1 french; charriere = 13.1233596 thous 

French; charriere to Thous Conversion

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Length Conversion


= 13.12335958
= 0.131234 × 102
= 0.131234E2
= 0.131234e2
= 19.68503937
= 0.19685 × 102
= 0.19685E2
= 0.19685e2
= 26.24671916
= 0.262467 × 102
= 0.262467E2
= 0.262467e2
= 32.80839895
= 0.328084 × 102
= 0.328084E2
= 0.328084e2
= 39.37007874
= 0.393701 × 102
= 0.393701E2
= 0.393701e2

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thou13.1233596 th26.2467192 th39.3700787 th52.4934383 th65.6167979 th78.7401575 th91.8635171 th104.9868766 th118.1102362 th131.2335958 th144.3569554 th157.4803150 th170.6036745 th183.7270341 th196.8503937 th209.9737533 th223.0971129 th236.2204724 th249.3438320 th262.4671916 th275.5905512 th288.7139108 th301.8372703 th314.9606299 th328.0839895 th341.2073491 th354.3307087 th367.4540682 th380.5774278 th393.7007874 th406.8241470 th419.9475066 th433.0708661 th446.1942257 th459.3175853 th472.4409449 th485.5643045 th498.6876640 th511.8110236 th524.9343832 th538.0577428 th551.1811024 th564.3044619 th577.4278215 th590.5511811 th603.6745407 th616.7979003 th629.9212598 th643.0446194 th656.1679790 th669.2913386 th682.4146982 th695.5380577 th708.6614173 th721.7847769 th734.9081365 th748.0314961 th761.1548556 th774.2782152 th787.4015748 th800.5249344 th813.6482940 th826.7716535 th839.8950131 th853.0183727 th866.1417323 th879.2650919 th892.3884514 th905.5118110 th918.6351706 th931.7585302 th944.8818898 th958.0052493 th971.1286089 th984.2519685 th997.3753281 th1,010.4986877 th1,023.6220472 th1,036.7454068 th1,049.8687664 th1,062.9921260 th1,076.1154856 th1,089.2388451 th1,102.3622047 th1,115.4855643 th1,128.6089239 th1,141.7322835 th1,154.8556430 th1,167.9790026 th1,181.1023622 th1,194.2257218 th1,207.3490814 th1,220.4724409 th1,233.5958005 th1,246.7191601 th1,259.8425197 th1,272.9658793 th1,286.0892388 th1,299.2125984 th1,312.3359580 th

The French scale or French gauge system is commonly used to measure the size of a catheter. It is most often abbreviated as Fr, but can often be seen abbreviated as Fg, Ga, FR or F. It may also be abbreviated as CH or Ch (for Charrière, its inventor).

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
french; charriereF

13 mm

= 0.3×103 m

Other (Length)

conversion table

french; charrierethousfrench; charrierethous
1= 13.1233595800524= 52.49343832021
1.5= 19.6850393700794.5= 59.055118110236
2= 26.2467191601055= 65.616797900262
2.5= 32.8083989501315.5= 72.178477690289
3= 39.3700787401576= 78.740157480315

thousandth of an inch is a derived unit of length in an inch-based system of units. Equal to 0.001 inches, it is normally referred to as a thou /ˈθaʊ/, a thousandth, or (particularly in the United States) a mil.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1×10−3 in

≡ 2.54×10−5 m


conversion table

thousfrench; charrierethousfrench; charriere
1= 0.07624= 0.3048
1.5= 0.11434.5= 0.3429
2= 0.15245= 0.381
2.5= 0.19055.5= 0.4191
3= 0.22866= 0.4572

Conversion table

french; charrierethous
1= 13.1233596
0.0762= 1


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