1 feet, metric (long) = 4.3744532 palms 

Feet, metric (long) to Palms Conversion

Foot, metric (long) to palm conversion allow you make a conversion between foot, metric (long) and palm easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 4.37445319
= 0.0437445 × 102
= 0.0437445E2
= 0.0437445e2
= 6.56167979
= 0.0656168 × 102
= 0.0656168E2
= 0.0656168e2
= 8.74890639
= 0.0874891 × 102
= 0.0874891E2
= 0.0874891e2
= 10.93613298
= 0.109361 × 102
= 0.109361E2
= 0.109361e2
= 13.12335958
= 0.131234 × 102
= 0.131234E2
= 0.131234e2

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palm4.3744532 palm8.7489064 palm13.1233596 palm17.4978128 palm21.8722660 palm26.2467192 palm30.6211724 palm34.9956255 palm39.3700787 palm43.7445319 palm48.1189851 palm52.4934383 palm56.8678915 palm61.2423447 palm65.6167979 palm69.9912511 palm74.3657043 palm78.7401575 palm83.1146107 palm87.4890639 palm91.8635171 palm96.2379703 palm100.6124234 palm104.9868766 palm109.3613298 palm113.7357830 palm118.1102362 palm122.4846894 palm126.8591426 palm131.2335958 palm135.6080490 palm139.9825022 palm144.3569554 palm148.7314086 palm153.1058618 palm157.4803150 palm161.8547682 palm166.2292213 palm170.6036745 palm174.9781277 palm179.3525809 palm183.7270341 palm188.1014873 palm192.4759405 palm196.8503937 palm201.2248469 palm205.5993001 palm209.9737533 palm214.3482065 palm218.7226597 palm223.0971129 palm227.4715661 palm231.8460192 palm236.2204724 palm240.5949256 palm244.9693788 palm249.3438320 palm253.7182852 palm258.0927384 palm262.4671916 palm266.8416448 palm271.2160980 palm275.5905512 palm279.9650044 palm284.3394576 palm288.7139108 palm293.0883640 palm297.4628171 palm301.8372703 palm306.2117235 palm310.5861767 palm314.9606299 palm319.3350831 palm323.7095363 palm328.0839895 palm332.4584427 palm336.8328959 palm341.2073491 palm345.5818023 palm349.9562555 palm354.3307087 palm358.7051619 palm363.0796150 palm367.4540682 palm371.8285214 palm376.2029746 palm380.5774278 palm384.9518810 palm389.3263342 palm393.7007874 palm398.0752406 palm402.4496938 palm406.8241470 palm411.1986002 palm415.5730534 palm419.9475066 palm424.3219598 palm428.6964129 palm433.0708661 palm437.4453193 palm

foot, metric (long) is the unit of length.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot, metric (long)lmf

13 m

≈ 0.3 m

Metric system SI

conversion table

feet, metric (long)palmsfeet, metric (long)palms
1= 4.37445319335084= 17.497812773403
1.5= 6.56167979002624.5= 19.685039370079
2= 8.74890638670175= 21.872265966754
2.5= 10.9361329833775.5= 24.05949256343
3= 13.1233595800526= 26.246719160105

The palm is an obsolete anthropic unit of length, originally based on the width of the human palm and then variously standardized. The same name is also used for a second, rather larger unit based on the length of the human hand.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 3 in

= 0.0762 m

Other (Length)

conversion table

palmsfeet, metric (long)palmsfeet, metric (long)
1= 0.22864= 0.9144
1.5= 0.34294.5= 1.0287
2= 0.45725= 1.143
2.5= 0.57155.5= 1.2573
3= 0.68586= 1.3716

Conversion table

feet, metric (long)palms
1= 4.3744532
0.2286= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)