1 fathoms = 4,864.6079951 points (Didot; European) 

Fathoms to Points (Didot; European) Conversion

Fathom to point (Didot; European) conversion allow you make a conversion between fathom and point (Didot; European) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 4,864.60799514
= 48.6461 × 102
= 48.6461E2
= 48.6461e2
= 7,296.91199270
= 72.9691 × 102
= 72.9691E2
= 72.9691e2
= 9,729.21599027
= 97.2922 × 102
= 97.2922E2
= 97.2922e2
= 12,161.51998784
= 121.615 × 102
= 121.615E2
= 121.615e2
= 14,593.82398541
= 145.938 × 102
= 145.938E2
= 145.938e2

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point (Didot; European)4,864.6079951 pt9,729.2159903 pt14,593.8239854 pt19,458.4319805 pt24,323.0399757 pt29,187.6479708 pt34,052.2559659 pt38,916.8639611 pt43,781.4719562 pt48,646.0799514 pt53,510.6879465 pt58,375.2959416 pt63,239.9039368 pt68,104.5119319 pt72,969.1199270 pt77,833.7279222 pt82,698.3359173 pt87,562.9439124 pt92,427.5519076 pt97,292.1599027 pt102,156.7678978 pt107,021.3758930 pt111,885.9838881 pt116,750.5918833 pt121,615.1998784 pt126,479.8078735 pt131,344.4158687 pt136,209.0238638 pt141,073.6318589 pt145,938.2398541 pt150,802.8478492 pt155,667.4558443 pt160,532.0638395 pt165,396.6718346 pt170,261.2798297 pt175,125.8878249 pt179,990.4958200 pt184,855.1038151 pt189,719.7118103 pt194,584.3198054 pt199,448.9278006 pt204,313.5357957 pt209,178.1437908 pt214,042.7517860 pt218,907.3597811 pt223,771.9677762 pt228,636.5757714 pt233,501.1837665 pt238,365.7917616 pt243,230.3997568 pt248,095.0077519 pt252,959.6157470 pt257,824.2237422 pt262,688.8317373 pt267,553.4397325 pt272,418.0477276 pt277,282.6557227 pt282,147.2637179 pt287,011.8717130 pt291,876.4797081 pt296,741.0877033 pt301,605.6956984 pt306,470.3036935 pt311,334.9116887 pt316,199.5196838 pt321,064.1276789 pt325,928.7356741 pt330,793.3436692 pt335,657.9516643 pt340,522.5596595 pt345,387.1676546 pt350,251.7756498 pt355,116.3836449 pt359,980.9916400 pt364,845.5996352 pt369,710.2076303 pt374,574.8156254 pt379,439.4236206 pt384,304.0316157 pt389,168.6396108 pt394,033.2476060 pt398,897.8556011 pt403,762.4635962 pt408,627.0715914 pt413,491.6795865 pt418,356.2875816 pt423,220.8955768 pt428,085.5035719 pt432,950.1115671 pt437,814.7195622 pt442,679.3275573 pt447,543.9355525 pt452,408.5435476 pt457,273.1515427 pt462,137.7595379 pt467,002.367533 pt471,866.9755281 pt476,731.5835233 pt481,596.1915184 pt486,460.7995135 pt

A fathom is a unit of length in the imperial and the U.S. customary systems equal to 6 feet (1.8288 metres), used especially for measuring the depth of water.

There are two yards (6 feet) in an imperial fathom. Originally the span of a man's outstretched arms, the size of a fathom has varied slightly depending on whether it was defined as a thousandth of an (Admiralty) nautical mile or as a multiple of the imperial yard. Formerly, the term was used for any of several units of length varying around 5–5 12 feet.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 6 ft

= 1.8288 m


conversion table

fathomspoints (Didot; European)fathomspoints (Didot; European)
1≈ 4864.60799513544≈ 19458.431980542
1.5≈ 7296.91199270314.5≈ 21890.735978109
2≈ 9729.21599027085≈ 24323.039975677
2.5≈ 12161.5199878385.5≈ 26755.343973245
3≈ 14593.8239854066≈ 29187.647970812

In typography, the point is the smallest unit of measure. It is used for measuring font size, leading, and other items on a printed page.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
point (Didot; European)pt

≡  112 ×  172 of pied du roi;

After 1878:
≡  5133 cm

≈ 0.00037597 m;

After 1878:
≈ 0.00037593985 m

Other (Length)

conversion table

points (Didot; European)fathomspoints (Didot; European)fathoms
1≈ 0.000205566409667544≈ 0.00082226563867017
1.5≈ 0.000308349614501314.5≈ 0.00092504884350394
2≈ 0.000411132819335085≈ 0.0010278320483377
2.5≈ 0.000513916024168855.5≈ 0.0011306152531715
3≈ 0.000616699229002626≈ 0.0012333984580052

Conversion table

fathomspoints (Didot; European)
1≈ 4,864.6079951
0.0002056≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)