1 gigameters = 207,125.1035626 leagues (land) 

Gigameters to Leagues (land) Conversion

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Length Conversion


= 207,125.10356255
= 2071.25 × 102
= 2071.25E2
= 2071.25e2
= 310,687.65534383
= 3106.88 × 102
= 3106.88E2
= 3106.88e2
= 414,250.20712510
= 4142.5 × 102
= 4142.5E2
= 4142.5e2
= 517,812.75890638
= 5178.13 × 102
= 5178.13E2
= 5178.13e2
= 621,375.31068766
= 6213.75 × 102
= 6213.75E2
= 6213.75e2

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league (land)207,125.1035626 lea414,250.2071251 lea621,375.3106877 lea828,500.4142502 lea1,035,625.5178128 lea1,242,750.6213753 lea1,449,875.7249379 lea1,657,000.8285004 lea1,864,125.932063 lea2,071,251.0356255 lea2,278,376.1391881 lea2,485,501.2427506 lea2,692,626.3463132 lea2,899,751.4498757 lea3,106,876.5534383 lea3,314,001.6570008 lea3,521,126.7605634 lea3,728,251.8641259 lea3,935,376.9676885 lea4,142,502.071251 lea4,349,627.1748136 lea4,556,752.2783761 lea4,763,877.3819387 lea4,971,002.4855012 lea5,178,127.5890638 lea5,385,252.6926263 lea5,592,377.7961889 lea5,799,502.8997514 lea6,006,628.003314 lea6,213,753.1068766 lea6,420,878.2104391 lea6,628,003.3140017 lea6,835,128.4175642 lea7,042,253.5211268 lea7,249,378.6246893 lea7,456,503.7282519 lea7,663,628.8318144 lea7,870,753.935377 lea8,077,879.0389395 lea8,285,004.1425021 lea8,492,129.2460646 lea8,699,254.3496272 lea8,906,379.4531897 lea9,113,504.5567523 lea9,320,629.6603148 lea9,527,754.7638774 lea9,734,879.8674399 lea9,942,004.9710025 lea10,149,130.074565 lea10,356,255.178128 lea10,563,380.28169 lea10,770,505.385253 lea10,977,630.488815 lea11,184,755.592378 lea11,391,880.69594 lea11,599,005.799503 lea11,806,130.903065 lea12,013,256.006628 lea12,220,381.110191 lea12,427,506.213753 lea12,634,631.317316 lea12,841,756.420878 lea13,048,881.524441 lea13,256,006.628003 lea13,463,131.731566 lea13,670,256.835128 lea13,877,381.938691 lea14,084,507.042254 lea14,291,632.145816 lea14,498,757.249379 lea14,705,882.352941 lea14,913,007.456504 lea15,120,132.560066 lea15,327,257.663629 lea15,534,382.767191 lea15,741,507.870754 lea15,948,632.974316 lea16,155,758.077879 lea16,362,883.181442 lea16,570,008.285004 lea16,777,133.388567 lea16,984,258.492129 lea17,191,383.595692 lea17,398,508.699254 lea17,605,633.802817 lea17,812,758.906379 lea18,019,884.009942 lea18,227,009.113505 lea18,434,134.217067 lea18,641,259.32063 lea18,848,384.424192 lea19,055,509.527755 lea19,262,634.631317 lea19,469,759.73488 lea19,676,884.838442 lea19,884,009.942005 lea20,091,135.045568 lea20,298,260.14913 lea20,505,385.252693 lea20,712,510.356255 lea

Gigameter or gigametre is equal to 1,000,000,000 meters or 106 meters (unit of length), comes from a combination of the metric prefix giga (G) and the SI unit of length meter (m). Plural name is gigameters.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1×109 m

≡ 1×109 m

Metric system SI

conversion table

gigametersleagues (land)gigametersleagues (land)
1= 207125.103562554= 828500.41425021
1.5= 310687.655343834.5= 932062.96603148
2= 414250.20712515= 1035625.5178128
2.5= 517812.758906385.5= 1139188.069594
3= 621375.310687666= 1242750.6213753

A league is a unit of length (or, in various regions, area). It was common in Europe and Latin America, but is no longer an official unit in any nation. The word originally meant the distance a person could walk in an hour. Since the Middle Ages, many values have been specified in several countries.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
league (land)lea

≈ 1 hour walk, Currently defined in US as 3 Statute miles, but historically varied from 2 to 9 km

4828 m


conversion table

leagues (land)gigametersleagues (land)gigameters
1= 4.828E-64= 1.9312E-5
1.5= 7.242E-64.5= 2.1726E-5
2= 9.656E-65= 2.414E-5
2.5= 1.207E-55.5= 2.6554E-5
3= 1.4484E-56= 2.8968E-5

Conversion table

gigametersleagues (land)
1= 207,125.1035626
4.828 × 10-6= 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)