1 feet of mercury = 5.8938492 pound per (square inch) 

Feet of mercury to Pound per (square inch) Conversion

Foot of mercury to pound per (square inch) conversion allow you make a conversion between foot of mercury and pound per (square inch) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Pressure Conversion


= 5.89384924
= 0.0589385 × 102
= 0.0589385E2
= 0.0589385e2
= 11.78769847
= 0.117877 × 102
= 0.117877E2
= 0.117877e2
= 17.68154771
= 0.176815 × 102
= 0.176815E2
= 0.176815e2
= 23.57539694
= 0.235754 × 102
= 0.235754E2
= 0.235754e2
= 29.46924618
= 0.294692 × 102
= 0.294692E2
= 0.294692e2

Quick Look: feet of mercury to pound per (square inch)

foot of mercury1 ftHg2 ftHg3 ftHg4 ftHg5 ftHg6 ftHg7 ftHg8 ftHg9 ftHg10 ftHg11 ftHg12 ftHg13 ftHg14 ftHg15 ftHg16 ftHg17 ftHg18 ftHg19 ftHg20 ftHg21 ftHg22 ftHg23 ftHg24 ftHg25 ftHg26 ftHg27 ftHg28 ftHg29 ftHg30 ftHg31 ftHg32 ftHg33 ftHg34 ftHg35 ftHg36 ftHg37 ftHg38 ftHg39 ftHg40 ftHg41 ftHg42 ftHg43 ftHg44 ftHg45 ftHg46 ftHg47 ftHg48 ftHg49 ftHg50 ftHg51 ftHg52 ftHg53 ftHg54 ftHg55 ftHg56 ftHg57 ftHg58 ftHg59 ftHg60 ftHg61 ftHg62 ftHg63 ftHg64 ftHg65 ftHg66 ftHg67 ftHg68 ftHg69 ftHg70 ftHg71 ftHg72 ftHg73 ftHg74 ftHg75 ftHg76 ftHg77 ftHg78 ftHg79 ftHg80 ftHg81 ftHg82 ftHg83 ftHg84 ftHg85 ftHg86 ftHg87 ftHg88 ftHg89 ftHg90 ftHg91 ftHg92 ftHg93 ftHg94 ftHg95 ftHg96 ftHg97 ftHg98 ftHg99 ftHg100 ftHg
pound per (square inch)5.8938492 lb/in211.7876985 lb/in217.6815477 lb/in223.5753969 lb/in229.4692462 lb/in235.3630954 lb/in241.2569446 lb/in247.1507939 lb/in253.0446431 lb/in258.9384924 lb/in264.8323416 lb/in270.7261908 lb/in276.6200401 lb/in282.5138893 lb/in288.4077385 lb/in294.3015878 lb/in2100.1954370 lb/in2106.0892862 lb/in2111.9831355 lb/in2117.8769847 lb/in2123.7708339 lb/in2129.6646832 lb/in2135.5585324 lb/in2141.4523816 lb/in2147.3462309 lb/in2153.2400801 lb/in2159.1339294 lb/in2165.0277786 lb/in2170.9216278 lb/in2176.8154771 lb/in2182.7093263 lb/in2188.6031755 lb/in2194.4970248 lb/in2200.3908740 lb/in2206.2847232 lb/in2212.1785725 lb/in2218.0724217 lb/in2223.9662709 lb/in2229.8601202 lb/in2235.7539694 lb/in2241.6478186 lb/in2247.5416679 lb/in2253.4355171 lb/in2259.3293664 lb/in2265.2232156 lb/in2271.1170648 lb/in2277.0109141 lb/in2282.9047633 lb/in2288.7986125 lb/in2294.6924618 lb/in2300.5863110 lb/in2306.4801602 lb/in2312.3740095 lb/in2318.2678587 lb/in2324.1617079 lb/in2330.0555572 lb/in2335.9494064 lb/in2341.8432556 lb/in2347.7371049 lb/in2353.6309541 lb/in2359.5248034 lb/in2365.4186526 lb/in2371.3125018 lb/in2377.2063511 lb/in2383.1002003 lb/in2388.9940495 lb/in2394.8878988 lb/in2400.7817480 lb/in2406.6755972 lb/in2412.5694465 lb/in2418.4632957 lb/in2424.3571449 lb/in2430.2509942 lb/in2436.1448434 lb/in2442.0386926 lb/in2447.9325419 lb/in2453.8263911 lb/in2459.7202404 lb/in2465.6140896 lb/in2471.5079388 lb/in2477.4017881 lb/in2483.2956373 lb/in2489.1894865 lb/in2495.0833358 lb/in2500.9771850 lb/in2506.8710342 lb/in2512.7648835 lb/in2518.6587327 lb/in2524.5525819 lb/in2530.4464312 lb/in2536.3402804 lb/in2542.2341296 lb/in2548.1279789 lb/in2554.0218281 lb/in2559.9156774 lb/in2565.8095266 lb/in2571.7033758 lb/in2577.5972251 lb/in2583.4910743 lb/in2589.3849235 lb/in2

A foot of mercury is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot of mercuryftHg

≡ 13595.1 kg/m3 × 1 ft × ɡ0

≈ 4.063666×104 Pa


conversion table

feet of mercurypound per (square inch)feet of mercurypound per (square inch)
1≈ 5.89384923531176≈ 35.36309541187
2≈ 11.7876984706237≈ 41.256944647182
3≈ 17.6815477059358≈ 47.150793882493
4≈ 23.5753969412479≈ 53.044643117805
5≈ 29.46924617655810≈ 58.938492353117

The pound per square inch or, more accurately, pound-force per square inch (symbol: lbf/in2; abbreviation: psi) is a unit of pressure or of stress based on avoirdupois units.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
pound per (square inch)lb/in2

≡ 1 pound × ɡ0 / 1 sq in

= 6 894.75729 pascals


conversion table

pound per (square inch)feet of mercurypound per (square inch)feet of mercury
1≈ 0.16966840515856≈ 1.018010430951
2≈ 0.339336810317017≈ 1.1876788361095
3≈ 0.509005215475518≈ 1.357347241268
4≈ 0.678673620634019≈ 1.5270156464265
5≈ 0.8483420257925210≈ 1.696684051585

Conversion table

feet of mercurypound per (square inch)
1≈ 5.8938492
0.1696684≈ 1


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