Feet, metric (short) to Fathoms Conversion

Foot, metric (short) to fathom conversion allow you make a conversion between foot, metric (short) and fathom easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 0.16404199
= 164042 × 10-6
= 164042E-6
= 164042e-6
= 0.24606299
= 246063 × 10-6
= 246063E-6
= 246063e-6
= 0.32808399
= 328084 × 10-6
= 328084E-6
= 328084e-6
= 0.41010499
= 410105 × 10-6
= 410105E-6
= 410105e-6
= 0.49212598
= 492126 × 10-6
= 492126E-6
= 492126e-6

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≡ 0.30 m

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot, metric (short)smf

≡ 0.30 m

≡ 0.30 m

Metric system SI

conversion table

feet, metric (short)fathomsfeet, metric (short)fathoms
1= 0.164041994750664= 0.65616797900262
1.5= 0.246062992125984.5= 0.73818897637795
2= 0.328083989501315= 0.82020997375328
2.5= 0.410104986876645.5= 0.90223097112861
3= 0.492125984251976= 0.98425196850394

A fathom is a unit of length in the imperial and the U.S. customary systems equal to 6 feet (1.8288 metres), used especially for measuring the depth of water.

There are two yards (6 feet) in an imperial fathom. Originally the span of a man's outstretched arms, the size of a fathom has varied slightly depending on whether it was defined as a thousandth of an (Admiralty) nautical mile or as a multiple of the imperial yard. Formerly, the term was used for any of several units of length varying around 5–5 12 feet.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 6 ft

= 1.8288 m


conversion table

fathomsfeet, metric (short)fathomsfeet, metric (short)
1= 6.0964= 24.384
1.5= 9.1444.5= 27.432
2= 12.1925= 30.48
2.5= 15.245.5= 33.528
3= 18.2886= 36.576

Conversion table

feet, metric (short)fathoms
1= 0.1640420
6.096= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)