1 decameters = 26,599.9999734 points (Didot; European) 

Decameters to Points (Didot; European) Conversion

Decameter to point (Didot; European) conversion allow you make a conversion between decameter and point (Didot; European) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

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decameter1 dam2 dam3 dam4 dam5 dam6 dam7 dam8 dam9 dam10 dam11 dam12 dam13 dam14 dam15 dam16 dam17 dam18 dam19 dam20 dam21 dam22 dam23 dam24 dam25 dam26 dam27 dam28 dam29 dam30 dam31 dam32 dam33 dam34 dam35 dam36 dam37 dam38 dam39 dam40 dam41 dam42 dam43 dam44 dam45 dam46 dam47 dam48 dam49 dam50 dam51 dam52 dam53 dam54 dam55 dam56 dam57 dam58 dam59 dam60 dam61 dam62 dam63 dam64 dam65 dam66 dam67 dam68 dam69 dam70 dam71 dam72 dam73 dam74 dam75 dam76 dam77 dam78 dam79 dam80 dam81 dam82 dam83 dam84 dam85 dam86 dam87 dam88 dam89 dam90 dam91 dam92 dam93 dam94 dam95 dam96 dam97 dam98 dam99 dam100 dam
point (Didot; European)26,599.9999734 pt53,199.9999468 pt79,799.9999202 pt106,399.9998936 pt132,999.999867 pt159,599.9998404 pt186,199.9998138 pt212,799.9997872 pt239,399.9997606 pt265,999.999734 pt292,599.9997074 pt319,199.9996808 pt345,799.9996542 pt372,399.9996276 pt398,999.999601 pt425,599.9995744 pt452,199.9995478 pt478,799.9995212 pt505,399.9994946 pt531,999.999468 pt558,599.9994414 pt585,199.9994148 pt611,799.9993882 pt638,399.9993616 pt664,999.999335 pt691,599.9993084 pt718,199.9992818 pt744,799.9992552 pt771,399.9992286 pt797,999.999202 pt824,599.9991754 pt851,199.9991488 pt877,799.9991222 pt904,399.9990956 pt930,999.999069 pt957,599.9990424 pt984,199.9990158 pt1,010,799.9989892 pt1,037,399.9989626 pt1,063,999.998936 pt1,090,599.9989094 pt1,117,199.9988828 pt1,143,799.9988562 pt1,170,399.9988296 pt1,196,999.998803 pt1,223,599.9987764 pt1,250,199.9987498 pt1,276,799.9987232 pt1,303,399.9986966 pt1,329,999.99867 pt1,356,599.9986434 pt1,383,199.9986168 pt1,409,799.9985902 pt1,436,399.9985636 pt1,462,999.998537 pt1,489,599.9985104 pt1,516,199.9984838 pt1,542,799.9984572 pt1,569,399.9984306 pt1,595,999.998404 pt1,622,599.9983774 pt1,649,199.9983508 pt1,675,799.9983242 pt1,702,399.9982976 pt1,728,999.998271 pt1,755,599.9982444 pt1,782,199.9982178 pt1,808,799.9981912 pt1,835,399.9981646 pt1,861,999.998138 pt1,888,599.9981114 pt1,915,199.9980848 pt1,941,799.9980582 pt1,968,399.9980316 pt1,994,999.998005 pt2,021,599.9979784 pt2,048,199.9979518 pt2,074,799.9979252 pt2,101,399.9978986 pt2,127,999.997872 pt2,154,599.9978454 pt2,181,199.9978188 pt2,207,799.9977922 pt2,234,399.9977656 pt2,260,999.997739 pt2,287,599.9977124 pt2,314,199.9976858 pt2,340,799.9976592 pt2,367,399.9976326 pt2,393,999.997606 pt2,420,599.9975794 pt2,447,199.9975528 pt2,473,799.9975262 pt2,500,399.9974996 pt2,526,999.997473 pt2,553,599.9974464 pt2,580,199.9974198 pt2,606,799.9973932 pt2,633,399.9973666 pt2,659,999.99734 pt

Dekameter or decameter is a common metric unit of distance. It is equal to 10 meters or 32.8084 feet. Plural name is dekameters.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1×10 m

≡ 1×10 m

Metric system SI

conversion table

decameterspoints (Didot; European)decameterspoints (Didot; European)
1≈ 26599.99997344≈ 106399.9998936
1.5≈ 39899.99996014.5≈ 119699.9998803
2≈ 53199.99994685≈ 132999.999867
2.5≈ 66499.99993355.5≈ 146299.9998537
3≈ 79799.99992026≈ 159599.9998404

In typography, the point is the smallest unit of measure. It is used for measuring font size, leading, and other items on a printed page.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
point (Didot; European)pt

≡  112 ×  172 of pied du roi;

After 1878:
≡  5133 cm

≈ 0.00037597 m;

After 1878:
≈ 0.00037593985 m

Other (Length)

conversion table

points (Didot; European)decameterspoints (Didot; European)decameters
1≈ 3.7593985E-54≈ 0.00015037594
1.5≈ 5.63909775E-54.5≈ 0.0001691729325
2≈ 7.518797E-55≈ 0.000187969925
2.5≈ 9.39849625E-55.5≈ 0.0002067669175
3≈ 0.0001127819556≈ 0.00022556391

Conversion table

decameterspoints (Didot; European)
1≈ 26,599.9999734
3.7593985 × 10-5≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)