1 kips per (square inch) = 4,633,062.6194425 poundal per (square foot) 

Kips per (square inch) to Poundal per (square foot) Conversion

Kip per (square inch) to poundal per (square foot) conversion allow you make a conversion between kip per (square inch) and poundal per (square foot) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

Pressure Conversion


= 4,633,062.61944248
= 4.63306 × 106
= 4.63306E+6
= 4.63306e+6
= 9,266,125.23888496
= 9.26613 × 106
= 9.26613E+6
= 9.26613e+6
= 13,899,187.85832744
= 1.38992 × 107
= 1.38992E+7
= 1.38992e+7
= 18,532,250.47776992
= 1.85323 × 107
= 1.85323E+7
= 1.85323e+7
= 23,165,313.09721240
= 2.31653 × 107
= 2.31653E+7
= 2.31653e+7

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poundal per (square foot)4,633,062.6194425 pdl/sq ft9,266,125.238885 pdl/sq ft13,899,187.858327 pdl/sq ft18,532,250.47777 pdl/sq ft23,165,313.097212 pdl/sq ft27,798,375.716655 pdl/sq ft32,431,438.336097 pdl/sq ft37,064,500.95554 pdl/sq ft41,697,563.574982 pdl/sq ft46,330,626.194425 pdl/sq ft50,963,688.813867 pdl/sq ft55,596,751.43331 pdl/sq ft60,229,814.052752 pdl/sq ft64,862,876.672195 pdl/sq ft69,495,939.291637 pdl/sq ft74,129,001.91108 pdl/sq ft78,762,064.530522 pdl/sq ft83,395,127.149965 pdl/sq ft88,028,189.769407 pdl/sq ft92,661,252.38885 pdl/sq ft97,294,315.008292 pdl/sq ft101,927,377.62773 pdl/sq ft106,560,440.24718 pdl/sq ft111,193,502.86662 pdl/sq ft115,826,565.48606 pdl/sq ft120,459,628.1055 pdl/sq ft125,092,690.72495 pdl/sq ft129,725,753.34439 pdl/sq ft134,358,815.96383 pdl/sq ft138,991,878.58327 pdl/sq ft143,624,941.20272 pdl/sq ft148,258,003.82216 pdl/sq ft152,891,066.4416 pdl/sq ft157,524,129.06104 pdl/sq ft162,157,191.68049 pdl/sq ft166,790,254.29993 pdl/sq ft171,423,316.91937 pdl/sq ft176,056,379.53881 pdl/sq ft180,689,442.15826 pdl/sq ft185,322,504.7777 pdl/sq ft189,955,567.39714 pdl/sq ft194,588,630.01658 pdl/sq ft199,221,692.63603 pdl/sq ft203,854,755.25547 pdl/sq ft208,487,817.87491 pdl/sq ft213,120,880.49435 pdl/sq ft217,753,943.1138 pdl/sq ft222,387,005.73324 pdl/sq ft227,020,068.35268 pdl/sq ft231,653,130.97212 pdl/sq ft236,286,193.59157 pdl/sq ft240,919,256.21101 pdl/sq ft245,552,318.83045 pdl/sq ft250,185,381.44989 pdl/sq ft254,818,444.06934 pdl/sq ft259,451,506.68878 pdl/sq ft264,084,569.30822 pdl/sq ft268,717,631.92766 pdl/sq ft273,350,694.54711 pdl/sq ft277,983,757.16655 pdl/sq ft282,616,819.78599 pdl/sq ft287,249,882.40543 pdl/sq ft291,882,945.02488 pdl/sq ft296,516,007.64432 pdl/sq ft301,149,070.26376 pdl/sq ft305,782,132.8832 pdl/sq ft310,415,195.50265 pdl/sq ft315,048,258.12209 pdl/sq ft319,681,320.74153 pdl/sq ft324,314,383.36097 pdl/sq ft328,947,445.98042 pdl/sq ft333,580,508.59986 pdl/sq ft338,213,571.2193 pdl/sq ft342,846,633.83874 pdl/sq ft347,479,696.45819 pdl/sq ft352,112,759.07763 pdl/sq ft356,745,821.69707 pdl/sq ft361,378,884.31651 pdl/sq ft366,011,946.93596 pdl/sq ft370,645,009.5554 pdl/sq ft375,278,072.17484 pdl/sq ft379,911,134.79428 pdl/sq ft384,544,197.41373 pdl/sq ft389,177,260.03317 pdl/sq ft393,810,322.65261 pdl/sq ft398,443,385.27205 pdl/sq ft403,076,447.8915 pdl/sq ft407,709,510.51094 pdl/sq ft412,342,573.13038 pdl/sq ft416,975,635.74982 pdl/sq ft421,608,698.36927 pdl/sq ft426,241,760.98871 pdl/sq ft430,874,823.60815 pdl/sq ft435,507,886.22759 pdl/sq ft440,140,948.84704 pdl/sq ft444,774,011.46648 pdl/sq ft449,407,074.08592 pdl/sq ft454,040,136.70536 pdl/sq ft458,673,199.32481 pdl/sq ft463,306,261.94425 pdl/sq ft

kip per (square inch) is the unit of pressure. 

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
kip per (square inch)ksi

≡ 1 kipf/sq in

≈ 6.894757×106 Pa


conversion table

kips per (square inch)poundal per (square foot)kips per (square inch)poundal per (square foot)
1≈ 4633062.61944256≈ 27798375.716655
2≈ 9266125.2388857≈ 32431438.336097
3≈ 13899187.8583278≈ 37064500.95554
4≈ 18532250.477779≈ 41697563.574982
5≈ 23165313.09721210≈ 46330626.194425

A poundal per (square foot) is the unit of pressure.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
poundal per (square foot)pdl/sq ft

≡ 1 pdl/sq ft

≈ 1.488164 Pa


conversion table

poundal per (square foot)kips per (square inch)poundal per (square foot)kips per (square inch)
1≈ 2.1583994910916E-76≈ 1.2950396946549E-6
2≈ 4.3167989821831E-77≈ 1.5108796437641E-6
3≈ 6.4751984732747E-78≈ 1.7267195928733E-6
4≈ 8.6335979643663E-79≈ 1.9425595419824E-6
5≈ 1.0791997455458E-610≈ 2.1583994910916E-6

Conversion table

kips per (square inch)poundal per (square foot)
1≈ 4,633,062.6194425
2.1583994910916 × 10-7≈ 1


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