1 feet, metric (short) = 0.0001620 nautical miles 

Feet, metric (short) to Nautical miles Conversion

Foot, metric (short) to nautical mile conversion allow you make a conversion between foot, metric (short) and nautical mile easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 0.00016199
= 161987 × 10-9
= 161987E-9
= 161987e-9
= 0.00024298
= 242981 × 10-9
= 242981E-9
= 242981e-9
= 0.00032397
= 323974 × 10-9
= 323974E-9
= 323974e-9
= 0.00040497
= 404968 × 10-9
= 404968E-9
= 404968e-9
= 0.00048596
= 485961 × 10-9
= 485961E-9
= 485961e-9

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foot, metric (short)1 smf2 smf3 smf4 smf5 smf6 smf7 smf8 smf9 smf10 smf11 smf12 smf13 smf14 smf15 smf16 smf17 smf18 smf19 smf20 smf21 smf22 smf23 smf24 smf25 smf26 smf27 smf28 smf29 smf30 smf31 smf32 smf33 smf34 smf35 smf36 smf37 smf38 smf39 smf40 smf41 smf42 smf43 smf44 smf45 smf46 smf47 smf48 smf49 smf50 smf51 smf52 smf53 smf54 smf55 smf56 smf57 smf58 smf59 smf60 smf61 smf62 smf63 smf64 smf65 smf66 smf67 smf68 smf69 smf70 smf71 smf72 smf73 smf74 smf75 smf76 smf77 smf78 smf79 smf80 smf81 smf82 smf83 smf84 smf85 smf86 smf87 smf88 smf89 smf90 smf91 smf92 smf93 smf94 smf95 smf96 smf97 smf98 smf99 smf100 smf
nautical mile0.0001620 NM; nmi0.0003240 NM; nmi0.0004860 NM; nmi0.0006479 NM; nmi0.0008099 NM; nmi0.0009719 NM; nmi0.0011339 NM; nmi0.0012959 NM; nmi0.0014579 NM; nmi0.0016199 NM; nmi0.0017819 NM; nmi0.0019438 NM; nmi0.0021058 NM; nmi0.0022678 NM; nmi0.0024298 NM; nmi0.0025918 NM; nmi0.0027538 NM; nmi0.0029158 NM; nmi0.0030778 NM; nmi0.0032397 NM; nmi0.0034017 NM; nmi0.0035637 NM; nmi0.0037257 NM; nmi0.0038877 NM; nmi0.0040497 NM; nmi0.0042117 NM; nmi0.0043737 NM; nmi0.0045356 NM; nmi0.0046976 NM; nmi0.0048596 NM; nmi0.0050216 NM; nmi0.0051836 NM; nmi0.0053456 NM; nmi0.0055076 NM; nmi0.0056695 NM; nmi0.0058315 NM; nmi0.0059935 NM; nmi0.0061555 NM; nmi0.0063175 NM; nmi0.0064795 NM; nmi0.0066415 NM; nmi0.0068035 NM; nmi0.0069654 NM; nmi0.0071274 NM; nmi0.0072894 NM; nmi0.0074514 NM; nmi0.0076134 NM; nmi0.0077754 NM; nmi0.0079374 NM; nmi0.0080994 NM; nmi0.0082613 NM; nmi0.0084233 NM; nmi0.0085853 NM; nmi0.0087473 NM; nmi0.0089093 NM; nmi0.0090713 NM; nmi0.0092333 NM; nmi0.0093952 NM; nmi0.0095572 NM; nmi0.0097192 NM; nmi0.0098812 NM; nmi0.0100432 NM; nmi0.0102052 NM; nmi0.0103672 NM; nmi0.0105292 NM; nmi0.0106911 NM; nmi0.0108531 NM; nmi0.0110151 NM; nmi0.0111771 NM; nmi0.0113391 NM; nmi0.0115011 NM; nmi0.0116631 NM; nmi0.0118251 NM; nmi0.0119870 NM; nmi0.0121490 NM; nmi0.0123110 NM; nmi0.0124730 NM; nmi0.0126350 NM; nmi0.0127970 NM; nmi0.0129590 NM; nmi0.0131210 NM; nmi0.0132829 NM; nmi0.0134449 NM; nmi0.0136069 NM; nmi0.0137689 NM; nmi0.0139309 NM; nmi0.0140929 NM; nmi0.0142549 NM; nmi0.0144168 NM; nmi0.0145788 NM; nmi0.0147408 NM; nmi0.0149028 NM; nmi0.0150648 NM; nmi0.0152268 NM; nmi0.0153888 NM; nmi0.0155508 NM; nmi0.0157127 NM; nmi0.0158747 NM; nmi0.0160367 NM; nmi0.0161987 NM; nmi

≡ 0.30 m

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot, metric (short)smf

≡ 0.30 m

≡ 0.30 m

Metric system SI

conversion table

feet, metric (short)nautical milesfeet, metric (short)nautical miles
1≡ 0.000161987041036724≡ 0.00064794816414687
1.5≡ 0.000242980561555084.5≡ 0.00072894168466523
2≡ 0.000323974082073435≡ 0.00080993520518359
2.5≡ 0.000404967602591795.5≡ 0.00089092872570194
3≡ 0.000485961123110156≡ 0.0009719222462203

nautical mile is a unit of measurement defined as exactly 1852 meters (about 6,076.1 feet or 1.1508 statute miles). Historically, it was defined as one minute of latitude, which is equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree of latitude. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
nautical mileNM; nmi

≡ 1852 m

≡ 1852 m


conversion table

nautical milesfeet, metric (short)nautical milesfeet, metric (short)
1≡ 6173.33333333334≡ 24693.333333333
1.5≡ 92604.5≡ 27780
2≡ 12346.6666666675≡ 30866.666666667
2.5≡ 15433.3333333335.5≡ 33953.333333333
3≡ 185206≡ 37040

Conversion table

feet, metric (short)nautical miles
1≡ 0.0001620
6,173.3333333≡ 1


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approximately equal to
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