1 barleycorns = 5.2568002863278 × 10-6metric miles 

Barleycorns to Metric miles Conversion

Barleycorn to metric mile conversion allow you make a conversion between barleycorn and metric mile easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 0.00000526
= 5.2568 × 10-6
= 5.2568E-6
= 5.2568e-6
= 0.00000789
= 7.8852 × 10-6
= 7.8852E-6
= 7.8852e-6
= 0.00001051
= 1.05136 × 10-5
= 1.05136E-5
= 1.05136e-5
= 0.00001314
= 1.3142 × 10-5
= 1.3142E-5
= 1.3142e-5
= 0.00001577
= 1.57704 × 10-5
= 1.57704E-5
= 1.57704e-5

Quick Look: barleycorns to metric miles

barleycorn1 barleycorn2 barleycorn3 barleycorn4 barleycorn5 barleycorn6 barleycorn7 barleycorn8 barleycorn9 barleycorn10 barleycorn11 barleycorn12 barleycorn13 barleycorn14 barleycorn15 barleycorn16 barleycorn17 barleycorn18 barleycorn19 barleycorn20 barleycorn21 barleycorn22 barleycorn23 barleycorn24 barleycorn25 barleycorn26 barleycorn27 barleycorn28 barleycorn29 barleycorn30 barleycorn31 barleycorn32 barleycorn33 barleycorn34 barleycorn35 barleycorn36 barleycorn37 barleycorn38 barleycorn39 barleycorn40 barleycorn41 barleycorn42 barleycorn43 barleycorn44 barleycorn45 barleycorn46 barleycorn47 barleycorn48 barleycorn49 barleycorn50 barleycorn51 barleycorn52 barleycorn53 barleycorn54 barleycorn55 barleycorn56 barleycorn57 barleycorn58 barleycorn59 barleycorn60 barleycorn61 barleycorn62 barleycorn63 barleycorn64 barleycorn65 barleycorn66 barleycorn67 barleycorn68 barleycorn69 barleycorn70 barleycorn71 barleycorn72 barleycorn73 barleycorn74 barleycorn75 barleycorn76 barleycorn77 barleycorn78 barleycorn79 barleycorn80 barleycorn81 barleycorn82 barleycorn83 barleycorn84 barleycorn85 barleycorn86 barleycorn87 barleycorn88 barleycorn89 barleycorn90 barleycorn91 barleycorn92 barleycorn93 barleycorn94 barleycorn95 barleycorn96 barleycorn97 barleycorn98 barleycorn99 barleycorn100 barleycorn
metric mile5.2568002863278 × 10-6 metric mile1.0513600572656 × 10-5 metric mile1.5770400858984 × 10-5 metric mile2.1027201145311 × 10-5 metric mile2.6284001431639 × 10-5 metric mile3.1540801717967 × 10-5 metric mile3.6797602004295 × 10-5 metric mile4.2054402290623 × 10-5 metric mile4.7311202576951 × 10-5 metric mile5.2568002863278 × 10-5 metric mile5.7824803149606 × 10-5 metric mile6.3081603435934 × 10-5 metric mile6.8338403722262 × 10-5 metric mile7.359520400859 × 10-5 metric mile7.8852004294918 × 10-5 metric mile8.4108804581246 × 10-5 metric mile8.9365604867573 × 10-5 metric mile9.4622405153901 × 10-5 metric mile9.9879205440229 × 10-5 metric mile0.0001051 metric mile0.0001104 metric mile0.0001156 metric mile0.0001209 metric mile0.0001262 metric mile0.0001314 metric mile0.0001367 metric mile0.0001419 metric mile0.0001472 metric mile0.0001524 metric mile0.0001577 metric mile0.0001630 metric mile0.0001682 metric mile0.0001735 metric mile0.0001787 metric mile0.0001840 metric mile0.0001892 metric mile0.0001945 metric mile0.0001998 metric mile0.0002050 metric mile0.0002103 metric mile0.0002155 metric mile0.0002208 metric mile0.0002260 metric mile0.0002313 metric mile0.0002366 metric mile0.0002418 metric mile0.0002471 metric mile0.0002523 metric mile0.0002576 metric mile0.0002628 metric mile0.0002681 metric mile0.0002734 metric mile0.0002786 metric mile0.0002839 metric mile0.0002891 metric mile0.0002944 metric mile0.0002996 metric mile0.0003049 metric mile0.0003102 metric mile0.0003154 metric mile0.0003207 metric mile0.0003259 metric mile0.0003312 metric mile0.0003364 metric mile0.0003417 metric mile0.0003469 metric mile0.0003522 metric mile0.0003575 metric mile0.0003627 metric mile0.0003680 metric mile0.0003732 metric mile0.0003785 metric mile0.0003837 metric mile0.0003890 metric mile0.0003943 metric mile0.0003995 metric mile0.0004048 metric mile0.0004100 metric mile0.0004153 metric mile0.0004205 metric mile0.0004258 metric mile0.0004311 metric mile0.0004363 metric mile0.0004416 metric mile0.0004468 metric mile0.0004521 metric mile0.0004573 metric mile0.0004626 metric mile0.0004679 metric mile0.0004731 metric mile0.0004784 metric mile0.0004836 metric mile0.0004889 metric mile0.0004941 metric mile0.0004994 metric mile0.0005047 metric mile0.0005099 metric mile0.0005152 metric mile0.0005204 metric mile0.0005257 metric mile

The barleycorn is a small English unit of length equal to 13 of an inch (i.e., close to 0.8467 cm) still used in Great Britain and Ireland as a determiner of shoe sizes.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

=  13 in

≈ 8.46×10−3 m


conversion table

barleycornsmetric milesbarleycornsmetric miles
1≈ 5.2568002863278E-64≈ 2.1027201145311E-5
1.5≈ 7.8852004294918E-64.5≈ 2.3655601288475E-5
2≈ 1.0513600572656E-55≈ 2.6284001431639E-5
2.5≈ 1.314200071582E-55.5≈ 2.8912401574803E-5
3≈ 1.5770400858984E-56≈ 3.1540801717967E-5

metric mile is a distance which approximates one statute mile (1609.344 m) at a round figure of metres (the SI or metric unit of length). The term is most commonly used in track running and swimming.

In track running, the 1500 m race became the standard middle distance race in Europe in the late 19th century, and has been the standard distance in the Olympic Games since 1896. The distance of the race is sometimes referred to as a metric mile.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
metric mile

≈ 1609.344 m

Metric system Non-SI

conversion table

metric milesbarleycornsmetric milesbarleycorns
1≈ 190229.787234044≈ 760919.14893617
1.5≈ 285344.680851064.5≈ 856034.04255319
2≈ 380459.574468095≈ 951148.93617021
2.5≈ 475574.468085115.5≈ 1046263.8297872
3≈ 570689.361702136≈ 1141378.7234043

Conversion table

barleycornsmetric miles
1≈ 5.2568002863278 × 10-6
190,229.7872340≈ 1


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approximately equal to
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