq ch0.1983463 sq ch0.2020194 sq ch0.2056925 sq ch0.2093655 sq ch0.2130386 sq ch0.2167117 sq ch0.2203848 sq ch0.2240579 sq ch0.2277309 sq ch0.2314040 sq ch0.2350771 sq ch0.2387502 sq ch0.2424232 sq ch0.2460963 sq ch0.2497694 sq ch0.2534425 sq ch0.2571156 sq ch0.2607886 sq ch0.2644617 sq ch0.2681348 sq ch0.2718079 sq ch0.2754810 sq ch0.2791540 sq ch0.2828271 sq ch0.2865002 sq ch0.2901733 sq ch0.2938464 sq ch0.2975194 sq ch0.3011925 sq ch0.3048656 sq ch0.3085387 sq ch0.3122118 sq ch0.3158848 sq ch0.3195579 sq ch0.3232310 sq ch0.3269041 sq ch0.3305772 sq ch0.3342502 sq ch0.3379233 sq ch0.3415964 sq ch0.3452695 sq ch0.3489426 sq ch0.3526156 sq ch0.3562887 sq ch0.3599618 sq ch0.3636349 sq ch0.3673080 sq ch

cord is a unit of area it equal ≡ 1.48644864 m2 ≡ 192 bd.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 192 bd

1.48644864 m2


conversion table

cordssquare chains (US Survey)cordssquare chains (US Survey)
1= 0.00367307953573046= 0.022038477214383
2= 0.00734615907146097= 0.025711556750113
3= 0.0110192386071918= 0.029384636285843
4= 0.0146923181429229= 0.033057715821574
5= 0.01836539767865210= 0.036730795357304

square chain (US Survey) is a unit of area.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
square chain (US Survey)sq ch

66 ft (US) × 66 ft (US) = 110 US survey acre

404.6873 m2


conversion table

square chains (US Survey)cordssquare chains (US Survey)cords
1= 272.251115248766= 1633.5066914925
2= 544.502230497527= 1905.7578067413
3= 816.753345746278= 2178.0089219901
4= 1089.0044609959= 2450.2600372388
5= 1361.255576243810= 2722.5111524876

Conversion table

cordssquare chains (US Survey)
1= 0.0036731
272.2511152= 1


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approximately equal to
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