1 kilogram-force per (square millimeter) = 96.7841105 atmospheres 

Kilogram-force per (square millimeter) to Atmospheres Conversion

Kilogram-force per (square millimeter) to atmosphere conversion allow you make a conversion between kilogram-force per (square millimeter) and atmosphere easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Pressure Conversion


= 96.78411054
= 0.967841 × 102
= 0.967841E2
= 0.967841e2
= 193.56822107
= 1.93568 × 102
= 1.93568E2
= 1.93568e2
= 290.35233161
= 2.90352 × 102
= 2.90352E2
= 2.90352e2
= 387.13644214
= 3.87136 × 102
= 3.87136E2
= 3.87136e2
= 483.92055268
= 4.83921 × 102
= 4.83921E2
= 4.83921e2

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atmosphere96.7841105 atm193.5682211 atm290.3523316 atm387.1364421 atm483.9205527 atm580.7046632 atm677.4887737 atm774.2728843 atm871.0569948 atm967.8411054 atm1,064.6252159 atm1,161.4093264 atm1,258.1934370 atm1,354.9775475 atm1,451.7616580 atm1,548.5457686 atm1,645.3298791 atm1,742.1139896 atm1,838.8981002 atm1,935.6822107 atm2,032.4663212 atm2,129.2504318 atm2,226.0345423 atm2,322.8186528 atm2,419.6027634 atm2,516.3868739 atm2,613.1709845 atm2,709.9550950 atm2,806.7392055 atm2,903.5233161 atm3,000.3074266 atm3,097.0915371 atm3,193.8756477 atm3,290.6597582 atm3,387.4438687 atm3,484.2279793 atm3,581.0120898 atm3,677.7962003 atm3,774.5803109 atm3,871.3644214 atm3,968.1485320 atm4,064.9326425 atm4,161.7167530 atm4,258.5008636 atm4,355.2849741 atm4,452.0690846 atm4,548.8531952 atm4,645.6373057 atm4,742.4214162 atm4,839.2055268 atm4,935.9896373 atm5,032.7737478 atm5,129.5578584 atm5,226.3419689 atm5,323.1260794 atm5,419.9101900 atm5,516.6943005 atm5,613.4784111 atm5,710.2625216 atm5,807.0466321 atm5,903.8307427 atm6,000.6148532 atm6,097.3989637 atm6,194.1830743 atm6,290.9671848 atm6,387.7512953 atm6,484.5354059 atm6,581.3195164 atm6,678.1036269 atm6,774.8877375 atm6,871.6718480 atm6,968.4559585 atm7,065.2400691 atm7,162.0241796 atm7,258.8082902 atm7,355.5924007 atm7,452.3765112 atm7,549.1606218 atm7,645.9447323 atm7,742.7288428 atm7,839.5129534 atm7,936.2970639 atm8,033.0811744 atm8,129.8652850 atm8,226.6493955 atm8,323.4335060 atm8,420.2176166 atm8,517.0017271 atm8,613.7858377 atm8,710.5699482 atm8,807.3540587 atm8,904.1381693 atm9,000.9222798 atm9,097.7063903 atm9,194.4905009 atm9,291.2746114 atm9,388.0587219 atm9,484.8428325 atm9,581.6269430 atm9,678.4110535 atm

A kilogram-force per square centimetre (kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimetre (kg/cm2), or kilopond per square centimetre is a deprecated unit of pressure using metric units. It is not a part of the International System of Units (SI), the modern metric system. 1 kgf/cm2 equals 98.0665 kilopascals.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilogram-force per (square millimeter)kgf/mm2

≡ 1 kgf/mm2

= 9.80665×106 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilogram-force per (square millimeter)atmosphereskilogram-force per (square millimeter)atmospheres
1= 96.7841105354066= 580.70466321244
2= 193.568221070817= 677.48877374784
3= 290.352331606228= 774.27288428325
4= 387.136442141629= 871.05699481865
5= 483.9205526770310= 967.84110535406

The standard atmosphere (symbol: atm) is a unit of pressure defined as 101325 Pa (1.01325 bar). It is sometimes used as a reference or standard pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System

≡ 101325 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

atmosphereskilogram-force per (square millimeter)atmosphereskilogram-force per (square millimeter)
1= 0.0103322745279996= 0.061993647167993
2= 0.0206645490559987= 0.072325921695992
3= 0.0309968235839978= 0.082658196223991
4= 0.0413290981119959= 0.09299047075199
5= 0.05166137263999410= 0.10332274527999

Conversion table

kilogram-force per (square millimeter)atmospheres
1= 96.7841105
0.0103323= 1


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