1 centimeter of mercury = 0.0001360 kilogram-force per (square millimeter) 

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centimeter of mercury1 cmHg2 cmHg3 cmHg4 cmHg5 cmHg6 cmHg7 cmHg8 cmHg9 cmHg10 cmHg11 cmHg12 cmHg13 cmHg14 cmHg15 cmHg16 cmHg17 cmHg18 cmHg19 cmHg20 cmHg21 cmHg22 cmHg23 cmHg24 cmHg25 cmHg26 cmHg27 cmHg28 cmHg29 cmHg30 cmHg31 cmHg32 cmHg33 cmHg34 cmHg35 cmHg36 cmHg37 cmHg38 cmHg39 cmHg40 cmHg41 cmHg42 cmHg43 cmHg44 cmHg45 cmHg46 cmHg47 cmHg48 cmHg49 cmHg50 cmHg51 cmHg52 cmHg53 cmHg54 cmHg55 cmHg56 cmHg57 cmHg58 cmHg59 cmHg60 cmHg61 cmHg62 cmHg63 cmHg64 cmHg65 cmHg66 cmHg67 cmHg68 cmHg69 cmHg70 cmHg71 cmHg72 cmHg73 cmHg74 cmHg75 cmHg76 cmHg77 cmHg78 cmHg79 cmHg80 cmHg81 cmHg82 cmHg83 cmHg84 cmHg85 cmHg86 cmHg87 cmHg88 cmHg89 cmHg90 cmHg91 cmHg92 cmHg93 cmHg94 cmHg95 cmHg96 cmHg97 cmHg98 cmHg99 cmHg100 cmHg
kilogram-force per (square millimeter)0.0001360 kgf/mm20.0002719 kgf/mm20.0004079 kgf/mm20.0005438 kgf/mm20.0006798 kgf/mm20.0008157 kgf/mm20.0009517 kgf/mm20.0010876 kgf/mm20.0012236 kgf/mm20.0013595 kgf/mm20.0014955 kgf/mm20.0016314 kgf/mm20.0017674 kgf/mm20.0019033 kgf/mm20.0020393 kgf/mm20.0021752 kgf/mm20.0023112 kgf/mm20.0024471 kgf/mm20.0025831 kgf/mm20.0027190 kgf/mm20.0028550 kgf/mm20.0029909 kgf/mm20.0031269 kgf/mm20.0032628 kgf/mm20.0033988 kgf/mm20.0035347 kgf/mm20.0036707 kgf/mm20.0038066 kgf/mm20.0039426 kgf/mm20.0040785 kgf/mm20.0042145 kgf/mm20.0043504 kgf/mm20.0044864 kgf/mm20.0046223 kgf/mm20.0047583 kgf/mm20.0048942 kgf/mm20.0050302 kgf/mm20.0051661 kgf/mm20.0053021 kgf/mm20.0054380 kgf/mm20.0055740 kgf/mm20.0057099 kgf/mm20.0058459 kgf/mm20.0059818 kgf/mm20.0061178 kgf/mm20.0062537 kgf/mm20.0063897 kgf/mm20.0065256 kgf/mm20.0066616 kgf/mm20.0067975 kgf/mm20.0069335 kgf/mm20.0070694 kgf/mm20.0072054 kgf/mm20.0073413 kgf/mm20.0074773 kgf/mm20.0076132 kgf/mm20.0077492 kgf/mm20.0078851 kgf/mm20.0080211 kgf/mm20.0081570 kgf/mm20.0082930 kgf/mm20.0084289 kgf/mm20.0085649 kgf/mm20.0087008 kgf/mm20.0088368 kgf/mm20.0089727 kgf/mm20.0091087 kgf/mm20.0092446 kgf/mm20.0093806 kgf/mm20.0095165 kgf/mm20.0096525 kgf/mm20.0097884 kgf/mm20.0099244 kgf/mm20.0100603 kgf/mm20.0101963 kgf/mm20.0103322 kgf/mm20.0104682 kgf/mm20.0106041 kgf/mm20.0107401 kgf/mm20.0108760 kgf/mm20.0110120 kgf/mm20.0111479 kgf/mm20.0112839 kgf/mm20.0114199 kgf/mm20.0115558 kgf/mm20.0116918 kgf/mm20.0118277 kgf/mm20.0119637 kgf/mm20.0120996 kgf/mm20.0122356 kgf/mm20.0123715 kgf/mm20.0125075 kgf/mm20.0126434 kgf/mm20.0127794 kgf/mm20.0129153 kgf/mm20.0130513 kgf/mm20.0131872 kgf/mm20.0133232 kgf/mm20.0134591 kgf/mm20.0135951 kgf/mm2

A centimetre of mercury is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
centimeter of mercurycmHg

≡ 13595.1 kg/m3 × 1 cm × ɡ0

≈ 1.33322×103 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

centimeter of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)centimeter of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)
1≈ 0.000135950604946646≈ 0.00081570362967986
2≈ 0.000271901209893297≈ 0.0009516542346265
3≈ 0.000407851814839938≈ 0.0010876048395731
4≈ 0.000543802419786579≈ 0.0012235554445198
5≈ 0.0006797530247332210≈ 0.0013595060494664

A kilogram-force per square centimetre (kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimetre (kg/cm2), or kilopond per square centimetre is a deprecated unit of pressure using metric units. It is not a part of the International System of Units (SI), the modern metric system. 1 kgf/cm2 equals 98.0665 kilopascals.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilogram-force per (square millimeter)kgf/mm2

≡ 1 kgf/mm2

= 9.80665×106 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilogram-force per (square millimeter)centimeter of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)centimeter of mercury
1≈ 7355.61272708186≈ 44133.676362491
2≈ 14711.2254541647≈ 51489.289089573
3≈ 22066.8381812458≈ 58844.901816654
4≈ 29422.4509083279≈ 66200.514543736
5≈ 36778.06363540910≈ 73556.127270818

Conversion table

centimeter of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)
1≈ 0.0001360
7,355.6127271≈ 1


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