1 cords = 36.7309458 square links 

Cords to Square links Conversion

Cord to square link conversion allow you make a conversion between cord and square link easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 36.73094582
= 0.367309 × 102
= 0.367309E2
= 0.367309e2
= 73.46189164
= 0.734619 × 102
= 0.734619E2
= 0.734619e2
= 110.19283747
= 1.10193 × 102
= 1.10193E2
= 1.10193e2
= 146.92378329
= 1.46924 × 102
= 1.46924E2
= 1.46924e2
= 183.65472911
= 1.83655 × 102
= 1.83655E2
= 1.83655e2

Quick Look: cords to square links

cord1 cord2 cord3 cord4 cord5 cord6 cord7 cord8 cord9 cord10 cord11 cord12 cord13 cord14 cord15 cord16 cord17 cord18 cord19 cord20 cord21 cord22 cord23 cord24 cord25 cord26 cord27 cord28 cord29 cord30 cord31 cord32 cord33 cord34 cord35 cord36 cord37 cord38 cord39 cord40 cord41 cord42 cord43 cord44 cord45 cord46 cord47 cord48 cord49 cord50 cord51 cord52 cord53 cord54 cord55 cord56 cord57 cord58 cord59 cord60 cord61 cord62 cord63 cord64 cord65 cord66 cord67 cord68 cord69 cord70 cord71 cord72 cord73 cord74 cord75 cord76 cord77 cord78 cord79 cord80 cord81 cord82 cord83 cord84 cord85 cord86 cord87 cord88 cord89 cord90 cord91 cord92 cord93 cord94 cord95 cord96 cord97 cord98 cord99 cord100 cord
square link36.7309458 sq lnk73.4618916 sq lnk110.1928375 sq lnk146.9237833 sq lnk183.6547291 sq lnk220.3856749 sq lnk257.1166208 sq lnk293.8475666 sq lnk330.5785124 sq lnk367.3094582 sq lnk404.0404040 sq lnk440.7713499 sq lnk477.5022957 sq lnk514.2332415 sq lnk550.9641873 sq lnk587.6951331 sq lnk624.4260790 sq lnk661.1570248 sq lnk697.8879706 sq lnk734.6189164 sq lnk771.3498623 sq lnk808.0808081 sq lnk844.8117539 sq lnk881.5426997 sq lnk918.2736455 sq lnk955.0045914 sq lnk991.7355372 sq lnk1,028.4664830 sq lnk1,065.1974288 sq lnk1,101.9283747 sq lnk1,138.6593205 sq lnk1,175.3902663 sq lnk1,212.1212121 sq lnk1,248.8521579 sq lnk1,285.5831038 sq lnk1,322.3140496 sq lnk1,359.0449954 sq lnk1,395.7759412 sq lnk1,432.5068871 sq lnk1,469.2378329 sq lnk1,505.9687787 sq lnk1,542.6997245 sq lnk1,579.4306703 sq lnk1,616.1616162 sq lnk1,652.8925620 sq lnk1,689.6235078 sq lnk1,726.3544536 sq lnk1,763.0853994 sq lnk1,799.8163453 sq lnk1,836.5472911 sq lnk1,873.2782369 sq lnk1,910.0091827 sq lnk1,946.7401286 sq lnk1,983.4710744 sq lnk2,020.2020202 sq lnk2,056.9329660 sq lnk2,093.6639118 sq lnk2,130.3948577 sq lnk2,167.1258035 sq lnk2,203.8567493 sq lnk2,240.5876951 sq lnk2,277.3186410 sq lnk2,314.0495868 sq lnk2,350.7805326 sq lnk2,387.5114784 sq lnk2,424.2424242 sq lnk2,460.9733701 sq lnk2,497.7043159 sq lnk2,534.4352617 sq lnk2,571.1662075 sq lnk2,607.8971534 sq lnk2,644.6280992 sq lnk2,681.3590450 sq lnk2,718.0899908 sq lnk2,754.8209366 sq lnk2,791.5518825 sq lnk2,828.2828283 sq lnk2,865.0137741 sq lnk2,901.7447199 sq lnk2,938.4756657 sq lnk2,975.2066116 sq lnk3,011.9375574 sq lnk3,048.6685032 sq lnk3,085.3994490 sq lnk3,122.1303949 sq lnk3,158.8613407 sq lnk3,195.5922865 sq lnk3,232.3232323 sq lnk3,269.0541781 sq lnk3,305.7851240 sq lnk3,342.5160698 sq lnk3,379.2470156 sq lnk3,415.9779614 sq lnk3,452.7089073 sq lnk3,489.4398531 sq lnk3,526.1707989 sq lnk3,562.9017447 sq lnk3,599.6326905 sq lnk3,636.3636364 sq lnk3,673.0945822 sq lnk

cord is a unit of area it equal ≡ 1.48644864 m2 ≡ 192 bd.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 192 bd

1.48644864 m2


conversion table

cordssquare linkscordssquare links
1= 36.7309458218556= 220.38567493113
2= 73.461891643717= 257.11662075298
3= 110.192837465568= 293.84756657484
4= 146.923783287429= 330.57851239669
5= 183.6547291092710= 367.30945821855

Conversion table

cordssquare links
1= 36.7309458
0.027225= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)