1 furlong = 0.1086220 nautical miles 

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Length Conversion


= 0.10862203
= 108622 × 10-6
= 108622E-6
= 108622e-6
= 0.16293305
= 162933 × 10-6
= 162933E-6
= 162933e-6
= 0.21724406
= 217244 × 10-6
= 217244E-6
= 217244e-6
= 0.27155508
= 271555 × 10-6
= 271555E-6
= 271555e-6
= 0.32586609
= 325866 × 10-6
= 325866E-6
= 325866e-6

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nautical mile0.1086220 NM; nmi0.2172441 NM; nmi0.3258661 NM; nmi0.4344881 NM; nmi0.5431102 NM; nmi0.6517322 NM; nmi0.7603542 NM; nmi0.8689762 NM; nmi0.9775983 NM; nmi1.0862203 NM; nmi1.1948423 NM; nmi1.3034644 NM; nmi1.4120864 NM; nmi1.5207084 NM; nmi1.6293305 NM; nmi1.7379525 NM; nmi1.8465745 NM; nmi1.9551965 NM; nmi2.0638186 NM; nmi2.1724406 NM; nmi2.2810626 NM; nmi2.3896847 NM; nmi2.4983067 NM; nmi2.6069287 NM; nmi2.7155508 NM; nmi2.8241728 NM; nmi2.9327948 NM; nmi3.0414168 NM; nmi3.1500389 NM; nmi3.2586609 NM; nmi3.3672829 NM; nmi3.4759050 NM; nmi3.5845270 NM; nmi3.6931490 NM; nmi3.8017711 NM; nmi3.9103931 NM; nmi4.0190151 NM; nmi4.1276371 NM; nmi4.2362592 NM; nmi4.3448812 NM; nmi4.4535032 NM; nmi4.5621253 NM; nmi4.6707473 NM; nmi4.7793693 NM; nmi4.8879914 NM; nmi4.9966134 NM; nmi5.1052354 NM; nmi5.2138575 NM; nmi5.3224795 NM; nmi5.4311015 NM; nmi5.5397235 NM; nmi5.6483456 NM; nmi5.7569676 NM; nmi5.8655896 NM; nmi5.9742117 NM; nmi6.0828337 NM; nmi6.1914557 NM; nmi6.3000778 NM; nmi6.4086998 NM; nmi6.5173218 NM; nmi6.6259438 NM; nmi6.7345659 NM; nmi6.8431879 NM; nmi6.9518099 NM; nmi7.0604320 NM; nmi7.1690540 NM; nmi7.2776760 NM; nmi7.3862981 NM; nmi7.4949201 NM; nmi7.6035421 NM; nmi7.7121641 NM; nmi7.8207862 NM; nmi7.9294082 NM; nmi8.0380302 NM; nmi8.1466523 NM; nmi8.2552743 NM; nmi8.3638963 NM; nmi8.4725184 NM; nmi8.5811404 NM; nmi8.6897624 NM; nmi8.7983844 NM; nmi8.9070065 NM; nmi9.0156285 NM; nmi9.1242505 NM; nmi9.2328726 NM; nmi9.3414946 NM; nmi9.4501166 NM; nmi9.5587387 NM; nmi9.6673607 NM; nmi9.7759827 NM; nmi9.8846048 NM; nmi9.9932268 NM; nmi10.1018488 NM; nmi10.2104708 NM; nmi10.3190929 NM; nmi10.4277149 NM; nmi10.5363369 NM; nmi10.6449590 NM; nmi10.7535810 NM; nmi10.8622030 NM; nmi

A furlong is a measure of distance in imperial units and U.S. customary units equal to one-eighth of a mile, equivalent to 660 feet, 220 yards, 40 rods, or 10 chains.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 10 chains = 660 ft = 220 yd

= 201.168 m


conversion table

furlongnautical milesfurlongnautical miles
1= 0.108622030237584= 0.43448812095032
1.5= 0.162933045356374.5= 0.48879913606911
2= 0.217244060475165= 0.5431101511879
2.5= 0.271555075593955.5= 0.5974211663067
3= 0.325866090712746= 0.65173218142549

nautical mile is a unit of measurement defined as exactly 1852 meters (about 6,076.1 feet or 1.1508 statute miles). Historically, it was defined as one minute of latitude, which is equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree of latitude. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
nautical mileNM; nmi

≡ 1852 m

≡ 1852 m


conversion table

nautical milesfurlongnautical milesfurlong
1= 9.20623558418834= 36.824942336753
1.5= 13.8093533762834.5= 41.428060128848
2= 18.4124711683775= 46.031177920942
2.5= 23.0155889604715.5= 50.634295713036
3= 27.6187067525656= 55.23741350513

Conversion table

furlongnautical miles
1= 0.1086220
9.2062356= 1

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