1 centimeters = 5.3995680345572 × 10-6nautical miles 

Centimeters to Nautical miles Conversion

Centimeter to nautical mile conversion allow you make a conversion between centimeter and nautical mile easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 0.00000540
= 5.39957 × 10-6
= 5.39957E-6
= 5.39957e-6
= 0.00000810
= 8.09935 × 10-6
= 8.09935E-6
= 8.09935e-6
= 0.00001080
= 1.07991 × 10-5
= 1.07991E-5
= 1.07991e-5
= 0.00001350
= 1.34989 × 10-5
= 1.34989E-5
= 1.34989e-5
= 0.00001620
= 1.61987 × 10-5
= 1.61987E-5
= 1.61987e-5

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centimeter1 cm2 cm3 cm4 cm5 cm6 cm7 cm8 cm9 cm10 cm11 cm12 cm13 cm14 cm15 cm16 cm17 cm18 cm19 cm20 cm21 cm22 cm23 cm24 cm25 cm26 cm27 cm28 cm29 cm30 cm31 cm32 cm33 cm34 cm35 cm36 cm37 cm38 cm39 cm40 cm41 cm42 cm43 cm44 cm45 cm46 cm47 cm48 cm49 cm50 cm51 cm52 cm53 cm54 cm55 cm56 cm57 cm58 cm59 cm60 cm61 cm62 cm63 cm64 cm65 cm66 cm67 cm68 cm69 cm70 cm71 cm72 cm73 cm74 cm75 cm76 cm77 cm78 cm79 cm80 cm81 cm82 cm83 cm84 cm85 cm86 cm87 cm88 cm89 cm90 cm91 cm92 cm93 cm94 cm95 cm96 cm97 cm98 cm99 cm100 cm
nautical mile5.3995680345572 × 10-6 NM; nmi1.0799136069114 × 10-5 NM; nmi1.6198704103672 × 10-5 NM; nmi2.1598272138229 × 10-5 NM; nmi2.6997840172786 × 10-5 NM; nmi3.2397408207343 × 10-5 NM; nmi3.7796976241901 × 10-5 NM; nmi4.3196544276458 × 10-5 NM; nmi4.8596112311015 × 10-5 NM; nmi5.3995680345572 × 10-5 NM; nmi5.939524838013 × 10-5 NM; nmi6.4794816414687 × 10-5 NM; nmi7.0194384449244 × 10-5 NM; nmi7.5593952483801 × 10-5 NM; nmi8.0993520518359 × 10-5 NM; nmi8.6393088552916 × 10-5 NM; nmi9.1792656587473 × 10-5 NM; nmi9.719222462203 × 10-5 NM; nmi0.0001026 NM; nmi0.0001080 NM; nmi0.0001134 NM; nmi0.0001188 NM; nmi0.0001242 NM; nmi0.0001296 NM; nmi0.0001350 NM; nmi0.0001404 NM; nmi0.0001458 NM; nmi0.0001512 NM; nmi0.0001566 NM; nmi0.0001620 NM; nmi0.0001674 NM; nmi0.0001728 NM; nmi0.0001782 NM; nmi0.0001836 NM; nmi0.0001890 NM; nmi0.0001944 NM; nmi0.0001998 NM; nmi0.0002052 NM; nmi0.0002106 NM; nmi0.0002160 NM; nmi0.0002214 NM; nmi0.0002268 NM; nmi0.0002322 NM; nmi0.0002376 NM; nmi0.0002430 NM; nmi0.0002484 NM; nmi0.0002538 NM; nmi0.0002592 NM; nmi0.0002646 NM; nmi0.0002700 NM; nmi0.0002754 NM; nmi0.0002808 NM; nmi0.0002862 NM; nmi0.0002916 NM; nmi0.0002970 NM; nmi0.0003024 NM; nmi0.0003078 NM; nmi0.0003132 NM; nmi0.0003186 NM; nmi0.0003240 NM; nmi0.0003294 NM; nmi0.0003348 NM; nmi0.0003402 NM; nmi0.0003456 NM; nmi0.0003510 NM; nmi0.0003564 NM; nmi0.0003618 NM; nmi0.0003672 NM; nmi0.0003726 NM; nmi0.0003780 NM; nmi0.0003834 NM; nmi0.0003888 NM; nmi0.0003942 NM; nmi0.0003996 NM; nmi0.0004050 NM; nmi0.0004104 NM; nmi0.0004158 NM; nmi0.0004212 NM; nmi0.0004266 NM; nmi0.0004320 NM; nmi0.0004374 NM; nmi0.0004428 NM; nmi0.0004482 NM; nmi0.0004536 NM; nmi0.0004590 NM; nmi0.0004644 NM; nmi0.0004698 NM; nmi0.0004752 NM; nmi0.0004806 NM; nmi0.0004860 NM; nmi0.0004914 NM; nmi0.0004968 NM; nmi0.0005022 NM; nmi0.0005076 NM; nmi0.0005130 NM; nmi0.0005184 NM; nmi0.0005238 NM; nmi0.0005292 NM; nmi0.0005346 NM; nmi0.0005400 NM; nmi

centimetre (international spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures; symbol cm) or centimeter (American spelling) is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one hundredth of a metre, centi being the SI prefix for a factor of  1/100 . The centimetre was the base unit of length in the now deprecated centimetre–gram–second (CGS) system of units.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1×10-2 m ≡ 0.01 m

≡ 1×10-2 m ≡ 0.01 m

Metric system SI

conversion table

centimetersnautical milescentimetersnautical miles
1≡ 5.3995680345572E-64≡ 2.1598272138229E-5
1.5≡ 8.0993520518359E-64.5≡ 2.4298056155508E-5
2≡ 1.0799136069114E-55≡ 2.6997840172786E-5
2.5≡ 1.3498920086393E-55.5≡ 2.9697624190065E-5
3≡ 1.6198704103672E-56≡ 3.2397408207343E-5

nautical mile is a unit of measurement defined as exactly 1852 meters (about 6,076.1 feet or 1.1508 statute miles). Historically, it was defined as one minute of latitude, which is equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree of latitude. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
nautical mileNM; nmi

≡ 1852 m

≡ 1852 m


conversion table

nautical milescentimetersnautical milescentimeters
1≡ 1852004≡ 740800
1.5≡ 2778004.5≡ 833400
2≡ 3704005≡ 926000
2.5≡ 4630005.5≡ 1018600
3≡ 5556006≡ 1111200