1 astronomical units = 30,985,474.461475 leagues (land) 

Astronomical units to Leagues (land) Conversion

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Length Conversion


= 30,985,474.46147473
= 3.09855 × 107
= 3.09855E+7
= 3.09855e+7
= 46,478,211.69221210
= 4.64782 × 107
= 4.64782E+7
= 4.64782e+7
= 61,970,948.92294946
= 6.19709 × 107
= 6.19709E+7
= 6.19709e+7
= 77,463,686.15368682
= 7.74637 × 107
= 7.74637E+7
= 7.74637e+7
= 92,956,423.38442419
= 9.29564 × 107
= 9.29564E+7
= 9.29564e+7

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league (land)30,985,474.461475 lea61,970,948.922949 lea92,956,423.384424 lea123,941,897.8459 lea154,927,372.30737 lea185,912,846.76885 lea216,898,321.23032 lea247,883,795.6918 lea278,869,270.15327 lea309,854,744.61475 lea340,840,219.07622 lea371,825,693.5377 lea402,811,167.99917 lea433,796,642.46065 lea464,782,116.92212 lea495,767,591.3836 lea526,753,065.84507 lea557,738,540.30655 lea588,724,014.76802 lea619,709,489.22949 lea650,694,963.69097 lea681,680,438.15244 lea712,665,912.61392 lea743,651,387.07539 lea774,636,861.53687 lea805,622,335.99834 lea836,607,810.45982 lea867,593,284.92129 lea898,578,759.38277 lea929,564,233.84424 lea960,549,708.30572 lea991,535,182.76719 lea1,022,520,657.2287 lea1,053,506,131.6901 lea1,084,491,606.1516 lea1,115,477,080.6131 lea1,146,462,555.0746 lea1,177,448,029.536 lea1,208,433,503.9975 lea1,239,418,978.459 lea1,270,404,452.9205 lea1,301,389,927.3819 lea1,332,375,401.8434 lea1,363,360,876.3049 lea1,394,346,350.7664 lea1,425,331,825.2278 lea1,456,317,299.6893 lea1,487,302,774.1508 lea1,518,288,248.6123 lea1,549,273,723.0737 lea1,580,259,197.5352 lea1,611,244,671.9967 lea1,642,230,146.4582 lea1,673,215,620.9196 lea1,704,201,095.3811 lea1,735,186,569.8426 lea1,766,172,044.3041 lea1,797,157,518.7655 lea1,828,142,993.227 lea1,859,128,467.6885 lea1,890,113,942.15 lea1,921,099,416.6114 lea1,952,084,891.0729 lea1,983,070,365.5344 lea2,014,055,839.9959 lea2,045,041,314.4573 lea2,076,026,788.9188 lea2,107,012,263.3803 lea2,137,997,737.8418 lea2,168,983,212.3032 lea2,199,968,686.7647 lea2,230,954,161.2262 lea2,261,939,635.6877 lea2,292,925,110.1491 lea2,323,910,584.6106 lea2,354,896,059.0721 lea2,385,881,533.5336 lea2,416,867,007.995 lea2,447,852,482.4565 lea2,478,837,956.918 lea2,509,823,431.3795 lea2,540,808,905.8409 lea2,571,794,380.3024 lea2,602,779,854.7639 lea2,633,765,329.2254 lea2,664,750,803.6868 lea2,695,736,278.1483 lea2,726,721,752.6098 lea2,757,707,227.0713 lea2,788,692,701.5327 lea2,819,678,175.9942 lea2,850,663,650.4557 lea2,881,649,124.9172 lea2,912,634,599.3786 lea2,943,620,073.8401 lea2,974,605,548.3016 lea3,005,591,022.763 lea3,036,576,497.2245 lea3,067,561,971.686 lea3,098,547,446.1475 lea

The astronomical unit (symbol: au or ua) is a unit of length, roughly the distance from Earth to the Sun. However, that distance varies as Earth orbits the Sun, from a maximum (aphelion) to a minimum (perihelion) and back again once a year. Originally conceived as the average of Earth's aphelion and perihelion, it is now defined as exactly 149 597 870 700 metres (about 150 million kilometres, or 93 million miles). The astronomical unit is used primarily as a convenient yardstick for measuring distances within the Solar System or around other stars. However, it is also a fundamental component in the definition of another unit of astronomical length, the parsec.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
astronomical unitAU

≡ 149 597 870 700 m ≈ Distance from Earth to Sun

≡ 149 597 870 700 m

Science - Astronomy (Length)

conversion table

astronomical unitsleagues (land)astronomical unitsleagues (land)
1= 30985474.4614754= 123941897.8459
1.5= 46478211.6922124.5= 139434635.07664
2= 61970948.9229495= 154927372.30737
2.5= 77463686.1536875.5= 170420109.53811
3= 92956423.3844246= 185912846.76885

A league is a unit of length (or, in various regions, area). It was common in Europe and Latin America, but is no longer an official unit in any nation. The word originally meant the distance a person could walk in an hour. Since the Middle Ages, many values have been specified in several countries.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
league (land)lea

≈ 1 hour walk, Currently defined in US as 3 Statute miles, but historically varied from 2 to 9 km

4828 m


conversion table

leagues (land)astronomical unitsleagues (land)astronomical units
1= 3.2273186626312E-84= 1.2909274650525E-7
1.5= 4.8409779939468E-84.5= 1.452293398184E-7
2= 6.4546373252624E-85= 1.6136593313156E-7
2.5= 8.068296656578E-85.5= 1.7750252644472E-7
3= 9.6819559878936E-86= 1.9363911975787E-7

Conversion table

astronomical unitsleagues (land)
1= 30,985,474.461475
3.2273186626312 × 10-8= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)