1 gunthas = 0.2499965 square chains (international) 

Gunthas to Square chains (international) Conversion

Guntha to square chain (international) conversion allow you make a conversion between guntha and square chain (international) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Area Conversion


= 0.24999651
= 249997 × 10-6
= 249997E-6
= 249997e-6
= 0.49999303
= 499993 × 10-6
= 499993E-6
= 499993e-6
= 0.74998954
= 74999 × 10-5
= 74999E-5
= 74999e-5
= 0.99998606
= 999986 × 10-6
= 999986E-6
= 999986e-6
= 1.24998257
= 0.0124998 × 102
= 0.0124998E2
= 0.0124998e2

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square chain (international)0.2499965 sq ch0.4999930 sq ch0.7499895 sq ch0.9999861 sq ch1.2499826 sq ch1.4999791 sq ch1.7499756 sq ch1.9999721 sq ch2.2499686 sq ch2.4999651 sq ch2.7499617 sq ch2.9999582 sq ch3.2499547 sq ch3.4999512 sq ch3.7499477 sq ch3.9999442 sq ch4.2499407 sq ch4.4999373 sq ch4.7499338 sq ch4.9999303 sq ch5.2499268 sq ch5.4999233 sq ch5.7499198 sq ch5.9999163 sq ch6.2499129 sq ch6.4999094 sq ch6.7499059 sq ch6.9999024 sq ch7.2498989 sq ch7.4998954 sq ch7.7498919 sq ch7.9998885 sq ch8.2498850 sq ch8.4998815 sq ch8.7498780 sq ch8.9998745 sq ch9.2498710 sq ch9.4998675 sq ch9.7498641 sq ch9.9998606 sq ch10.2498571 sq ch10.4998536 sq ch10.7498501 sq ch10.9998466 sq ch11.2498431 sq ch11.4998397 sq ch11.7498362 sq ch11.9998327 sq ch12.2498292 sq ch12.4998257 sq ch12.7498222 sq ch12.9998188 sq ch13.2498153 sq ch13.4998118 sq ch13.7498083 sq ch13.9998048 sq ch14.2498013 sq ch14.4997978 sq ch14.7497944 sq ch14.9997909 sq ch15.2497874 sq ch15.4997839 sq ch15.7497804 sq ch15.9997769 sq ch16.2497734 sq ch16.4997700 sq ch16.7497665 sq ch16.9997630 sq ch17.2497595 sq ch17.4997560 sq ch17.7497525 sq ch17.9997490 sq ch18.2497456 sq ch18.4997421 sq ch18.7497386 sq ch18.9997351 sq ch19.2497316 sq ch19.4997281 sq ch19.7497246 sq ch19.9997212 sq ch20.2497177 sq ch20.4997142 sq ch20.7497107 sq ch20.9997072 sq ch21.2497037 sq ch21.4997002 sq ch21.7496968 sq ch21.9996933 sq ch22.2496898 sq ch22.4996863 sq ch22.7496828 sq ch22.9996793 sq ch23.2496758 sq ch23.4996724 sq ch23.7496689 sq ch23.9996654 sq ch24.2496619 sq ch24.4996584 sq ch24.7496549 sq ch24.9996514 sq ch

Gunta also Guntha is a measure of area. This unit is typically used to measure the size of a piece of land.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 121 sq yd

≈ 101.17 m2

Metric system SI

conversion table

gunthassquare chains (international)gunthassquare chains (international)
1≈ 0.249996514430336≈ 1.499979086582
2≈ 0.499993028860667≈ 1.7499756010123
3≈ 0.749989543290998≈ 1.9999721154426
4≈ 0.999986057721329≈ 2.249968629873
5≈ 1.249982572151710≈ 2.4999651443033

square chain is a unit of area.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
square chain (international)sq ch

66 ft × 66 ft = 110 ac

404.68564224 m2


conversion table

square chains (international)gunthassquare chains (international)gunthas
1≈ 4.00005576989236≈ 24.000334619354
2≈ 8.00011153978457≈ 28.000390389246
3≈ 12.0001673096778≈ 32.000446159138
4≈ 16.0002230795699≈ 36.00050192903
5≈ 20.00027884946110≈ 40.000557698923

Conversion table

gunthassquare chains (international)
1≈ 0.2499965
4.0000558≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)