1 feet of mercury = 0.0041438 kilogram-force per (square millimeter) 

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foot of mercury1 ftHg2 ftHg3 ftHg4 ftHg5 ftHg6 ftHg7 ftHg8 ftHg9 ftHg10 ftHg11 ftHg12 ftHg13 ftHg14 ftHg15 ftHg16 ftHg17 ftHg18 ftHg19 ftHg20 ftHg21 ftHg22 ftHg23 ftHg24 ftHg25 ftHg26 ftHg27 ftHg28 ftHg29 ftHg30 ftHg31 ftHg32 ftHg33 ftHg34 ftHg35 ftHg36 ftHg37 ftHg38 ftHg39 ftHg40 ftHg41 ftHg42 ftHg43 ftHg44 ftHg45 ftHg46 ftHg47 ftHg48 ftHg49 ftHg50 ftHg51 ftHg52 ftHg53 ftHg54 ftHg55 ftHg56 ftHg57 ftHg58 ftHg59 ftHg60 ftHg61 ftHg62 ftHg63 ftHg64 ftHg65 ftHg66 ftHg67 ftHg68 ftHg69 ftHg70 ftHg71 ftHg72 ftHg73 ftHg74 ftHg75 ftHg76 ftHg77 ftHg78 ftHg79 ftHg80 ftHg81 ftHg82 ftHg83 ftHg84 ftHg85 ftHg86 ftHg87 ftHg88 ftHg89 ftHg90 ftHg91 ftHg92 ftHg93 ftHg94 ftHg95 ftHg96 ftHg97 ftHg98 ftHg99 ftHg100 ftHg
kilogram-force per (square millimeter)0.0041438 kgf/mm20.0082876 kgf/mm20.0124314 kgf/mm20.0165751 kgf/mm20.0207189 kgf/mm20.0248627 kgf/mm20.0290065 kgf/mm20.0331503 kgf/mm20.0372941 kgf/mm20.0414379 kgf/mm20.0455816 kgf/mm20.0497254 kgf/mm20.0538692 kgf/mm20.0580130 kgf/mm20.0621568 kgf/mm20.0663006 kgf/mm20.0704444 kgf/mm20.0745881 kgf/mm20.0787319 kgf/mm20.0828757 kgf/mm20.0870195 kgf/mm20.0911633 kgf/mm20.0953071 kgf/mm20.0994509 kgf/mm20.1035947 kgf/mm20.1077384 kgf/mm20.1118822 kgf/mm20.1160260 kgf/mm20.1201698 kgf/mm20.1243136 kgf/mm20.1284574 kgf/mm20.1326012 kgf/mm20.1367449 kgf/mm20.1408887 kgf/mm20.1450325 kgf/mm20.1491763 kgf/mm20.1533201 kgf/mm20.1574639 kgf/mm20.1616077 kgf/mm20.1657514 kgf/mm20.1698952 kgf/mm20.1740390 kgf/mm20.1781828 kgf/mm20.1823266 kgf/mm20.1864704 kgf/mm20.1906142 kgf/mm20.1947579 kgf/mm20.1989017 kgf/mm20.2030455 kgf/mm20.2071893 kgf/mm20.2113331 kgf/mm20.2154769 kgf/mm20.2196207 kgf/mm20.2237644 kgf/mm20.2279082 kgf/mm20.2320520 kgf/mm20.2361958 kgf/mm20.2403396 kgf/mm20.2444834 kgf/mm20.2486272 kgf/mm20.2527710 kgf/mm20.2569147 kgf/mm20.2610585 kgf/mm20.2652023 kgf/mm20.2693461 kgf/mm20.2734899 kgf/mm20.2776337 kgf/mm20.2817775 kgf/mm20.2859212 kgf/mm20.2900650 kgf/mm20.2942088 kgf/mm20.2983526 kgf/mm20.3024964 kgf/mm20.3066402 kgf/mm20.3107840 kgf/mm20.3149277 kgf/mm20.3190715 kgf/mm20.3232153 kgf/mm20.3273591 kgf/mm20.3315029 kgf/mm20.3356467 kgf/mm20.3397905 kgf/mm20.3439342 kgf/mm20.3480780 kgf/mm20.3522218 kgf/mm20.3563656 kgf/mm20.3605094 kgf/mm20.3646532 kgf/mm20.3687970 kgf/mm20.3729407 kgf/mm20.3770845 kgf/mm20.3812283 kgf/mm20.3853721 kgf/mm20.3895159 kgf/mm20.3936597 kgf/mm20.3978035 kgf/mm20.4019473 kgf/mm20.4060910 kgf/mm20.4102348 kgf/mm20.4143786 kgf/mm2

A foot of mercury is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot of mercuryftHg

≡ 13595.1 kg/m3 × 1 ft × ɡ0

≈ 4.063666×104 Pa


conversion table

feet of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)feet of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)
1≈ 0.00414378610432726≈ 0.024862716625963
2≈ 0.00828757220865437≈ 0.02900650273029
3≈ 0.0124313583129818≈ 0.033150288834617
4≈ 0.0165751444173099≈ 0.037294074938944
5≈ 0.02071893052163610≈ 0.041437861043272

A kilogram-force per square centimetre (kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimetre (kg/cm2), or kilopond per square centimetre is a deprecated unit of pressure using metric units. It is not a part of the International System of Units (SI), the modern metric system. 1 kgf/cm2 equals 98.0665 kilopascals.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilogram-force per (square millimeter)kgf/mm2

≡ 1 kgf/mm2

= 9.80665×106 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilogram-force per (square millimeter)feet of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)feet of mercury
1≈ 241.325197494096≈ 1447.9511849645
2≈ 482.650394988177≈ 1689.2763824586
3≈ 723.975592482268≈ 1930.6015799527
4≈ 965.300789976349≈ 2171.9267774468
5≈ 1206.625987470410≈ 2413.2519749409

Conversion table

feet of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)
1≈ 0.0041438
241.3251975≈ 1


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