1 earth radius = 316,699.8395374 chains 

Earth radius to Chains Conversion

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Length Conversion


= 316,699.83953742
= 3167 × 102
= 3167E2
= 3167e2
= 475,049.75930613
= 4750.5 × 102
= 4750.5E2
= 4750.5e2
= 633,399.67907485
= 6334 × 102
= 6334E2
= 6334e2
= 791,749.59884356
= 7917.5 × 102
= 7917.5E2
= 7917.5e2
= 950,099.51861227
= 9501 × 102
= 9501E2
= 9501e2

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chain316,699.8395374 ch633,399.6790748 ch950,099.5186123 ch1,266,799.3581497 ch1,583,499.1976871 ch1,900,199.0372245 ch2,216,898.876762 ch2,533,598.7162994 ch2,850,298.5558368 ch3,166,998.3953742 ch3,483,698.2349116 ch3,800,398.0744491 ch4,117,097.9139865 ch4,433,797.7535239 ch4,750,497.5930613 ch5,067,197.4325988 ch5,383,897.2721362 ch5,700,597.1116736 ch6,017,296.951211 ch6,333,996.7907484 ch6,650,696.6302859 ch6,967,396.4698233 ch7,284,096.3093607 ch7,600,796.1488981 ch7,917,495.9884356 ch8,234,195.827973 ch8,550,895.6675104 ch8,867,595.5070478 ch9,184,295.3465852 ch9,500,995.1861227 ch9,817,695.0256601 ch10,134,394.865198 ch10,451,094.704735 ch10,767,794.544272 ch11,084,494.38381 ch11,401,194.223347 ch11,717,894.062885 ch12,034,593.902422 ch12,351,293.741959 ch12,667,993.581497 ch12,984,693.421034 ch13,301,393.260572 ch13,618,093.100109 ch13,934,792.939647 ch14,251,492.779184 ch14,568,192.618721 ch14,884,892.458259 ch15,201,592.297796 ch15,518,292.137334 ch15,834,991.976871 ch16,151,691.816409 ch16,468,391.655946 ch16,785,091.495483 ch17,101,791.335021 ch17,418,491.174558 ch17,735,191.014096 ch18,051,890.853633 ch18,368,590.69317 ch18,685,290.532708 ch19,001,990.372245 ch19,318,690.211783 ch19,635,390.05132 ch19,952,089.890858 ch20,268,789.730395 ch20,585,489.569932 ch20,902,189.40947 ch21,218,889.249007 ch21,535,589.088545 ch21,852,288.928082 ch22,168,988.76762 ch22,485,688.607157 ch22,802,388.446694 ch23,119,088.286232 ch23,435,788.125769 ch23,752,487.965307 ch24,069,187.804844 ch24,385,887.644382 ch24,702,587.483919 ch25,019,287.323456 ch25,335,987.162994 ch25,652,687.002531 ch25,969,386.842069 ch26,286,086.681606 ch26,602,786.521143 ch26,919,486.360681 ch27,236,186.200218 ch27,552,886.039756 ch27,869,585.879293 ch28,186,285.718831 ch28,502,985.558368 ch28,819,685.397905 ch29,136,385.237443 ch29,453,085.07698 ch29,769,784.916518 ch30,086,484.756055 ch30,403,184.595593 ch30,719,884.43513 ch31,036,584.274667 ch31,353,284.114205 ch31,669,983.953742 ch

Earth radius is the distance from Earth's center to its surface, about 6,371 km (3,959 mi). This length is also used as a unit of distance, especially in astronomy and geology, where it is usually denoted by R.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
earth radiusR

≈ 6,371 km

≈ 6,371 km

Science - Astronomy (Length)

conversion table

earth radiuschainsearth radiuschains
1≈ 316699.839537424≈ 1266799.3581497
1.5≈ 475049.759306134.5≈ 1425149.2779184
2≈ 633399.679074845≈ 1583499.1976871
2.5≈ 791749.598843565.5≈ 1741849.1174558
3≈ 950099.518612276≈ 1900199.0372245

A chain is a unit of length. It measures 66 feet, or 22 yards, or 100 links, or 4 rods (20.1168 m). There are 10 chains in a furlong, and 80 chains in one statute mile. An acre is the area of 10 square chains (that is, an area of one chain by one furlong). The chain has been used for several centuries in Britain and in some other countries influenced by British practice.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 66 ft (US) ≡ 4 rods

≈ 20.11684 m


conversion table

chainsearth radiuschainsearth radius
1≈ 3.1575639617015E-64≈ 1.2630255846806E-5
1.5≈ 4.7363459425522E-64.5≈ 1.4209037827657E-5
2≈ 6.3151279234029E-65≈ 1.5787819808507E-5
2.5≈ 7.8939099042536E-65.5≈ 1.7366601789358E-5
3≈ 9.4726918851044E-66≈ 1.8945383770209E-5

Conversion table

earth radiuschains
1≈ 316,699.8395374
3.1575639617015 × 10-6≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)