1 feet of water (39.2 °F) = 11.9999839 inches of water (39.2 °F) 

Feet of water (39.2 °F) to Inches of water (39.2 °F) Conversion

Foot of water (39.2 °F) to inch of water (39.2 °F) conversion allow you make a conversion between foot of water (39.2 °F) and inch of water (39.2 °F) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

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foot of water (39.2 °F)1 ftH2O2 ftH2O3 ftH2O4 ftH2O5 ftH2O6 ftH2O7 ftH2O8 ftH2O9 ftH2O10 ftH2O11 ftH2O12 ftH2O13 ftH2O14 ftH2O15 ftH2O16 ftH2O17 ftH2O18 ftH2O19 ftH2O20 ftH2O21 ftH2O22 ftH2O23 ftH2O24 ftH2O25 ftH2O26 ftH2O27 ftH2O28 ftH2O29 ftH2O30 ftH2O31 ftH2O32 ftH2O33 ftH2O34 ftH2O35 ftH2O36 ftH2O37 ftH2O38 ftH2O39 ftH2O40 ftH2O41 ftH2O42 ftH2O43 ftH2O44 ftH2O45 ftH2O46 ftH2O47 ftH2O48 ftH2O49 ftH2O50 ftH2O51 ftH2O52 ftH2O53 ftH2O54 ftH2O55 ftH2O56 ftH2O57 ftH2O58 ftH2O59 ftH2O60 ftH2O61 ftH2O62 ftH2O63 ftH2O64 ftH2O65 ftH2O66 ftH2O67 ftH2O68 ftH2O69 ftH2O70 ftH2O71 ftH2O72 ftH2O73 ftH2O74 ftH2O75 ftH2O76 ftH2O77 ftH2O78 ftH2O79 ftH2O80 ftH2O81 ftH2O82 ftH2O83 ftH2O84 ftH2O85 ftH2O86 ftH2O87 ftH2O88 ftH2O89 ftH2O90 ftH2O91 ftH2O92 ftH2O93 ftH2O94 ftH2O95 ftH2O96 ftH2O97 ftH2O98 ftH2O99 ftH2O100 ftH2O
inch of water (39.2 °F)11.9999839 inH2O23.9999679 inH2O35.9999518 inH2O47.9999358 inH2O59.9999197 inH2O71.9999036 inH2O83.9998876 inH2O95.9998715 inH2O107.9998555 inH2O119.9998394 inH2O131.9998234 inH2O143.9998073 inH2O155.9997912 inH2O167.9997752 inH2O179.9997591 inH2O191.9997431 inH2O203.9997270 inH2O215.9997109 inH2O227.9996949 inH2O239.9996788 inH2O251.9996628 inH2O263.9996467 inH2O275.9996306 inH2O287.9996146 inH2O299.9995985 inH2O311.9995825 inH2O323.9995664 inH2O335.9995503 inH2O347.9995343 inH2O359.9995182 inH2O371.9995022 inH2O383.9994861 inH2O395.9994701 inH2O407.9994540 inH2O419.9994379 inH2O431.9994219 inH2O443.9994058 inH2O455.9993898 inH2O467.9993737 inH2O479.9993576 inH2O491.9993416 inH2O503.9993255 inH2O515.9993095 inH2O527.9992934 inH2O539.9992773 inH2O551.9992613 inH2O563.9992452 inH2O575.9992292 inH2O587.9992131 inH2O599.9991971 inH2O611.9991810 inH2O623.9991649 inH2O635.9991489 inH2O647.9991328 inH2O659.9991168 inH2O671.9991007 inH2O683.9990846 inH2O695.9990686 inH2O707.9990525 inH2O719.9990365 inH2O731.9990204 inH2O743.9990043 inH2O755.9989883 inH2O767.9989722 inH2O779.9989562 inH2O791.9989401 inH2O803.9989240 inH2O815.9989080 inH2O827.9988919 inH2O839.9988759 inH2O851.9988598 inH2O863.9988438 inH2O875.9988277 inH2O887.9988116 inH2O899.9987956 inH2O911.9987795 inH2O923.9987635 inH2O935.9987474 inH2O947.9987313 inH2O959.9987153 inH2O971.9986992 inH2O983.9986832 inH2O995.9986671 inH2O1,007.9986510 inH2O1,019.9986350 inH2O1,031.9986189 inH2O1,043.9986029 inH2O1,055.9985868 inH2O1,067.9985708 inH2O1,079.9985547 inH2O1,091.9985386 inH2O1,103.9985226 inH2O1,115.9985065 inH2O1,127.9984905 inH2O1,139.9984744 inH2O1,151.9984583 inH2O1,163.9984423 inH2O1,175.9984262 inH2O1,187.9984102 inH2O1,199.9983941 inH2O

foot of water (39.2 °F) is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
foot of water (39.2 °F)ftH2O

≈ 999.972 kg/m3 × 1 ft × ɡ0

≈ 2.98898×103 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

feet of water (39.2 °F)inches of water (39.2 °F)feet of water (39.2 °F)inches of water (39.2 °F)
1≈ 11.9999839410316≈ 71.999903646189
2≈ 23.9999678820637≈ 83.99988758722
3≈ 35.9999518230948≈ 95.999871528252
4≈ 47.9999357641269≈ 107.99985546928
5≈ 59.99991970515710≈ 119.99983941031

inch of water (39.2 °F) is a unit of measurement for pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
inch of water (39.2 °F)inH2O

≈ 999.972 kg/m3 × 1 in × ɡ0

≈ 249.082 Pa


conversion table

inches of water (39.2 °F)feet of water (39.2 °F)inches of water (39.2 °F)feet of water (39.2 °F)
1≈ 0.0833334448540976≈ 0.50000066912458
2≈ 0.166666889708197≈ 0.58333411397868
3≈ 0.250000334562298≈ 0.66666755883278
4≈ 0.333333779416399≈ 0.75000100368688
5≈ 0.4166672242704910≈ 0.83333444854097

Conversion table

feet of water (39.2 °F)inches of water (39.2 °F)
1≈ 11.9999839
0.0833334≈ 1


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