1 kilogram-force per (square millimeter) = 2,895.9017998 Inches of mercury 

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kilogram-force per (square millimeter)1 kgf/mm22 kgf/mm23 kgf/mm24 kgf/mm25 kgf/mm26 kgf/mm27 kgf/mm28 kgf/mm29 kgf/mm210 kgf/mm211 kgf/mm212 kgf/mm213 kgf/mm214 kgf/mm215 kgf/mm216 kgf/mm217 kgf/mm218 kgf/mm219 kgf/mm220 kgf/mm221 kgf/mm222 kgf/mm223 kgf/mm224 kgf/mm225 kgf/mm226 kgf/mm227 kgf/mm228 kgf/mm229 kgf/mm230 kgf/mm231 kgf/mm232 kgf/mm233 kgf/mm234 kgf/mm235 kgf/mm236 kgf/mm237 kgf/mm238 kgf/mm239 kgf/mm240 kgf/mm241 kgf/mm242 kgf/mm243 kgf/mm244 kgf/mm245 kgf/mm246 kgf/mm247 kgf/mm248 kgf/mm249 kgf/mm250 kgf/mm251 kgf/mm252 kgf/mm253 kgf/mm254 kgf/mm255 kgf/mm256 kgf/mm257 kgf/mm258 kgf/mm259 kgf/mm260 kgf/mm261 kgf/mm262 kgf/mm263 kgf/mm264 kgf/mm265 kgf/mm266 kgf/mm267 kgf/mm268 kgf/mm269 kgf/mm270 kgf/mm271 kgf/mm272 kgf/mm273 kgf/mm274 kgf/mm275 kgf/mm276 kgf/mm277 kgf/mm278 kgf/mm279 kgf/mm280 kgf/mm281 kgf/mm282 kgf/mm283 kgf/mm284 kgf/mm285 kgf/mm286 kgf/mm287 kgf/mm288 kgf/mm289 kgf/mm290 kgf/mm291 kgf/mm292 kgf/mm293 kgf/mm294 kgf/mm295 kgf/mm296 kgf/mm297 kgf/mm298 kgf/mm299 kgf/mm2100 kgf/mm2
Inch of mercury2,895.9017998 inHg5,791.8035996 inHg8,687.7053995 inHg11,583.6071993 inHg14,479.5089991 inHg17,375.4107989 inHg20,271.3125988 inHg23,167.2143986 inHg26,063.1161984 inHg28,959.0179982 inHg31,854.9197981 inHg34,750.8215979 inHg37,646.7233977 inHg40,542.6251975 inHg43,438.5269973 inHg46,334.4287972 inHg49,230.3305970 inHg52,126.2323968 inHg55,022.1341966 inHg57,918.0359965 inHg60,813.9377963 inHg63,709.8395961 inHg66,605.7413959 inHg69,501.6431957 inHg72,397.5449956 inHg75,293.4467954 inHg78,189.3485952 inHg81,085.2503950 inHg83,981.1521949 inHg86,877.0539947 inHg89,772.9557945 inHg92,668.8575943 inHg95,564.7593942 inHg98,460.6611940 inHg101,356.5629938 inHg104,252.4647936 inHg107,148.3665934 inHg110,044.2683933 inHg112,940.1701931 inHg115,836.0719929 inHg118,731.9737927 inHg121,627.8755926 inHg124,523.7773924 inHg127,419.6791922 inHg130,315.5809920 inHg133,211.4827919 inHg136,107.3845917 inHg139,003.2863915 inHg141,899.1881913 inHg144,795.0899911 inHg147,690.9917910 inHg150,586.8935908 inHg153,482.7953906 inHg156,378.6971904 inHg159,274.5989903 inHg162,170.5007901 inHg165,066.4025899 inHg167,962.3043897 inHg170,858.2061895 inHg173,754.1079894 inHg176,650.0097892 inHg179,545.9115890 inHg182,441.8133888 inHg185,337.7151887 inHg188,233.6169885 inHg191,129.5187883 inHg194,025.4205881 inHg196,921.3223880 inHg199,817.2241878 inHg202,713.1259876 inHg205,609.0277874 inHg208,504.9295872 inHg211,400.8313871 inHg214,296.7331869 inHg217,192.6349867 inHg220,088.5367865 inHg222,984.4385864 inHg225,880.3403862 inHg228,776.242186 inHg231,672.1439858 inHg234,568.0457856 inHg237,463.9475855 inHg240,359.8493853 inHg243,255.7511851 inHg246,151.6529849 inHg249,047.5547848 inHg251,943.4565846 inHg254,839.3583844 inHg257,735.2601842 inHg260,631.1619841 inHg263,527.0637839 inHg266,422.9655837 inHg269,318.8673835 inHg272,214.7691833 inHg275,110.6709832 inHg278,006.5727830 inHg280,902.4745828 inHg283,798.3763826 inHg286,694.2781825 inHg289,590.1799823 inHg

A kilogram-force per square centimetre (kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimetre (kg/cm2), or kilopond per square centimetre is a deprecated unit of pressure using metric units. It is not a part of the International System of Units (SI), the modern metric system. 1 kgf/cm2 equals 98.0665 kilopascals.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilogram-force per (square millimeter)kgf/mm2

≡ 1 kgf/mm2

= 9.80665×106 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilogram-force per (square millimeter)Inches of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)Inches of mercury
1≈ 2895.90179982286≈ 17375.410798937
2≈ 5791.80359964557≈ 20271.312598759
3≈ 8687.70539946838≈ 23167.214398582
4≈ 11583.6071992919≈ 26063.116198405
5≈ 14479.50899911410≈ 28959.017998228

Inch of mercury (inHg and "Hg) is a unit of measurement for pressure. It is still used for barometric pressure in weather reports, refrigeration and aviation in the United States.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
Inch of mercuryinHg

≡ 13595.1 kg/m3 × 1 in × ɡ0

≈ 3.386389×103 Pa


conversion table

Inches of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)Inches of mercurykilogram-force per (square millimeter)
1≈ 0.000345315576675016≈ 0.0020718934600501
2≈ 0.000690631153350027≈ 0.0024172090367251
3≈ 0.0010359467300258≈ 0.0027625246134001
4≈ 0.00138126230679≈ 0.0031078401900751
5≈ 0.001726577883375110≈ 0.0034531557667501

Conversion table

kilogram-force per (square millimeter)Inches of mercury
1≈ 2,895.9017998
0.0003453≈ 1


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