1 gigameters = 539,956.8034557 nautical miles 

Gigameters to Nautical miles Conversion

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Length Conversion


= 539,956.80345572
= 5399.57 × 102
= 5399.57E2
= 5399.57e2
= 809,935.20518359
= 8099.35 × 102
= 8099.35E2
= 8099.35e2
= 1,079,913.60691145
= 1.07991 × 106
= 1.07991E+6
= 1.07991e+6
= 1,349,892.00863931
= 1.34989 × 106
= 1.34989E+6
= 1.34989e+6
= 1,619,870.41036717
= 1.61987 × 106
= 1.61987E+6
= 1.61987e+6

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gigameter1 Gm2 Gm3 Gm4 Gm5 Gm6 Gm7 Gm8 Gm9 Gm10 Gm11 Gm12 Gm13 Gm14 Gm15 Gm16 Gm17 Gm18 Gm19 Gm20 Gm21 Gm22 Gm23 Gm24 Gm25 Gm26 Gm27 Gm28 Gm29 Gm30 Gm31 Gm32 Gm33 Gm34 Gm35 Gm36 Gm37 Gm38 Gm39 Gm40 Gm41 Gm42 Gm43 Gm44 Gm45 Gm46 Gm47 Gm48 Gm49 Gm50 Gm51 Gm52 Gm53 Gm54 Gm55 Gm56 Gm57 Gm58 Gm59 Gm60 Gm61 Gm62 Gm63 Gm64 Gm65 Gm66 Gm67 Gm68 Gm69 Gm70 Gm71 Gm72 Gm73 Gm74 Gm75 Gm76 Gm77 Gm78 Gm79 Gm80 Gm81 Gm82 Gm83 Gm84 Gm85 Gm86 Gm87 Gm88 Gm89 Gm90 Gm91 Gm92 Gm93 Gm94 Gm95 Gm96 Gm97 Gm98 Gm99 Gm100 Gm
nautical mile539,956.8034557 NM; nmi1,079,913.6069114 NM; nmi1,619,870.4103672 NM; nmi2,159,827.2138229 NM; nmi2,699,784.0172786 NM; nmi3,239,740.8207343 NM; nmi3,779,697.6241901 NM; nmi4,319,654.4276458 NM; nmi4,859,611.2311015 NM; nmi5,399,568.0345572 NM; nmi5,939,524.838013 NM; nmi6,479,481.6414687 NM; nmi7,019,438.4449244 NM; nmi7,559,395.2483801 NM; nmi8,099,352.0518359 NM; nmi8,639,308.8552916 NM; nmi9,179,265.6587473 NM; nmi9,719,222.462203 NM; nmi10,259,179.265659 NM; nmi10,799,136.069114 NM; nmi11,339,092.87257 NM; nmi11,879,049.676026 NM; nmi12,419,006.479482 NM; nmi12,958,963.282937 NM; nmi13,498,920.086393 NM; nmi14,038,876.889849 NM; nmi14,578,833.693305 NM; nmi15,118,790.49676 NM; nmi15,658,747.300216 NM; nmi16,198,704.103672 NM; nmi16,738,660.907127 NM; nmi17,278,617.710583 NM; nmi17,818,574.514039 NM; nmi18,358,531.317495 NM; nmi18,898,488.12095 NM; nmi19,438,444.924406 NM; nmi19,978,401.727862 NM; nmi20,518,358.531317 NM; nmi21,058,315.334773 NM; nmi21,598,272.138229 NM; nmi22,138,228.941685 NM; nmi22,678,185.74514 NM; nmi23,218,142.548596 NM; nmi23,758,099.352052 NM; nmi24,298,056.155508 NM; nmi24,838,012.958963 NM; nmi25,377,969.762419 NM; nmi25,917,926.565875 NM; nmi26,457,883.36933 NM; nmi26,997,840.172786 NM; nmi27,537,796.976242 NM; nmi28,077,753.779698 NM; nmi28,617,710.583153 NM; nmi29,157,667.386609 NM; nmi29,697,624.190065 NM; nmi30,237,580.993521 NM; nmi30,777,537.796976 NM; nmi31,317,494.600432 NM; nmi31,857,451.403888 NM; nmi32,397,408.207343 NM; nmi32,937,365.010799 NM; nmi33,477,321.814255 NM; nmi34,017,278.617711 NM; nmi34,557,235.421166 NM; nmi35,097,192.224622 NM; nmi35,637,149.028078 NM; nmi36,177,105.831533 NM; nmi36,717,062.634989 NM; nmi37,257,019.438445 NM; nmi37,796,976.241901 NM; nmi38,336,933.045356 NM; nmi38,876,889.848812 NM; nmi39,416,846.652268 NM; nmi39,956,803.455724 NM; nmi40,496,760.259179 NM; nmi41,036,717.062635 NM; nmi41,576,673.866091 NM; nmi42,116,630.669546 NM; nmi42,656,587.473002 NM; nmi43,196,544.276458 NM; nmi43,736,501.079914 NM; nmi44,276,457.883369 NM; nmi44,816,414.686825 NM; nmi45,356,371.490281 NM; nmi45,896,328.293737 NM; nmi46,436,285.097192 NM; nmi46,976,241.900648 NM; nmi47,516,198.704104 NM; nmi48,056,155.507559 NM; nmi48,596,112.311015 NM; nmi49,136,069.114471 NM; nmi49,676,025.917927 NM; nmi50,215,982.721382 NM; nmi50,755,939.524838 NM; nmi51,295,896.328294 NM; nmi51,835,853.131749 NM; nmi52,375,809.935205 NM; nmi52,915,766.738661 NM; nmi53,455,723.542117 NM; nmi53,995,680.345572 NM; nmi

Gigameter or gigametre is equal to 1,000,000,000 meters or 106 meters (unit of length), comes from a combination of the metric prefix giga (G) and the SI unit of length meter (m). Plural name is gigameters.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1×109 m

≡ 1×109 m

Metric system SI

conversion table

gigametersnautical milesgigametersnautical miles
1≡ 539956.803455724≡ 2159827.2138229
1.5≡ 809935.205183594.5≡ 2429805.6155508
2≡ 1079913.60691145≡ 2699784.0172786
2.5≡ 1349892.00863935.5≡ 2969762.4190065
3≡ 1619870.41036726≡ 3239740.8207343

nautical mile is a unit of measurement defined as exactly 1852 meters (about 6,076.1 feet or 1.1508 statute miles). Historically, it was defined as one minute of latitude, which is equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree of latitude. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
nautical mileNM; nmi

≡ 1852 m

≡ 1852 m


conversion table

nautical milesgigametersnautical milesgigameters
1≡ 1.852E-64≡ 7.408E-6
1.5≡ 2.778E-64.5≡ 8.334E-6
2≡ 3.704E-65≡ 9.26E-6
2.5≡ 4.63E-65.5≡ 1.0186E-5
3≡ 5.556E-66≡ 1.1112E-5

Conversion table

gigametersnautical miles
1≡ 539,956.8034557
1.852 × 10-6≡ 1

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