1 Hubble length = 136,231.6090303 zettameters 

Hubble length to Zettameters Conversion

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Length Conversion


= 136,231.60903026
= 1362.32 × 102
= 1362.32E2
= 1362.32e2
= 204,347.41354539
= 2043.47 × 102
= 2043.47E2
= 2043.47e2
= 272,463.21806052
= 2724.63 × 102
= 2724.63E2
= 2724.63e2
= 340,579.02257565
= 3405.79 × 102
= 3405.79E2
= 3405.79e2
= 408,694.82709078
= 4086.95 × 102
= 4086.95E2
= 4086.95e2

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zettameter136,231.6090303 Zm272,463.2180605 Zm408,694.8270908 Zm544,926.4361210 Zm681,158.0451513 Zm817,389.6541816 Zm953,621.2632118 Zm1,089,852.8722421 Zm1,226,084.4812723 Zm1,362,316.0903026 Zm1,498,547.6993329 Zm1,634,779.3083631 Zm1,771,010.9173934 Zm1,907,242.5264236 Zm2,043,474.1354539 Zm2,179,705.7444842 Zm2,315,937.3535144 Zm2,452,168.9625447 Zm2,588,400.5715749 Zm2,724,632.1806052 Zm2,860,863.7896355 Zm2,997,095.3986657 Zm3,133,327.007696 Zm3,269,558.6167262 Zm3,405,790.2257565 Zm3,542,021.8347868 Zm3,678,253.443817 Zm3,814,485.0528473 Zm3,950,716.6618775 Zm4,086,948.2709078 Zm4,223,179.8799381 Zm4,359,411.4889683 Zm4,495,643.0979986 Zm4,631,874.7070288 Zm4,768,106.3160591 Zm4,904,337.9250894 Zm5,040,569.5341196 Zm5,176,801.1431499 Zm5,313,032.7521801 Zm5,449,264.3612104 Zm5,585,495.9702407 Zm5,721,727.5792709 Zm5,857,959.1883012 Zm5,994,190.7973314 Zm6,130,422.4063617 Zm6,266,654.015392 Zm6,402,885.6244222 Zm6,539,117.2334525 Zm6,675,348.8424827 Zm6,811,580.451513 Zm6,947,812.0605433 Zm7,084,043.6695735 Zm7,220,275.2786038 Zm7,356,506.887634 Zm7,492,738.4966643 Zm7,628,970.1056946 Zm7,765,201.7147248 Zm7,901,433.3237551 Zm8,037,664.9327853 Zm8,173,896.5418156 Zm8,310,128.1508459 Zm8,446,359.7598761 Zm8,582,591.3689064 Zm8,718,822.9779366 Zm8,855,054.5869669 Zm8,991,286.1959972 Zm9,127,517.8050274 Zm9,263,749.4140577 Zm9,399,981.0230879 Zm9,536,212.6321182 Zm9,672,444.2411485 Zm9,808,675.8501787 Zm9,944,907.459209 Zm10,081,139.068239 Zm10,217,370.677269 Zm10,353,602.2863 Zm10,489,833.89533 Zm10,626,065.50436 Zm10,762,297.113391 Zm10,898,528.722421 Zm11,034,760.331451 Zm11,170,991.940481 Zm11,307,223.549512 Zm11,443,455.158542 Zm11,579,686.767572 Zm11,715,918.376602 Zm11,852,149.985633 Zm11,988,381.594663 Zm12,124,613.203693 Zm12,260,844.812723 Zm12,397,076.421754 Zm12,533,308.030784 Zm12,669,539.639814 Zm12,805,771.248844 Zm12,942,002.857875 Zm13,078,234.466905 Zm13,214,466.075935 Zm13,350,697.684965 Zm13,486,929.293996 Zm13,623,160.903026 Zm

The Hubble length or Hubble distance is a unit of distance in cosmology, defined as cH0−1 — the speed of light multiplied by the Hubble time. It is equivalent to 4,550 million parsecs or 14.4 billion light years. (The numerical value of the Hubble length in light years is, by definition, equal to that of the Hubble time in years.) The Hubble distance would be the distance between the Earth and the galaxies which are currently receding from us at the speed of light, as can be seen by substituting D = c/H0 into the equation for Hubble's law, v = H0D.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
hubble length

≈ 14.4 billion light-years ≈ 4.55 gigaparsecs

≈ 1.3623160903026E+26 m

Science - Astronomy (Length)

conversion table

Hubble lengthzettametersHubble lengthzettameters
1≈ 136231.609030264≈ 544926.43612104
1.5≈ 204347.413545394.5≈ 613042.24063617
2≈ 272463.218060525≈ 681158.0451513
2.5≈ 340579.022575655.5≈ 749273.84966643
3≈ 408694.827090786≈ 817389.65418156

Zettameter is an SI device for measuring distance. It is equal to 1021 meters. The symbol for zettameter is Zm.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 1×1021 m

≡ 1×1021 m

Metric system SI

conversion table

zettametersHubble lengthzettametersHubble length
1≈ 7.3404403509459E-64≈ 2.9361761403783E-5
1.5≈ 1.1010660526419E-54.5≈ 3.3031981579256E-5
2≈ 1.4680880701892E-55≈ 3.6702201754729E-5
2.5≈ 1.8351100877365E-55.5≈ 4.0372421930202E-5
3≈ 2.2021321052838E-56≈ 4.4042642105675E-5

Conversion table

Hubble lengthzettameters
1≈ 136,231.6090303
7.3404403509459 × 10-6≈ 1


exactly equal
approximately equal to
=equal to
digitsindicates that digits repeat infinitely (e.g. 8.294 369 corresponds to 8.294 369 369 369 369 …)