1 chains = 26.4000525 paces 

Chains to Paces Conversion

Chain to pace conversion allow you make a conversion between chain and pace easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 26.40005249
= 0.264001 × 102
= 0.264001E2
= 0.264001e2
= 39.60007874
= 0.396001 × 102
= 0.396001E2
= 0.396001e2
= 52.80010499
= 0.528001 × 102
= 0.528001E2
= 0.528001e2
= 66.00013123
= 0.660001 × 102
= 0.660001E2
= 0.660001e2
= 79.20015748
= 0.792002 × 102
= 0.792002E2
= 0.792002e2

Quick Look: chains to paces

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pace26.4000525 pace52.8001050 pace79.2001575 pace105.6002100 pace132.0002625 pace158.4003150 pace184.8003675 pace211.2004199 pace237.6004724 pace264.0005249 pace290.4005774 pace316.8006299 pace343.2006824 pace369.6007349 pace396.0007874 pace422.4008399 pace448.8008924 pace475.2009449 pace501.6009974 pace528.0010499 pace554.4011024 pace580.8011549 pace607.2012073 pace633.6012598 pace660.0013123 pace686.4013648 pace712.8014173 pace739.2014698 pace765.6015223 pace792.0015748 pace818.4016273 pace844.8016798 pace871.2017323 pace897.6017848 pace924.0018373 pace950.4018898 pace976.8019423 pace1,003.2019948 pace1,029.6020472 pace1,056.0020997 pace1,082.4021522 pace1,108.8022047 pace1,135.2022572 pace1,161.6023097 pace1,188.0023622 pace1,214.4024147 pace1,240.8024672 pace1,267.2025197 pace1,293.6025722 pace1,320.0026247 pace1,346.4026772 pace1,372.8027297 pace1,399.2027822 pace1,425.6028346 pace1,452.0028871 pace1,478.4029396 pace1,504.8029921 pace1,531.2030446 pace1,557.6030971 pace1,584.0031496 pace1,610.4032021 pace1,636.8032546 pace1,663.2033071 pace1,689.6033596 pace1,716.0034121 pace1,742.4034646 pace1,768.8035171 pace1,795.2035696 pace1,821.6036220 pace1,848.0036745 pace1,874.4037270 pace1,900.8037795 pace1,927.2038320 pace1,953.6038845 pace1,980.0039370 pace2,006.4039895 pace2,032.8040420 pace2,059.2040945 pace2,085.6041470 pace2,112.0041995 pace2,138.4042520 pace2,164.8043045 pace2,191.2043570 pace2,217.6044094 pace2,244.0044619 pace2,270.4045144 pace2,296.8045669 pace2,323.2046194 pace2,349.6046719 pace2,376.0047244 pace2,402.4047769 pace2,428.8048294 pace2,455.2048819 pace2,481.6049344 pace2,508.0049869 pace2,534.4050394 pace2,560.8050919 pace2,587.2051444 pace2,613.6051969 pace2,640.0052493 pace

A chain is a unit of length. It measures 66 feet, or 22 yards, or 100 links, or 4 rods (20.1168 m). There are 10 chains in a furlong, and 80 chains in one statute mile. An acre is the area of 10 square chains (that is, an area of one chain by one furlong). The chain has been used for several centuries in Britain and in some other countries influenced by British practice.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 66 ft (US) ≡ 4 rods

≈ 20.11684 m


conversion table

1≈ 26.4000524934384≈ 105.60020997375
1.5≈ 39.6000787401574.5≈ 118.80023622047
2≈ 52.8001049868775≈ 132.00026246719
2.5≈ 66.0001312335965.5≈ 145.20028871391
3≈ 79.2001574803156≈ 158.40031496063

pace is a unit of length consisting either of one normal walking step (~0.75 m), or of a double step, returning to the same foot (~1.5 m). Like other traditional measurements, paces started as informal units but have since been standardized, often with the specific length set according to a typical brisk or military marching stride.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 2.5 ft

= 0.762 m


conversion table

1≈ 0.0378787125612174≈ 0.15151485024487
1.5≈ 0.0568180688418264.5≈ 0.17045420652548
2≈ 0.0757574251224355≈ 0.18939356280609
2.5≈ 0.0946967814030435.5≈ 0.2083329190867
3≈ 0.113636137683656≈ 0.2272722753673

Conversion table

1≈ 26.4000525
0.0378787≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)