1 pound per (square inch) = 70.3088937 centimeter of water (4 °C) 

Pound per (square inch) to Centimeter of water (4 °C) Conversion

Pound per (square inch) to centimeter of water (4 °C) conversion allow you make a conversion between pound per (square inch) and centimeter of water (4 °C) easily. You can find the tool in the following.

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pound per (square inch)1 lb/in22 lb/in23 lb/in24 lb/in25 lb/in26 lb/in27 lb/in28 lb/in29 lb/in210 lb/in211 lb/in212 lb/in213 lb/in214 lb/in215 lb/in216 lb/in217 lb/in218 lb/in219 lb/in220 lb/in221 lb/in222 lb/in223 lb/in224 lb/in225 lb/in226 lb/in227 lb/in228 lb/in229 lb/in230 lb/in231 lb/in232 lb/in233 lb/in234 lb/in235 lb/in236 lb/in237 lb/in238 lb/in239 lb/in240 lb/in241 lb/in242 lb/in243 lb/in244 lb/in245 lb/in246 lb/in247 lb/in248 lb/in249 lb/in250 lb/in251 lb/in252 lb/in253 lb/in254 lb/in255 lb/in256 lb/in257 lb/in258 lb/in259 lb/in260 lb/in261 lb/in262 lb/in263 lb/in264 lb/in265 lb/in266 lb/in267 lb/in268 lb/in269 lb/in270 lb/in271 lb/in272 lb/in273 lb/in274 lb/in275 lb/in276 lb/in277 lb/in278 lb/in279 lb/in280 lb/in281 lb/in282 lb/in283 lb/in284 lb/in285 lb/in286 lb/in287 lb/in288 lb/in289 lb/in290 lb/in291 lb/in292 lb/in293 lb/in294 lb/in295 lb/in296 lb/in297 lb/in298 lb/in299 lb/in2100 lb/in2
centimeter of water (4 °C)70.3088937 cmH2O140.6177875 cmH2O210.9266812 cmH2O281.2355749 cmH2O351.5444687 cmH2O421.8533624 cmH2O492.1622561 cmH2O562.4711499 cmH2O632.7800436 cmH2O703.0889373 cmH2O773.3978311 cmH2O843.7067248 cmH2O914.0156185 cmH2O984.3245122 cmH2O1,054.6334060 cmH2O1,124.9422997 cmH2O1,195.2511934 cmH2O1,265.5600872 cmH2O1,335.8689809 cmH2O1,406.1778746 cmH2O1,476.4867684 cmH2O1,546.7956621 cmH2O1,617.1045558 cmH2O1,687.4134496 cmH2O1,757.7223433 cmH2O1,828.0312370 cmH2O1,898.3401308 cmH2O1,968.6490245 cmH2O2,038.9579182 cmH2O2,109.2668120 cmH2O2,179.5757057 cmH2O2,249.8845994 cmH2O2,320.1934932 cmH2O2,390.5023869 cmH2O2,460.8112806 cmH2O2,531.1201744 cmH2O2,601.4290681 cmH2O2,671.7379618 cmH2O2,742.0468556 cmH2O2,812.3557493 cmH2O2,882.6646430 cmH2O2,952.9735367 cmH2O3,023.2824305 cmH2O3,093.5913242 cmH2O3,163.9002179 cmH2O3,234.2091117 cmH2O3,304.5180054 cmH2O3,374.8268991 cmH2O3,445.1357929 cmH2O3,515.4446866 cmH2O3,585.7535803 cmH2O3,656.0624741 cmH2O3,726.3713678 cmH2O3,796.6802615 cmH2O3,866.9891553 cmH2O3,937.2980490 cmH2O4,007.6069427 cmH2O4,077.9158365 cmH2O4,148.2247302 cmH2O4,218.5336239 cmH2O4,288.8425177 cmH2O4,359.1514114 cmH2O4,429.4603051 cmH2O4,499.7691989 cmH2O4,570.0780926 cmH2O4,640.3869863 cmH2O4,710.6958801 cmH2O4,781.0047738 cmH2O4,851.3136675 cmH2O4,921.6225612 cmH2O4,991.9314550 cmH2O5,062.2403487 cmH2O5,132.5492424 cmH2O5,202.8581362 cmH2O5,273.1670299 cmH2O5,343.4759236 cmH2O5,413.7848174 cmH2O5,484.0937111 cmH2O5,554.4026048 cmH2O5,624.7114986 cmH2O5,695.0203923 cmH2O5,765.3292860 cmH2O5,835.6381798 cmH2O5,905.9470735 cmH2O5,976.2559672 cmH2O6,046.5648610 cmH2O6,116.8737547 cmH2O6,187.1826484 cmH2O6,257.4915422 cmH2O6,327.8004359 cmH2O6,398.1093296 cmH2O6,468.4182234 cmH2O6,538.7271171 cmH2O6,609.0360108 cmH2O6,679.3449046 cmH2O6,749.6537983 cmH2O6,819.9626920 cmH2O6,890.2715857 cmH2O6,960.5804795 cmH2O7,030.8893732 cmH2O

The pound per square inch or, more accurately, pound-force per square inch (symbol: lbf/in2; abbreviation: psi) is a unit of pressure or of stress based on avoirdupois units.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
pound per (square inch)lb/in2

≡ 1 pound × ɡ0 / 1 sq in

= 6 894.75729 pascals


conversion table

pound per (square inch)centimeter of water (4 °C)pound per (square inch)centimeter of water (4 °C)
1≈ 70.3088937321256≈ 421.85336239275
2≈ 140.617787464257≈ 492.16225612488
3≈ 210.926681196388≈ 562.471149857
4≈ 281.23557492859≈ 632.78004358913
5≈ 351.5444686606310≈ 703.08893732125

A centimetre of water (US spelling centimeter of water, abbreviated cm H2O or cm H2O) is a less commonly used unit of pressure derived from pressure head calculations using metrology.

Name of unitSymbolDefinitionRelation to SI unitsUnit System
centimeter of water (4 °C)cmH2O

≈ 999.972 kg/m3 × 1 cm × ɡ0

≈ 98.0638 Pa

Metric system SI

conversion table

centimeter of water (4 °C)pound per (square inch)centimeter of water (4 °C)pound per (square inch)
1≈ 0.0142229517052286≈ 0.085337710231366
2≈ 0.0284459034104557≈ 0.099560661936594
3≈ 0.0426688551156838≈ 0.11378361364182
4≈ 0.0568918068209119≈ 0.12800656534705
5≈ 0.07111475852613810≈ 0.14222951705228

Conversion table

pound per (square inch)centimeter of water (4 °C)
1≈ 70.3088937
0.0142230≈ 1


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approximately equal to
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