1 decameters = 28,453.5495803 points (American, English) 

Decameters to Points (American, English) Conversion

Decameter to point (American, English) conversion allow you make a conversion between decameter and point (American, English) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 28,453.54958031
= 284.535 × 102
= 284.535E2
= 284.535e2
= 42,680.32437047
= 426.803 × 102
= 426.803E2
= 426.803e2
= 56,907.09916062
= 569.071 × 102
= 569.071E2
= 569.071e2
= 71,133.87395078
= 711.339 × 102
= 711.339E2
= 711.339e2
= 85,360.64874093
= 853.606 × 102
= 853.606E2
= 853.606e2

Quick Look: decameters to points (American, English)

decameter1 dam2 dam3 dam4 dam5 dam6 dam7 dam8 dam9 dam10 dam11 dam12 dam13 dam14 dam15 dam16 dam17 dam18 dam19 dam20 dam21 dam22 dam23 dam24 dam25 dam26 dam27 dam28 dam29 dam30 dam31 dam32 dam33 dam34 dam35 dam36 dam37 dam38 dam39 dam40 dam41 dam42 dam43 dam44 dam45 dam46 dam47 dam48 dam49 dam50 dam51 dam52 dam53 dam54 dam55 dam56 dam57 dam58 dam59 dam60 dam61 dam62 dam63 dam64 dam65 dam66 dam67 dam68 dam69 dam70 dam71 dam72 dam73 dam74 dam75 dam76 dam77 dam78 dam79 dam80 dam81 dam82 dam83 dam84 dam85 dam86 dam87 dam88 dam89 dam90 dam91 dam92 dam93 dam94 dam95 dam96 dam97 dam98 dam99 dam100 dam
point (American, English)28,453.5495803 pt56,907.0991606 pt85,360.6487409 pt113,814.1983212 pt142,267.7479016 pt170,721.2974819 pt199,174.8470622 pt227,628.3966425 pt256,081.9462228 pt284,535.4958031 pt312,989.0453834 pt341,442.5949637 pt369,896.1445440 pt398,349.6941243 pt426,803.2437047 pt455,256.7932850 pt483,710.3428653 pt512,163.8924456 pt540,617.4420259 pt569,070.9916062 pt597,524.5411865 pt625,978.0907668 pt654,431.6403471 pt682,885.1899274 pt711,338.7395078 pt739,792.2890881 pt768,245.8386684 pt796,699.3882487 pt825,152.9378290 pt853,606.4874093 pt882,060.0369896 pt910,513.5865699 pt938,967.1361502 pt967,420.6857305 pt995,874.2353109 pt1,024,327.7848912 pt1,052,781.3344715 pt1,081,234.8840518 pt1,109,688.4336321 pt1,138,141.9832124 pt1,166,595.5327927 pt1,195,049.082373 pt1,223,502.6319533 pt1,251,956.1815336 pt1,280,409.731114 pt1,308,863.2806943 pt1,337,316.8302746 pt1,365,770.3798549 pt1,394,223.9294352 pt1,422,677.4790155 pt1,451,131.0285958 pt1,479,584.5781761 pt1,508,038.1277564 pt1,536,491.6773367 pt1,564,945.2269171 pt1,593,398.7764974 pt1,621,852.3260777 pt1,650,305.875658 pt1,678,759.4252383 pt1,707,212.9748186 pt1,735,666.5243989 pt1,764,120.0739792 pt1,792,573.6235595 pt1,821,027.1731398 pt1,849,480.7227202 pt1,877,934.2723005 pt1,906,387.8218808 pt1,934,841.3714611 pt1,963,294.9210414 pt1,991,748.4706217 pt2,020,202.020202 pt2,048,655.5697823 pt2,077,109.1193626 pt2,105,562.668943 pt2,134,016.2185233 pt2,162,469.7681036 pt2,190,923.3176839 pt2,219,376.8672642 pt2,247,830.4168445 pt2,276,283.9664248 pt2,304,737.5160051 pt2,333,191.0655854 pt2,361,644.6151657 pt2,390,098.1647461 pt2,418,551.7143264 pt2,447,005.2639067 pt2,475,458.813487 pt2,503,912.3630673 pt2,532,365.9126476 pt2,560,819.4622279 pt2,589,273.0118082 pt2,617,726.5613885 pt2,646,180.1109688 pt2,674,633.6605492 pt2,703,087.2101295 pt2,731,540.7597098 pt2,759,994.3092901 pt2,788,447.8588704 pt2,816,901.4084507 pt2,845,354.958031 pt

Dekameter or decameter is a common metric unit of distance. It is equal to 10 meters or 32.8084 feet. Plural name is dekameters.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1×10 m

≡ 1×10 m

Metric system SI

conversion table

decameterspoints (American, English)decameterspoints (American, English)
1≈ 28453.549580314≈ 113814.19832124
1.5≈ 42680.3243704654.5≈ 128040.9731114
2≈ 56907.099160625≈ 142267.74790155
2.5≈ 71133.8739507755.5≈ 156494.52269171
3≈ 85360.648740936≈ 170721.29748186

In typography, the point is the smallest unit of measure. It is used for measuring font size, leading, and other items on a printed page.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
point (American, English)pt

≡  172.272 in

≈ 0.000351450 m

Other (Length)

conversion table

points (American, English)decameterspoints (American, English)decameters
1≈ 3.5145E-54≈ 0.00014058
1.5≈ 5.27175E-54.5≈ 0.0001581525
2≈ 7.029E-55≈ 0.000175725
2.5≈ 8.78625E-55.5≈ 0.0001932975
3≈ 0.0001054356≈ 0.00021087

Conversion table

decameterspoints (American, English)
1≈ 28,453.5495803
3.5145 × 10-5≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)