Feet, metric to Sticks Conversion

Foot, metric to stick conversion allow you make a conversion between foot, metric and stick easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Length Conversion


= 6.22495602
= 0.0622496 × 102
= 0.0622496E2
= 0.0622496e2
= 9.33743404
= 0.0933743 × 102
= 0.0933743E2
= 0.0933743e2
= 12.44991205
= 0.124499 × 102
= 0.124499E2
= 0.124499e2
= 15.56239006
= 0.155624 × 102
= 0.155624E2
= 0.155624e2
= 18.67486807
= 0.186749 × 102
= 0.186749E2
= 0.186749e2

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foot, metric1 mf2 mf3 mf4 mf5 mf6 mf7 mf8 mf9 mf10 mf11 mf12 mf13 mf14 mf15 mf16 mf17 mf18 mf19 mf20 mf21 mf22 mf23 mf24 mf25 mf26 mf27 mf28 mf29 mf30 mf31 mf32 mf33 mf34 mf35 mf36 mf37 mf38 mf39 mf40 mf41 mf42 mf43 mf44 mf45 mf46 mf47 mf48 mf49 mf50 mf51 mf52 mf53 mf54 mf55 mf56 mf57 mf58 mf59 mf60 mf61 mf62 mf63 mf64 mf65 mf66 mf67 mf68 mf69 mf70 mf71 mf72 mf73 mf74 mf75 mf76 mf77 mf78 mf79 mf80 mf81 mf82 mf83 mf84 mf85 mf86 mf87 mf88 mf89 mf90 mf91 mf92 mf93 mf94 mf95 mf96 mf97 mf98 mf99 mf100 mf
stick6.2249560 stick12.4499120 stick18.6748681 stick24.8998241 stick31.1247801 stick37.3497361 stick43.5746922 stick49.7996482 stick56.0246042 stick62.2495602 stick68.4745163 stick74.6994723 stick80.9244283 stick87.1493843 stick93.3743404 stick99.5992964 stick105.8242524 stick112.0492084 stick118.2741645 stick124.4991205 stick130.7240765 stick136.9490325 stick143.1739886 stick149.3989446 stick155.6239006 stick161.8488566 stick168.0738126 stick174.2987687 stick180.5237247 stick186.7486807 stick192.9736367 stick199.1985928 stick205.4235488 stick211.6485048 stick217.8734608 stick224.0984169 stick230.3233729 stick236.5483289 stick242.7732849 stick248.9982410 stick255.2231970 stick261.4481530 stick267.6731090 stick273.8980651 stick280.1230211 stick286.3479771 stick292.5729331 stick298.7978892 stick305.0228452 stick311.2478012 stick317.4727572 stick323.6977132 stick329.9226693 stick336.1476253 stick342.3725813 stick348.5975373 stick354.8224934 stick361.0474494 stick367.2724054 stick373.4973614 stick379.7223175 stick385.9472735 stick392.1722295 stick398.3971855 stick404.6221416 stick410.8470976 stick417.0720536 stick423.2970096 stick429.5219657 stick435.7469217 stick441.9718777 stick448.1968337 stick454.4217898 stick460.6467458 stick466.8717018 stick473.0966578 stick479.3216138 stick485.5465699 stick491.7715259 stick497.9964819 stick504.2214379 stick510.4463940 stick516.6713500 stick522.8963060 stick529.1212620 stick535.3462181 stick541.5711741 stick547.7961301 stick554.0210861 stick560.2460422 stick566.4709982 stick572.6959542 stick578.9209102 stick585.1458663 stick591.3708223 stick597.5957783 stick603.8207343 stick610.0456904 stick616.2706464 stick622.4956024 stick

A metric foot is a nickname for a preferred number length of 3 basic modules (3 M), or 30 centimetres (11.811 in). The 30 cm metric ruler was a similar length to the traditional imperial one-foot ruler. A metric foot is 4.8 millimetres (0.189 in) shorter than an imperial foot.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot, metricmf

110 m

≈ 0.31622776602 m

Metric system Non-SI

conversion table

feet, metricsticksfeet, metricsticks
1≈ 6.22495602401574≈ 24.899824096063
1.5≈ 9.33743403602364.5≈ 28.012302108071
2≈ 12.4499120480315≈ 31.124780120079
2.5≈ 15.5623900600395.5≈ 34.237258132087
3≈ 18.6748680720476≈ 37.349736144094

In typography, the stick, stickful, or stick of type was an inexact length based on the size of the various composing sticks used by newspaper editors to assemble pieces of moveable type. In English-language papers, it was roughly equal to 2 column inches or 100–150 words. In France, Spain, and Italy, sticks generally contained only between 1 and 4 lines of text each. A column was notionally equal to 10 sticks.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 2 in

= 0.0508 m

Other (Length)

conversion table

sticksfeet, metricsticksfeet, metric
1≈ 0.160643705134954≈ 0.64257482053979
1.5≈ 0.240965557702424.5≈ 0.72289667310726
2≈ 0.321287410269895≈ 0.80321852567474
2.5≈ 0.401609262837375.5≈ 0.88354037824221
3≈ 0.481931115404846≈ 0.96386223080968

Conversion table

feet, metricsticks
1≈ 6.2249560
0.1606437≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)