1 kilogram-force per (square millimeter) = 6,589,764.3001712 poundal per (square foot) 

Kilogram-force per (square millimeter) to Poundal per (square foot) Conversion

Kilogram-force per (square millimeter) to poundal per (square foot) conversion allow you make a conversion between kilogram-force per (square millimeter) and poundal per (square foot) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

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kilogram-force per (square millimeter)1 kgf/mm22 kgf/mm23 kgf/mm24 kgf/mm25 kgf/mm26 kgf/mm27 kgf/mm28 kgf/mm29 kgf/mm210 kgf/mm211 kgf/mm212 kgf/mm213 kgf/mm214 kgf/mm215 kgf/mm216 kgf/mm217 kgf/mm218 kgf/mm219 kgf/mm220 kgf/mm221 kgf/mm222 kgf/mm223 kgf/mm224 kgf/mm225 kgf/mm226 kgf/mm227 kgf/mm228 kgf/mm229 kgf/mm230 kgf/mm231 kgf/mm232 kgf/mm233 kgf/mm234 kgf/mm235 kgf/mm236 kgf/mm237 kgf/mm238 kgf/mm239 kgf/mm240 kgf/mm241 kgf/mm242 kgf/mm243 kgf/mm244 kgf/mm245 kgf/mm246 kgf/mm247 kgf/mm248 kgf/mm249 kgf/mm250 kgf/mm251 kgf/mm252 kgf/mm253 kgf/mm254 kgf/mm255 kgf/mm256 kgf/mm257 kgf/mm258 kgf/mm259 kgf/mm260 kgf/mm261 kgf/mm262 kgf/mm263 kgf/mm264 kgf/mm265 kgf/mm266 kgf/mm267 kgf/mm268 kgf/mm269 kgf/mm270 kgf/mm271 kgf/mm272 kgf/mm273 kgf/mm274 kgf/mm275 kgf/mm276 kgf/mm277 kgf/mm278 kgf/mm279 kgf/mm280 kgf/mm281 kgf/mm282 kgf/mm283 kgf/mm284 kgf/mm285 kgf/mm286 kgf/mm287 kgf/mm288 kgf/mm289 kgf/mm290 kgf/mm291 kgf/mm292 kgf/mm293 kgf/mm294 kgf/mm295 kgf/mm296 kgf/mm297 kgf/mm298 kgf/mm299 kgf/mm2100 kgf/mm2
poundal per (square foot)6,589,764.3001712 pdl/sq ft13,179,528.600342 pdl/sq ft19,769,292.900514 pdl/sq ft26,359,057.200685 pdl/sq ft32,948,821.500856 pdl/sq ft39,538,585.801027 pdl/sq ft46,128,350.101199 pdl/sq ft52,718,114.40137 pdl/sq ft59,307,878.701541 pdl/sq ft65,897,643.001712 pdl/sq ft72,487,407.301883 pdl/sq ft79,077,171.602055 pdl/sq ft85,666,935.902226 pdl/sq ft92,256,700.202397 pdl/sq ft98,846,464.502568 pdl/sq ft105,436,228.80274 pdl/sq ft112,025,993.10291 pdl/sq ft118,615,757.40308 pdl/sq ft125,205,521.70325 pdl/sq ft131,795,286.00342 pdl/sq ft138,385,050.3036 pdl/sq ft144,974,814.60377 pdl/sq ft151,564,578.90394 pdl/sq ft158,154,343.20411 pdl/sq ft164,744,107.50428 pdl/sq ft171,333,871.80445 pdl/sq ft177,923,636.10462 pdl/sq ft184,513,400.40479 pdl/sq ft191,103,164.70497 pdl/sq ft197,692,929.00514 pdl/sq ft204,282,693.30531 pdl/sq ft210,872,457.60548 pdl/sq ft217,462,221.90565 pdl/sq ft224,051,986.20582 pdl/sq ft230,641,750.50599 pdl/sq ft237,231,514.80616 pdl/sq ft243,821,279.10634 pdl/sq ft250,411,043.40651 pdl/sq ft257,000,807.70668 pdl/sq ft263,590,572.00685 pdl/sq ft270,180,336.30702 pdl/sq ft276,770,100.60719 pdl/sq ft283,359,864.90736 pdl/sq ft289,949,629.20753 pdl/sq ft296,539,393.5077 pdl/sq ft303,129,157.80788 pdl/sq ft309,718,922.10805 pdl/sq ft316,308,686.40822 pdl/sq ft322,898,450.70839 pdl/sq ft329,488,215.00856 pdl/sq ft336,077,979.30873 pdl/sq ft342,667,743.6089 pdl/sq ft349,257,507.90907 pdl/sq ft355,847,272.20925 pdl/sq ft362,437,036.50942 pdl/sq ft369,026,800.80959 pdl/sq ft375,616,565.10976 pdl/sq ft382,206,329.40993 pdl/sq ft388,796,093.7101 pdl/sq ft395,385,858.01027 pdl/sq ft401,975,622.31044 pdl/sq ft408,565,386.61062 pdl/sq ft415,155,150.91079 pdl/sq ft421,744,915.21096 pdl/sq ft428,334,679.51113 pdl/sq ft434,924,443.8113 pdl/sq ft441,514,208.11147 pdl/sq ft448,103,972.41164 pdl/sq ft454,693,736.71181 pdl/sq ft461,283,501.01199 pdl/sq ft467,873,265.31216 pdl/sq ft474,463,029.61233 pdl/sq ft481,052,793.9125 pdl/sq ft487,642,558.21267 pdl/sq ft494,232,322.51284 pdl/sq ft500,822,086.81301 pdl/sq ft507,411,851.11318 pdl/sq ft514,001,615.41335 pdl/sq ft520,591,379.71353 pdl/sq ft527,181,144.0137 pdl/sq ft533,770,908.31387 pdl/sq ft540,360,672.61404 pdl/sq ft546,950,436.91421 pdl/sq ft553,540,201.21438 pdl/sq ft560,129,965.51455 pdl/sq ft566,719,729.81472 pdl/sq ft573,309,494.1149 pdl/sq ft579,899,258.41507 pdl/sq ft586,489,022.71524 pdl/sq ft593,078,787.01541 pdl/sq ft599,668,551.31558 pdl/sq ft606,258,315.61575 pdl/sq ft612,848,079.91592 pdl/sq ft619,437,844.21609 pdl/sq ft626,027,608.51627 pdl/sq ft632,617,372.81644 pdl/sq ft639,207,137.11661 pdl/sq ft645,796,901.41678 pdl/sq ft652,386,665.71695 pdl/sq ft658,976,430.01712 pdl/sq ft

A kilogram-force per square centimetre (kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimetre (kg/cm2), or kilopond per square centimetre is a deprecated unit of pressure using metric units. It is not a part of the International System of Units (SI), the modern metric system. 1 kgf/cm2 equals 98.0665 kilopascals.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kilogram-force per (square millimeter)kgf/mm2

≡ 1 kgf/mm2

= 9.80665×106 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

kilogram-force per (square millimeter)poundal per (square foot)kilogram-force per (square millimeter)poundal per (square foot)
1≈ 6589764.30017126≈ 39538585.801027
2≈ 13179528.6003427≈ 46128350.101199
3≈ 19769292.9005148≈ 52718114.40137
4≈ 26359057.2006859≈ 59307878.701541
5≈ 32948821.50085610≈ 65897643.001712

A poundal per (square foot) is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
poundal per (square foot)pdl/sq ft

≡ 1 pdl/sq ft

≈ 1.488164 Pa


conversion table

poundal per (square foot)kilogram-force per (square millimeter)poundal per (square foot)kilogram-force per (square millimeter)
1≈ 1.5175049583701E-76≈ 9.1050297502205E-7
2≈ 3.0350099167402E-77≈ 1.0622534708591E-6
3≈ 4.5525148751103E-78≈ 1.2140039666961E-6
4≈ 6.0700198334803E-79≈ 1.3657544625331E-6
5≈ 7.5875247918504E-710≈ 1.5175049583701E-6

Conversion table

kilogram-force per (square millimeter)poundal per (square foot)
1≈ 6,589,764.3001712
1.5175049583701 × 10-7≈ 1


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