1 earth radius = 20,146,870.972731 feet, metric 

Earth radius to Feet, metric Conversion

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Length Conversion


= 20,146,870.97273129
= 2.01469 × 107
= 2.01469E+7
= 2.01469e+7
= 30,220,306.45909693
= 3.02203 × 107
= 3.02203E+7
= 3.02203e+7
= 40,293,741.94546258
= 4.02937 × 107
= 4.02937E+7
= 4.02937e+7
= 50,367,177.43182822
= 5.03672 × 107
= 5.03672E+7
= 5.03672e+7
= 60,440,612.91819386
= 6.04406 × 107
= 6.04406E+7
= 6.04406e+7

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foot, metric20,146,870.972731 mf40,293,741.945463 mf60,440,612.918194 mf80,587,483.890925 mf100,734,354.86366 mf120,881,225.83639 mf141,028,096.80912 mf161,174,967.78185 mf181,321,838.75458 mf201,468,709.72731 mf221,615,580.70004 mf241,762,451.67278 mf261,909,322.64551 mf282,056,193.61824 mf302,203,064.59097 mf322,349,935.5637 mf342,496,806.53643 mf362,643,677.50916 mf382,790,548.48189 mf402,937,419.45463 mf423,084,290.42736 mf443,231,161.40009 mf463,378,032.37282 mf483,524,903.34555 mf503,671,774.31828 mf523,818,645.29101 mf543,965,516.26374 mf564,112,387.23648 mf584,259,258.20921 mf604,406,129.18194 mf624,553,000.15467 mf644,699,871.1274 mf664,846,742.10013 mf684,993,613.07286 mf705,140,484.0456 mf725,287,355.01833 mf745,434,225.99106 mf765,581,096.96379 mf785,727,967.93652 mf805,874,838.90925 mf826,021,709.88198 mf846,168,580.85471 mf866,315,451.82745 mf886,462,322.80018 mf906,609,193.77291 mf926,756,064.74564 mf946,902,935.71837 mf967,049,806.6911 mf987,196,677.66383 mf1,007,343,548.6366 mf1,027,490,419.6093 mf1,047,637,290.582 mf1,067,784,161.5548 mf1,087,931,032.5275 mf1,108,077,903.5002 mf1,128,224,774.473 mf1,148,371,645.4457 mf1,168,518,516.4184 mf1,188,665,387.3911 mf1,208,812,258.3639 mf1,228,959,129.3366 mf1,249,106,000.3093 mf1,269,252,871.2821 mf1,289,399,742.2548 mf1,309,546,613.2275 mf1,329,693,484.2003 mf1,349,840,355.173 mf1,369,987,226.1457 mf1,390,134,097.1185 mf1,410,280,968.0912 mf1,430,427,839.0639 mf1,450,574,710.0367 mf1,470,721,581.0094 mf1,490,868,451.9821 mf1,511,015,322.9548 mf1,531,162,193.9276 mf1,551,309,064.9003 mf1,571,455,935.873 mf1,591,602,806.8458 mf1,611,749,677.8185 mf1,631,896,548.7912 mf1,652,043,419.764 mf1,672,190,290.7367 mf1,692,337,161.7094 mf1,712,484,032.6822 mf1,732,630,903.6549 mf1,752,777,774.6276 mf1,772,924,645.6004 mf1,793,071,516.5731 mf1,813,218,387.5458 mf1,833,365,258.5185 mf1,853,512,129.4913 mf1,873,659,000.464 mf1,893,805,871.4367 mf1,913,952,742.4095 mf1,934,099,613.3822 mf1,954,246,484.3549 mf1,974,393,355.3277 mf1,994,540,226.3004 mf2,014,687,097.2731 mf

Earth radius is the distance from Earth's center to its surface, about 6,371 km (3,959 mi). This length is also used as a unit of distance, especially in astronomy and geology, where it is usually denoted by R.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
earth radiusR

≈ 6,371 km

≈ 6,371 km

Science - Astronomy (Length)

conversion table

earth radiusfeet, metricearth radiusfeet, metric
1≈ 20146870.9727314≈ 80587483.890925
1.5≈ 30220306.4590974.5≈ 90660919.377291
2≈ 40293741.9454635≈ 100734354.86366
2.5≈ 50367177.4318285.5≈ 110807790.35002
3≈ 60440612.9181946≈ 120881225.83639

A metric foot is a nickname for a preferred number length of 3 basic modules (3 M), or 30 centimetres (11.811 in). The 30 cm metric ruler was a similar length to the traditional imperial one-foot ruler. A metric foot is 4.8 millimetres (0.189 in) shorter than an imperial foot.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot, metricmf

110 m

≈ 0.31622776602 m

Metric system Non-SI

conversion table

feet, metricearth radiusfeet, metricearth radius
1≈ 4.9635499296814E-84≈ 1.9854199718725E-7
1.5≈ 7.4453248945221E-84.5≈ 2.2335974683566E-7
2≈ 9.9270998593627E-85≈ 2.4817749648407E-7
2.5≈ 1.2408874824203E-75.5≈ 2.7299524613248E-7
3≈ 1.4890649789044E-76≈ 2.9781299578088E-7

Conversion table

earth radiusfeet, metric
1≈ 20,146,870.972731
4.9635499296814 × 10-8≈ 1


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approximately equal to
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