1 astronomical units = 92,955,807.273026 miles 

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Length Conversion


= 92,955,807.27302553
= 9.29558 × 107
= 9.29558E+7
= 9.29558e+7
= 139,433,710.90953830
= 1.39434 × 108
= 1.39434E+8
= 1.39434e+8
= 185,911,614.54605106
= 1.85912 × 108
= 1.85912E+8
= 1.85912e+8
= 232,389,518.18256381
= 2.3239 × 108
= 2.3239E+8
= 2.3239e+8
= 278,867,421.81907660
= 2.78867 × 108
= 2.78867E+8
= 2.78867e+8

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mile92,955,807.273026 mi185,911,614.54605 mi278,867,421.81908 mi371,823,229.0921 mi464,779,036.36513 mi557,734,843.63815 mi650,690,650.91118 mi743,646,458.1842 mi836,602,265.45723 mi929,558,072.73026 mi1,022,513,880.0033 mi1,115,469,687.2763 mi1,208,425,494.5493 mi1,301,381,301.8224 mi1,394,337,109.0954 mi1,487,292,916.3684 mi1,580,248,723.6414 mi1,673,204,530.9145 mi1,766,160,338.1875 mi1,859,116,145.4605 mi1,952,071,952.7335 mi2,045,027,760.0066 mi2,137,983,567.2796 mi2,230,939,374.5526 mi2,323,895,181.8256 mi2,416,850,989.0987 mi2,509,806,796.3717 mi2,602,762,603.6447 mi2,695,718,410.9177 mi2,788,674,218.1908 mi2,881,630,025.4638 mi2,974,585,832.7368 mi3,067,541,640.0098 mi3,160,497,447.2829 mi3,253,453,254.5559 mi3,346,409,061.8289 mi3,439,364,869.1019 mi3,532,320,676.375 mi3,625,276,483.648 mi3,718,232,290.921 mi3,811,188,098.194 mi3,904,143,905.4671 mi3,997,099,712.7401 mi4,090,055,520.0131 mi4,183,011,327.2861 mi4,275,967,134.5592 mi4,368,922,941.8322 mi4,461,878,749.1052 mi4,554,834,556.3783 mi4,647,790,363.6513 mi4,740,746,170.9243 mi4,833,701,978.1973 mi4,926,657,785.4704 mi5,019,613,592.7434 mi5,112,569,400.0164 mi5,205,525,207.2894 mi5,298,481,014.5625 mi5,391,436,821.8355 mi5,484,392,629.1085 mi5,577,348,436.3815 mi5,670,304,243.6546 mi5,763,260,050.9276 mi5,856,215,858.2006 mi5,949,171,665.4736 mi6,042,127,472.7467 mi6,135,083,280.0197 mi6,228,039,087.2927 mi6,320,994,894.5657 mi6,413,950,701.8388 mi6,506,906,509.1118 mi6,599,862,316.3848 mi6,692,818,123.6578 mi6,785,773,930.9309 mi6,878,729,738.2039 mi6,971,685,545.4769 mi7,064,641,352.7499 mi7,157,597,160.023 mi7,250,552,967.296 mi7,343,508,774.569 mi7,436,464,581.842 mi7,529,420,389.1151 mi7,622,376,196.3881 mi7,715,332,003.6611 mi7,808,287,810.9341 mi7,901,243,618.2072 mi7,994,199,425.4802 mi8,087,155,232.7532 mi8,180,111,040.0262 mi8,273,066,847.2993 mi8,366,022,654.5723 mi8,458,978,461.8453 mi8,551,934,269.1183 mi8,644,890,076.3914 mi8,737,845,883.6644 mi8,830,801,690.9374 mi8,923,757,498.2105 mi9,016,713,305.4835 mi9,109,669,112.7565 mi9,202,624,920.0295 mi9,295,580,727.3026 mi

The astronomical unit (symbol: au or ua) is a unit of length, roughly the distance from Earth to the Sun. However, that distance varies as Earth orbits the Sun, from a maximum (aphelion) to a minimum (perihelion) and back again once a year. Originally conceived as the average of Earth's aphelion and perihelion, it is now defined as exactly 149 597 870 700 metres (about 150 million kilometres, or 93 million miles). The astronomical unit is used primarily as a convenient yardstick for measuring distances within the Solar System or around other stars. However, it is also a fundamental component in the definition of another unit of astronomical length, the parsec.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
astronomical unitAU

≡ 149 597 870 700 m ≈ Distance from Earth to Sun

≡ 149 597 870 700 m

Science - Astronomy (Length)

conversion table

astronomical unitsmilesastronomical unitsmiles
1≡ 92955807.2730264≡ 371823229.0921
1.5≡ 139433710.909544.5≡ 418301132.72861
2≡ 185911614.546055≡ 464779036.36513
2.5≡ 232389518.182565.5≡ 511256940.00164
3≡ 278867421.819086≡ 557734843.63815

The mile is an English unit of length of linear measure equal to 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards, and standardised as exactly 1,609.344 metres by international agreement in 1959.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 80 chains ≡ 5280 ft ≡ 1760 yd

≡ 1609.344 m


conversion table

milesastronomical unitsmilesastronomical units
1≡ 1.07578001777E-84≡ 4.30312007108E-8
1.5≡ 1.613670026655E-84.5≡ 4.841010079965E-8
2≡ 2.15156003554E-85≡ 5.37890008885E-8
2.5≡ 2.689450044425E-85.5≡ 5.916790097735E-8
3≡ 3.22734005331E-86≡ 6.45468010662E-8

Conversion table

astronomical unitsmiles
1≡ 92,955,807.273026
1.07578001777 × 10-8≡ 1

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